1. HJC

    New user’s greetings

    Hi all, I’m a newly qualified electrician looking to further my career by gaining knowledge from the veterans. Also here to help new apprentices/trainees with work, college queries etc. I’ve never really contributed to an internet community before so thought I may as well make a change and...
  2. Pete999

    Boxing day greetings

  3. LEricG

    Greetings from Leicestershire

    Hi, I'm Eric from the heart of the country. An amateur DIY'er with very little knowledge of electrical stuff. Just here to get some advice about batteries so I'll swing over now to the DIY electrical forum.
  4. wildwest

    Greetings from the wild west

    been lurking long enough , better post a howdy all
  5. darkwood

    Xmas greetings ......................

    Seems a few threads are been hijacked by festive spirits here... please post below rather than take a thread off course ... Merry Xmas and a good new year to all! ..... :~)
  6. 7029 dave


    I would like to wish all members,a joyful an peaceful Xmas and all the very best for 2018 . Regards Dave
  7. littlespark

    Greetings from New Zealand

    Taking a long planned 5 week holiday to visit wife's family over here. Its December, and the temperature here is expected to reach 22 degree Celsius. A small chance of rain today. The shops are belting out "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" when they have no idea what the stuff is. So...
  8. A

    Greetings from yet another newby.

    Thanks for allowing my registration. I am not a professional electrician but I hope you can tolerate me as a now retired professional engineer in the energy industry. I originally qualified as a Mining Engineer ( very rare now...) but spent my career in the oil and gas industry.
  9. M

    Greetings from a new member

    Hi. New member here wanting a career change. I have just spent the last few hours reading previous posts from people in a similar situation. Nightmare. My situation is i'm 34 with a mortgage and kids. While all my friends got trades from school i stupidly joined the army. I gained an NVQ level...
  10. J

    Greetings to all. Newbie here

    Hello everyone, I'm new here in electiciansforums, I would like to change career and would like to try out what I really love doing on the first place. My father is an electrician and I've learned a lot from him now I want to be like him. Hope to learn more and have friends in this community...
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