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  1. alasdairp

    Handy little adapter - comments please!

    Another New Year post. Not a video this time! A really useful bit of old kit for 'old boys' like me... Used by me as a child and still useful at times this year. Is it legal or not? Starter for 10 points... Q1/. would it still be legal if it had never been unplugged? Q2/. Is is legal to use it /...
  2. A


    Been a lurker for a while and have now been encouraged to post lol. I'm more of an electronics person than a spark but do visit this forum when I have to touch anything over 50v I'm experienced in robotics, plc, cnc and manufacturing control systems so who knows? I might come in handy one day...
  3. S

    Non contact voltage indicator

    I'm looking for a voltage pen just to help trace cables, had a couple of cheapey ones and they either beep constantly or not at all. Anyone got an recommendations? I've seen the fluke, kewtech and meggers are all around the same price (£20ish)
  4. J

    Tools for a trainee

    Hi guys, ive just started training and wondered if you could give me an idea on some tools it would be worth me buying for my first year as a trainee, and also what would be a good make of tools for me to purchase ? Thank you very much J
  5. C

    Whats needed to just replace sockets?

    Hi there, I'm looking into setting up a business which will be working in peoples properties. Part of the work that i will need to undertake is the removal of wall sockets and replacement on new ones and maybe the same with light switches. What qualifcations / certificates will i need to...
  6. T

    Wanted Seward 100 or similar

    Hi. I have just passed my Pat testing exam, and I am after a pat tester, I will be doing things like Kettles, PC Leads, Printers, Photocopiers, etc. I have been advised to get a Seward 100 so I am on the look out for a second hand one, if anybody has one, or something similar, doesn't matter if...
  7. G

    Anyone recommend a good voltage detector???

    Hi guys lost my second fluke voltage detector this week but wasnt that happy with it anyway it was the one with the torch (handy) which changed colours the nearer you get to live cables it was very unreliable but not unsafe as i dont use it for safe isolation mainly to identify equipment on...
  8. G

    ESC Best Practice Guides.

    Always handy.:)
  9. R

    Single Phase reading - 3 Phase readout!

    I have a single phase power/ energy use monitor which is handy for checking how much power a company is using, when etc... very handy... you get the point. However, as it is only single phase, assuming there is a balanced load across each phase, is it safe to say that if 2.37kW is the average...
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