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  1. C

    Looking advice on fixing laserlevel battery

    Hello, first time poster. I am here looking advice on how to connect my batteries in my laser level. I dropped it and it stopped working. Opened it up and the attachments to each battery have broken. I tried to.solder it but it doesn't seem to have taken to it..any tips or advice on how to join...
  2. J

    Can someone help me fix an issue with my doorbell?

    Ok so I tried to replace my door bell, but when I took it out the wires were twisted and snapped off too short to rewire. I’m a trainee electrician with little to no experience so I’m stuck. Can I get some more wire and try to extend it by wrapping it around the old wire and covering it with...
  3. T

    Domestic Ridge board fixing ideas

    Afternoon guys and girls. I've a customer in a domestic setting who has built an annex on their property. It's all wood construction with a cathedral ceiling. The ceiling will be insulated and covered with plasterboard, however the ridge board may or may not be left exposed. From the ridge...
  4. Q

    Fixing a Light fitting to plasterboard

    Hi all, looking for some advice please. DIY and me are not the best of friends but needs must some times! I have to fit a light fitting to plasterboard ceiling. The light fitting comes with the fixings(picture attached) but i am not sure if they will do for plasterboard? I know there are other...
  5. S

    Fixing backbox to aircrete / thermalite

    Hello All When fixing a backbox to soft airated blocks like aircrete etc, do you use special fixings or is a pair of normal brown plugs typically good enough ? Thanks in advance.
  6. C

    PV roof tile fixing question.

    I have a system to fit to a cement fiber slate roof. The problem is, the roof tiles have been fitted on 19mm battens (instead of 25mm) for some reason. To make matters worse, they've used over large galvanised nails. Any attempt to rip the nails out with a slate ripper tends to split the batten...
  7. Pete999

    1st fix metal back box fixing, how do you do it?

    Like the title says, I think it may have been posted before many moons ago. 1st fixing bac, boxes I used to bed all my boxes in with bricklayers compo ( the stuff they lay bricks with) wait until it sets, if you have time, and then drill and fix with rawlplugs and screws, how or what method is...
  8. Z

    Toolkit for fixing phones?

    Hi, I fix games consoles, mainly old gameboys as a hobby. I'm wanting to get into fixing phones and tablets to get more customers. Can anyone recommend a toolkit for fixing more delicate electronics like iphones?
  9. S

    Fixing light fitting to metal cladding

    Hi guys Got a job to replace some external lights to an industrial unit.(mostly 150w LED floodlights around 12kg) All lights are currently fixed via nut and bolt with no access from inside as they have now converted to offices so unable utilise existing fixings. What do you guys recommend using...
  10. R

    Chemical fixing or Resin fixings to secure trunking

    Hi Have a job on a very old historic building and the architect is asking for the trunking ( white plastic 25x 40) which is horizontal for about 12m to be secured by chemical / resin fixings This is not something I have come across before,have used resin fixings before for a rawlbolt type of...
  11. F

    Fixing a TWO Hub HIVE system (in a single house)

    Over the course of getting the full house replumbed, a combination of our sparky and plumber have fitted a hive installation. The installation consists of two hubs, one which controls hot water and downstairs heating, the second controls the upstairs heating (over two floors). Each hub has its...
  12. L

    Fixing a pendant (IKEA)

    As stated, trying to install a pendant light from IKEA. It comes with a Wago thingy that states L/N. However, when removing my old pendant it was connected round a Choco block which has about 6 wires into it. I am probably being really dumb, but how would I connect my new pendant onto this? My...
  13. S

    Fixing a miss-drilled beam

    I'm building a flat-roof extension on my house and I've got a guy helping me. Sadly he's miss-drilled the holes in the joists right next to the wall (within 70 mm) instead of .25 - .4 of the beam length. Actually, it looks very nice, but not in line with BRs. If we move the wiring (and pipes...
  14. wildwest

    down a hole fixing a cable

    I'm in a trench being attacked by flies that want my blood. The cable is a 4mm csa 3 core SWA, new colours. The cable is burried 1.5m in made up ground behind a wall built of sleepers . There is yellow tape 0.1m above the cable. The Run is about 70M The supply was switched off, so dispite...
  15. C

    2nd fixing should but oh no.....

    Anyone had problems with these slimline fittings,they are so slim,I just can’t get my head round it. They are not fitting correctly to the wall,looks like these walls need to be flat,not happy with them at all .
  16. Spike1947

    Cable run for Fixing a double socket on Chimney Breast

    Hi Would this be allowed : Fitting a double socket to a chimney breast , chased a horizontal run across the chimney breast then to the first corner then along horizontal to about 500mm to meet up with a double socket feed that comes down to a double socket and then it follows that run down into...
  17. Soulsurfer

    Fixing to Stramit overhead !

    Hey all, I have a flat rewire for a regular and upon cutting ceiling we have found that old stramit straw covered in cement stuff quite deep before the concrete again, anyone got any advice / ideas on method to attach slip tube to run cables in before skim again ? I can't think of much...
  18. J

    Domestic Fixing ballast to fluorescent lighting

    Hi, BTW I'm not an electrician. Ive got 2 five ft luminaire lights with each holding 2 T8 tubes. The other night 2 tubes went out, I changed the tubes no joy. So I am thinking it must be the ballast. The ballast is this one 2 x 58W T8 High Frequency Ballast | CEF -...
  19. J

    new build 1st fixing with insulation!

    afternoon guys how would you go about 1st fixing this... would the builder usually batten/stud out- then board- or will they be wanting to board straight onto the walls?? only meet the client so far (not builder)
  20. E

    Electrician Hemel Hempstead

    Hi, I'm looking for a electrician to help out when my work load is too much, it will be self employed basis. Main line of work is domestic rewires in vacant properties so looking for someone that has expericance in first fixing and second fixing on there own. Also some commercial work and...
  21. M

    Fixings for double plasterboard stud walls

    Hi.Im a new apprentice electrician and was after some advice on fixings please!? I today's had to fit an emergency exit sign in stud wall but it had double layered plasterboard. I thought plasterboard fixings(pig tails) would work but they never gripped and kept spinning out! Am I using wrong...
  22. charlie76

    Light Switch Back Boxes with no earth terminal

    I am working in a property that has the old steel painted switch back boxes that have no earth terminal. Came to light when testing R2 on the switch faceplate screws and got open circuit reading. Earth is present but just sleeved and folded over in the back box. I intend to ring crimp the earth...
  23. S

    Domestic Surface mounting threads for switch plate screws are wrung off.

    Hi everyone, As you know each surface mount box for a lighting switch has two threaded metal tabs for the screws to attach the front switch plate. On one of our boxes the threads have been wrung off and as a result the screws no longer tighten. Is there a solution to this problem, without...
  24. R

    Separating switch lives at fan isolator?!

    Hi guys, new to the forum, electrician two years out of my time and still learning! Im on a site 2nd fixing at the moment, unfortunately it's builders who have 1st fixed, the problem is; 3 bathrooms, 3 PIR, 3 lights, 1 fan, same circuit, I told them that where they've taken a s/w live from...
  25. TomTrundle

    Xpelair humidistat, timer bathroom fan installation

    Hi Everyone Going to fit a fan with Humidistat tomorrow and just looked at the installation instructions. Following the manufactures instruction.. which will be in keeping with the 'Regs'. If the fuse blows in the DP switch, the lights will be off as well!! Is that acceptable? I'm thinking that...
  26. D

    Conduit Support

    Looking for some advice if anyone can help. I've been asked to install sockets in a new build business unit. The company deals with software imaging - lots of computing power but no machinery, tools, etc. The place is pretty much a standard build with a number of heavyweight vertical RSJ's...
  27. H

    HRC fuse adaptors?

    Does anyone know where I can get adaptors to fit HRC fuses into units whose fixing bolts are further apart than needed? I want to stick 125A fuses into a place that up until recently housed TKM 315 fuses. The trouble is that the 315A fuses' fixing holes are 133mm apart but I can't find an...
  28. P

    Alarm Recommendations

    Posted in here as I can't post in the Alarms section, basically I am trying to source a wired domestic burglar alarm for a mate of mine with the following: 1. 3 x PIR Zones 2. 3 x Door magnets 3. 1 x remote key pad 4. Activation auto dial (to ring/text a programmed mobile telephone number with...
  29. S

    Best method to fit Panel to slate roof.

    Hi. The PV array I'm considering will be fitted to our recently-built garage roof. It has real slate (Spanish, I think), 600mmx300mm (I think - I can confirm tomorrow...), each fixed with two nails. Some of the potential installers who came out to quote have warned against using certain fixing...
  30. dansk

    Commercial Roof

    Hi - just looking for some advice please - Been asked to quote PV on a commercial building, ive not much experiance of commercial roofs - they told me the roof is made from "big 6" sheets, the wavey fibre glass product - its not asbestos as this is a new roof and the client confirmed this also...
  31. C


    Hi Would like some advice on a Drill/Driver for 1st & 2nd fixing...had 2 days of constant socket & switch plate fixing. Have the sensations of RSI...Certainly don't require an Impact Driver (yet) but something that's light, not bulky but could be versatile. Cheers
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