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  1. C

    Google nest heatspot

    I am replacing my thermostat with this system it was an old Siemens one. It only had 2 wires connected. L and Y1. How do I connect this into the heat spot? Connections available are C MO FP OT1 OT2 Thanks.
  2. telectrix

    google timeline.

    just been on this. detailed maps of wherever i've been , day by day. google tracking my mobile. big brother is watching!!!.only upside is could provide a cast iron alibi for when the local spar has it's entire stock of bog roll nicked.
  3. W

    Quinetic /kinetic

    Where to purchase quinetic / kinetic system in new zealand,tried google and trademe no luck,Cheers wezel
  4. M

    Hardwiring a 5v Google mini speaker

    Hi all HNY. I posted yesterday about installing a Google home mini in bathroom. Looks like this would be ok as on a 5v plug supply and in Zone 2. Although there is possibility speaker could get damaged due to condensation have explained this to person wanting me to install it but seems happy to...
  5. M

    Google home mini speaker in bathroom

    Hi all I've been asked to install a Google home mini speaker on wall shown in photo attached. This looks to me like would fall within zone 2? As this has 5v plug this shouldn't be an issue should it. Do I also have any IPX concerns with this. As far as my reading of regs it just seems to say...
  6. Dan

    CheckaTrade | MyBuilder | RatedPeople | TrustaTrader etc - Who's with what and why?

    CheckaTrade | MyBuilder | RatedPeople | TrustaTrader etc - Who's with what and why? Thought I'd start a poll off to see if we can see who's with what type of rate-my-builder website, if at all. And which ones seem to work, and if they do, why etc. I've also put some other options there to see...
  7. Dan

    Google Ads have New Settings / Subscribed members new tools

    Okay, so this is part of a wider efforts to balance the books for the forums. We're trialing it out. But it comes with some good benefits as well as a few ads. So read the whole thread please before judging and replying. :) New Ads for logged-in users unless you have any one of the below:- You...
  8. Dan

    UK How to create a directory listing and make it rank well in Search Engines and get phone calls coming from it!

    Hi everybody, I've setup the new tilers directory and started to transfer old listings over to it. But it's doing my head in now. So I'll show you how to do it instead. Do it in these stages and you should get traffic to your listing from the forum and whatnot. The listings I've done on...
  9. Dan

    TilersForums.com Directory Listings are getting business in and ranking in Google, look....

    TilersForums.com Directory Listings are getting business in and ranking in Google, look.... https://www.tilersforums.com/threads/how-to-rank-your-listing-well-and-get-calls-coming-from-it.89455/ 2 or 3 posts down I have the results. The listings were made when I created that thread. So they...
  10. TheGronk

    Time clock recommendations

    can anyone recommend a digital time clock, either din rail or surface mounted with count down the on-off with some kind of start button function instead of having time frames in which it’s on or off Many thanks
  11. egg67

    Please help have tried google but could not find it

    Was given this by a neighbour who's husband had just died at the age of 92, he was a radio ham. I know it for morse code but would like to find out what make it is and how it was wired, and the original colour as I would like to Restore it the only markings on it are KEY PATTERN NUMBER 310.
  12. N

    Getting business on google search?

    I have a website which isn't anything fancy but for a sole trader is hopefully fine. I know everyone wants to be at the top of the page on a google serach, but I am not even at the bottom! I have a free yell.com listing, but even when I search for an electrician in my area via google and get...
  13. A

    dimplex storage heater

    Hi Can anyone get schematic diagram of the latest quantum storage heater? It looks complicated for me. :) Thanks
  14. M

    Fixings for double plasterboard stud walls

    Hi.Im a new apprentice electrician and was after some advice on fixings please!? I today's had to fit an emergency exit sign in stud wall but it had double layered plasterboard. I thought plasterboard fixings(pig tails) would work but they never gripped and kept spinning out! Am I using wrong...
  15. M

    New Member - Help Needed

    Hi everyone, I have only just found this forum and thought I would sign up. I am in the 3rd year of my apprenticeship even though I am 36 years of age (probably the oldest apprentice in the south east) Anyway my best mate is my boss and I am getting more involved in the day to day running of...
  16. R

    city and guilds 5357?

    HI, I am wondering If anyone knows if the C&G5257 course allows me to become an electrician. I am currently finishing my second year of 2357 but have to change courses due to a new job. thanks in advance
  17. G

    Fluke 1653 for sale with leads

    Hi all, Title says it all really, I have the above for sale it was last calibrated on the 15th June 2015 and has not been used since. Think the leads could do with replacement as they look kinda old lol. Any questions or to make me an offer PM me. Photos are avialable on my google drive at...
  18. Dan

    Google Pixelphone?

    Google Pixel phone launched to take on iPhone - https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/oct/04/google-launch-pixel-xl-iphone New phone by google announced. Seems pricey for an android.
  19. W

    Wiring Up Outdoor Light

    Hi All I've got a 2 gang switch in my garage and only one switch is connected which works 2 way with another switch at the top of my garage. I'm looking to add another light to work on the second switch. What's the best way to wire this so I can control it with this switch. 20160917_115057.jpg...
  20. charlie76

    Domestic Sealing Consumer Unit Knock Outs

    Evening folks. What are you guys using on to seal 38mm knock outs consumer units? Seems 38mm blind grommets are rare as hens teeth or at least no one stocks them... Any advice appreciated.
  21. Leesparkykent

    Tool belt recommendations

    What's the preferred flavour of tool belt? Need a new one so looking for quality.
  22. E

    Advertising and websites

    Hi everyone was just wondering how much money people spend on advertising and how much work they receive from the advertising? ive been on my own for about two years and 90% of my work is word of mouth, I have an ad in yell and get the odd call from it. also with websites do you pay for seo...
  23. J

    CRM software

    We are a small company of 11 staff and are looking for CRM software that is easy to use and sparky friendly. Can anyone suggest one that works well?
  24. S

    night time timer switches

    I want a timer switch that automatically turns the lights on at a specific time i set and turn off at a specific time, but all I can find is lag switches? anybody know of these programmable switches with common+l1?
  25. D

    Commercial Can you identify this trunking?

    Making some additions to this 50x100 trunking fitted in an office in August 2008. What brand is it so I can get new bits to fit? More pics: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B4b15PxUx4zffmJqbHZMMHduTjB0dnNwTzRfeXFnQmx5Y2lwTmhVN2piN2dMN2daTHo4NXc&usp=sharing
  26. L

    Smartphone app

    Does anyone know of a good app for a smartphone to organise appointments and hold customer information etc? Preferably something that would sync up to iphone and iPad etc. Preferably free as I'm just starting out (no smart arses quoting pen and diary please). :)
  27. B

    how to find your phone

    Apple has had the "find my iphone" app for a while now. The news is google has now introduced this for android phone. seems you can locate it on google maps and even ring it from your desktop. https://plus.google.com/+google/posts/CEdEWkg4dvf be aware if installed it can be used to locate you...
  28. BigSi

    BT Line Test Phone?

    Hi all. I was hoping somebody on here might know a little about a BT test unit that I recently purchased. From what I can gather it’s a Commtel T-328 275A MK.4 BT phone line tester. To be honest, I don’t think that’s it’s ever been used due to the condition of the unit and leads (still in...
  29. D

    Do you have to be registered with a third party certification scheme

    Hi I'm Darren and I'm hoping to become a domestic electrician possibly self employed In the future I have been told by someone that In order to be a domestic installer I need to be registered with a third party certification scheme such as the NICEIC I was just wondering if this is true...
  30. R

    Megger multi function tester - error 22

    Hi, Megger multifuntion tester (i think 1800 series, can't exactly remember) - Error 22 has appeared I think when doing a loop test but i'll have to confirm this. Tester is fairly new (6 months). Any Ideas what it means? Google wasn't much help before anyone asks!! TIA Rich
  31. L

    Lightning Protection annual inspection form

    Hi, I am currently doing Lightning Protection Annual Inspection. Could you please give a direction where can I find a template (form). Thanks Lax
  32. C

    Min PSSC Values of Type gG fuse, 10A 500V 10 x 38mm

    HI All, Struggling on this one. Anyone know where I can find the Min PSCS Values of Type gG fuse,10A 500V (10 x 38mm)? IEC 269-2 I've got a load of 230v lighting circuits protected by them but google is not my friend today...... So disconnection time of 0.4 seconds? Cheers, Gar.
  33. haptism

    Customer contracts, where can i find templates

    Ive recently started up doing small time domestic stuff (changing fittings ect). A customer recently asked me to do a full house rewire but I turned it down for a number of reasons; it got me thinking about future jobs and the need to get a contract signed purely as a precautionary measure in...
  34. E

    What is this switch

    I have a dimmer switch to my porch light that got some extra features that I have no idea how to use. Would greatly appreciate it if someone can tell me. Thanks!
  35. N


    Any feedback on my website would be much appreciated? Any improvements people recommend? Www.ndhelectricalsolutions.com

    ellison breaker

    just got my hands on an ellison breaker.. pics to come shortly...well, after i`v had my tea..
  37. R

    Help identifying switch

    Good evening chaps. I am after some help with sourcing 2 replacement dimmer switches for a pub. I went to the pub in business hours today as it was the only time both the landlord and i could make it thus meaning i was unable to remove the cover plate and read the label of the switch. I will...
  38. S

    Telephone cable stripper

    Are there any good telephone/alarm cable strippers out there?
  39. T

    voltage optimizer

    Hi All, Been offered a job installing voltage optimizers in households in the New year,found the job on job centre website and was wondering if anybody knows if this some kind of Government scheme,has anybody else applied for this job and if its some kind of scam as they are asking for my bank...
  40. A


    Right so you've probably been getting fed up with me going on about Websites and SEO so this is my last post on it!! (Hopefully ;))! The website i use is Moonfruit.com - I have now just noticed that the site is published in Flash.. I have also heard that FLASH is BADBADBADBAD for SEO!! As...
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