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    Temporary Power from Generator on an out building?

    Hi Guys, I've got a question which I think the answer would be "Yes its ok" but I'm just after a second opinion and think some of you folks might have had experience with this type of set up (I haven't). I've just wired a new out building which is going to be used as a sort of after school /...
  2. A

    Mains outage standby power

    We have long power outages at times and I would like to provide power to my gas central heating for up to 3hrs. Is the best way to do this to install a UPS? Alfie
  3. L

    Domestic Backup generator

    Customer has already acquired a 'Loncin 80000-F' 6kW generator which has 115V and 230V sockets, to be used to run a few lights and central heating in power cuts. They are T-T. Genny also has a circuit breaker of sorts. I'm suspecting it is not suitable as it will have a floating earth, chassis...
  4. E

    Generator supply

    Lovely bloke I am pricing a job for wants a feed coming UP from the shed to his house for a generator to power his heating if there is a power cut. I'm assuming running swa in the garden (i will do sizing calculations etc), commando plug in shed but not sure what would best idea be for the...
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    Generator Install

    Hi there, Am just about to start a job installing supplies for woodworking machines in a steel building. The supply is a skid mount site type 3 phase diesel genny. There is no alternative supply. I am experienced in building containment etc and wiring the machines also the DB's etc etc my main...
  6. W

    Phase failure relay/Auto change over

    I was wondering, I'm not at work so can't ask one of the blokes, but I have been looking in auto change over switches, on supply loss how are the contactors switched as obviously the supply has been lost. Is this done off the generator batteries/sustained supply (UPS) ? Please I'm only an...
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    Off grid mobile home

    My cousin is a farmer and is sorting out his stockman with a mobile home which is off grid. For the moment a tractor powering a genny is topping up a battery array which is powering the home through a sunny boy inverter. I was asked to do a really minor job for him, just moving a socket, but I...
  8. S

    Generator change-over...

    Hi I work on a site where we have generator back-up, so if the power goes down we can change-over to the generator. The problem we have is knowing when the mains is back on. What I want to do is have a light that turns on when the mains comes back on - on a timer, for about an hour after the...
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    Sizing of a Generators Earthing Conductor

    I’m goingto be installing some quite large Generators (1000 Amps plus on each phase) in the next few days will I need to size the EC to Table 54.7 or 54.8? I’m leaningto 54.7 as I think that would be safer, but am I correct or just wasting copper?
  10. J

    Generator as main supply

    Hi all I have been to look at a job today where the customer has 1 small shed and 1 larger outbuilding. The customer is planning on running this by a 5KV generator which is already on site. reason being for the generator is the the main supply is miles away and they have been quoted...
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    connecting equipments to battery questions...

    If I have a stand alone 12v 100AH battery, how long can it power a 1000w equipment? what kind of battery is best for powering equipments? deep cycle battery? wet cell? dry cell? I need to use it for commercial purpose so i need it to be heavy duty. is 2000W inverter plug to battery save to...
  12. B

    Earthing a mobile lighting rig

    So here's the situation I have 3 mobile lighting towers to rig up in the bottom of a quarry. Now I was just going to drive in an earth rod for each one as it just not feasible to earth them in any other way. However the more I think about it I'm not sure how good an earth the rod will provide as...
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    Generator on Farm

    Hi Had a phone call to go and look at moving a 44kva 3 phase generator on a farm. Im going to have to resupply it in swa. I havent done any work on a farm and i ve only ever installed temporary generators when the electricity board have decided not to turn up a day before a shop opens. I am...
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    Single earth electrode generator

    you have a 40Kw generator in a vast expanse of concrete genny is also raised up on 6x6 wood timbers one earth electrode genny works fine all voltages check etc you should be able to test the electrode with the bloody earth loop tester but that doesn't work. to confirm its a three wire tester...
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    gennys and battery chargers

    i usually steer clear of battery charigng with the genny charged up on of the batts on my old bosch 24v ni-mh -i was stuck for juice and i'm replacing it anyway now it's showing a red light on charger has the genny fried it?
  16. P

    Standby Generators again!

    Evening All. Almost clear on connecting the genny to the house! When connecting the genny it is recommended to link the neutral to earth in the socket of the connecting cable. Why? Is there any reason why the neutral to earth link shouldn't be at the back of the fixed plug on the box housing the...
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    Standby Generator 60Hz

    Hallo I'm rigging up a customer's 3Kw generator for standby use - essentially for floodlights and cameras around the house. There is already a changeover switch with a supply cable, the installation is TT. I just need to connect that to a box containing an RCD and a plug. The generator is of...
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    earthing systems with standby generators

    i have a 230v system connected to a tncs earthing arrangement and have been asked to connect a standby generator,i believe the generator should be connected to a tt earthing arrangement so how should i go about connecting the 2 two different earthing systems together the boss has said just...
  19. W

    Generator running....???

    Just after some advice on what you would do if you were an "on-call electrician" for a hospital and when you arrived on site the generator was running? --- Apart from obviously **** your pants! :D Check main incoming for voltage? Check generator oil? Alarms? Not had much experience with...
  20. S

    generator earthing?

    got a portable burger-bar, and want to run fluorescent light, fridge/freezer and microwave off a generator. but its the earthing thats the main problem, can't spike the genny as gonna be on a concrete car-park! is the floating system safe to use on appliances needing normally a earth? thought...
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    Backup generator (earthing)

    Hi guys I’ve been asked to provide a standby generator for a residential/small home business property. I will be needing something like a 6 kVA diesel genset, manual electric start and transfer switch….anyhow I’ve seen conflicting advice regards earthing arrangements when power is supplied via...
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