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    Electrician Looking for Electrician / Air-conditioning mechanic jobs in Germany

    Hello all, I'm from Hong Kong. I'm a qualified electrician and air-conditioning mechanic, looking for a job in Ireland / Germany. But seems "Make it in Germany" and "Connect Trade Union" does not have a lot of information about the qualified electrician part, or how to become, something like...
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    Hi, new member here

    Hi, I'll soon be moving from the UK to Germany and am trying to figure out how to rewire the plugs on some of my UK appliances, and figure out a little bit about how Germany manages their home electrics in the process. Hoping to get some insight here!
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    Working in Germany

    Good Afternoon, I have total confusion regarding this subject and after looking at site after site I am in no better mind so I hope you guys can help me out on my points !!!!!!!!!! I am a electrical improover and having spent over 17 years in the trade I am well upto date with all electrical...
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    Voltage Levels

    New to the forum..... finally getting with the times and going electronic! I wondered if anyone knows what the typical voltage levels are in domestic properties in Germany? I know they have an alleged similar infrastructure similar to ours at 230volts/50hz! But we all know with the supply...
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    solar course

    Hi, looking for some info on solar courses, mate is intrested in getting into this, has no real electrical experience (auto spark). Asked if i knew what was best but i dont have a clue, any ideas what courses or qualification are reqd. Thanks in advance
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    What solar can do

    Interesting article on what can be achived Last Weekend, Half of Germany Was Running on Solar Power : TreeHugger Tom
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    Working in Germany

    Hi im looking for some serious advice please, im a electrician over here in england and have my part 1&2 17th edition, 2391.and pat testing qualification, Im getting married in germany next year and looking to move out there, I cant find anything on regs or anything and want to know what is...
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    Germany will reduce their FiT by 15%.... because they installed 5200Wp !

    Saw this comment over at and thought it was worth a repost: Decc wants FITs in line with Germany although they have over 10years of large scale rollout and the economies of scale and eficiencies that go with it. Below are the new rates for Germany which are considerable...
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    Working in Germany

    Hi I'm after a bit of advice please. In the UK I worked as an electricians mate for 4 years and did start my C&G L2 Electrician course, but drop out just before the exams because of unforeseen circumstances, since then, my wife got a job in Germany and I have been living here looking after my...
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    Bathroom Sockets in UK

    How can an electrical socket above the wash basin be made legal in the UK (Scotland)? We were puzzled that there were no electrical sockets in our newly purchased house when we moved to the UK 5 years ago. So we simply installed two sockets and a standard electric mirror cabinet (which provides...
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