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Discuss My trusty Hitachi SDS drill has died!:-( in the Electrical Tools and Products area at ElectriciansForums.net


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After a long life and valuable service in the face of all adversity my SDS drill popped on Friday!:-( It was like losing a long serving friend.
So do I replace with a new Hitachi, Dewalt or other offering? Any suggestions greatly received, not that I really need them, just looking for amusement on a Saturday evening!;-)


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I just got the Dewalt DCH 273.

I've only used it once so far for a 400mm 20mm hole through concrete block and a handful of 6mm holes.

It is Fecking awesome. :D :D


Mine is a Bosch. Not sure which model without going out to the van but it is absolute shite :mad:


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I’m sorry for your loss!
May you find strength in this time of great sorrow!
An hitachi is for life - not just for Sparkys


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Me, Hilti TE 6-C, proper job! :)
I would agree,i have a similar version,which came off an overseas escapade. It is a TEH7-SC,never seen another,and the lad at Hilti hadn't either...but it is awesome,will go from a 5mm bit,to a 200mm diamond core cutter...at the end,it's going in the coffin with me;)


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Another vote for anything Hilti, I have a 36V TE6. For my mains sds drill I bought an Hitachi a couple of years ago as it had the highest impact energy in it's class, trouble is it eats cheap chisel bits


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might only need a new set of brushes. man up and open it.
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I would expect new brushes to cost less than a tenner.
If you do decide to buy a new drill, choose one that’s compatible with tools you already have.


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For my mains sds drill I bought an Hitachi a couple of years ago as it had the highest impact energy in it's class...
I did the same, and sort of regret it. It's great for big/long holes, trouble is that the brick/plaster is much more likely to burst when the bit comes out the other side, compared to my more wussy (consumer-grade) Dewalt that it replaced. I try to back off on pressure and speed when getting to the end of the hole, but it's always a bit hit-and-miss. Could do with a "half-impact" switch.

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