1. rolyberkin

    My trusty Hitachi SDS drill has died!:-(

    After a long life and valuable service in the face of all adversity my SDS drill popped on Friday!:-( It was like losing a long serving friend. So do I replace with a new Hitachi, Dewalt or other offering? Any suggestions greatly received, not that I really need them, just looking for amusement...
  2. oxford 12

    Hitachi battery's

    Does anyone one know the best place to obtain new 18v slide on batteries from at a good price?.p
  3. Leesparkykent

    Hitachi 24V SDS drill.

    Been thinking of buying my apprentice this drill Hitachi DH24DVC 24v SDS Hammer Drill 2 x 2.0ah NiMH Any one used one or know of any half decent that they would recommend for a similar price?
  4. S

    Odd fault

    Hello not done a new post for a while was at me mates house yesterday and he said sometimes his TV appears to momentarily loose the signal for a split second, then the video and sound are from then onwards, out of sync by a second or so. its a free view digital signal he's talking about. if...
  5. The Solar King

    Which Cordless Drill?

    Perennial question I know. Some little toerag knicked my Dewalt 18v combi drill and tool folder on Friday. Sorting out a replacement. What do you reckon is a good buy at the moment? A little reluctant to spend over £400.00 to replace the Dewalt.....
  6. T

    SDS drill options

    Looking for my first SDS for chasing out etc and looking for some advice. Definitely going corded route, domestic stuff with capability for handling brick, concrete and stone. First query is how much difference does the kg make? ie some say 2kg, 3kg 4kg and even 5kg. I am guessing each is a step...
  7. M

    Anyone bought a sub £150 SDS Drill lately

    Ok so I need to buy a new SDS Hammer drill this weekend ready for work Monday. I'd really like to be able to spend big as this tool probably see's more action than any of my other power tools, however got mouths to feed and money is tight so my budget is about £150 I was wondering if anyone has...
  8. G

    Carbon brushes for Drill

    My Hitachi dh36dal stopped working on me today, out of the blue.Was working fine last week. thought it was the batteries but they all measure fine. Can see the fan moving very slowly when i press the trigger. Guessing it is the carbon brushes but not had chance to open it up (otherwise am...
  9. M

    Hitachi drills

    Just seen in the screwfix catalougue Hitachi DV18DCL2/DS18DCL 18V Li-Ion Combi + Drill Driver Twin Pack | Just wondered if anyone had any advice on these, are they a good purchase?? Always thought Hitachi was a good make but seems very cheap for both drills
  10. P

    hitachi drill set

    I've always just used the drills provided at work, but thought its about time I invested in my own setup. I'm a big believer in "you get what you pay for" and "quality products last". I've never had chance to get my hands on a hitachi drill so not 100% on them. I've found a good looking set...
  11. P

    hitachi drill combo

    I've always just used the drills provided at work, but thought its about time I invested in my own setup. I'm a big believer in "you get what you pay for" and "quality products last". I've never had chance to get my hands on a hitachi drill so not 100% on them. I've found a good looking set...
  12. D

    Which combi drill/driver?

    Looking to replace my Bosch (green) which I've been perfectly happy with, except the Ni-Cad batteries don't last long. Orange shed are selling a Hitachi 18v with a pair of 1.5Ah lithium ion batts for less than a hundred quid. Anyone got one? I've got a DeWalt mains SDS which is great and have...
  13. W

    Hitachi DH18DSL 2.3kg SDS Plus Drill 18V anyone got one

    thinking of buying this drill of screwfix not bad price £200 one battery li ion 3.0 amp any got one just want to get a rough idea how good it is before i fork outHitachi DH18DSL 2.3kg SDS Plus Drill 18V
  14. E

    Makita 8391DWPETK drill - Advice needed

    I'm new to this so in all honesty, I wouldn't have a clue at what is good and what's not. There's a personal reason behind me wanting a makita drill amongst the fact that they are a good make and as I'm starting up my tool collection etc, i'm after my first drill. I've spotted this one and it...
  15. C

    18v Combi Drill and/or Impact Driver

    Hi Looking for a few new additions to my power tool collection. Looking for a 18v combi drill and/or impact driver, less than a year old preferably. Ideally brand such as dewalt, makita, bosch, hitachi etc If they are in a set and share the same batteries etc would be even better...
  16. M

    SDS Drill

    I've been looking at upgrading to a 24v SDS for a while now. Spotted this drill on the screwfix website and was wondering if people have any experience with it? Is it reliable, do the battery's last etc? Cheers.
  17. M

    SDS Drill Recommendations

    I'm a recently qualified domestic sparky (currently seeking work as an electrician's mate in Leeds / West Yorks in hope of building up my experience - please send me a private message if this is of interest) and I need to purchase my first SDS hammer drill as soon as possible. I was not thinking...
  18. A

    quick question on sds drill

    Makita HR2230 or Hitachi DH24PC3 both are the same price but which would any of you recommend? I have been using a cheap one, think it was argos for about £40, only problem with it it doesn't lock when in hammer only so the chisels move round as you try chasing walls which is a right pain.
  19. A

    what drill to buy???

    My 18v makita is dying rapidly and I need to replace it, I am thinking either Hitachi DS14DL 14.4V or Makita BHP454 18-Volt LXT. I have found the hitachi for about £230 and the makita for £300. I have used the hitachi quite a bit as my supervisor has had a couple, I was wondering whether it...
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