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  1. HoverSPRX

    Commercial Electricians CRM Software

    Hello all, Just looking into some new software to help with CRM as my old system is no longer feesable, would be interested in what any of you are all using and if there are any good features with it or anything you find a bonus to our industry specifically? Many Thanks
  2. T

    invoicing help? advice from the businessmen/women sparks

    This is more for accounting reasons rather than customer convenience, how detailed does an invoice have to be? for example, if I quote someone £80 to install a new light fitting (fitting included) on my invoice can I just put the whole amount "Parts and Labour" and rely on material receipts to...
  3. W

    Quote / workflow Software

    hi - I am just after some advice on the best software for quoting, scheduling, communicating jobs to employees and then invoicing as a rapidly expanding business we are looking at software to improve our efficiency.
  4. W

    Invoice help!!

    Hey guys... I have just started my own company and I was wondering if anyone could help me on a invoice design. The type of invoice I was thinking of was a letter type... What's best?
  5. D

    getting organised

    are any of you guys using an on the go software that does diary and invoicing I think after over 10 years I might give it a try, my theory is I am trying to stop doing very small jobs and attract more slightly larger works, so if I completely organise myself for the little jobs then I will have...
  6. N

    Computer Software

    Hi all, I'm currently a small company with myself, an apprentice, and another electrician and currently i write down all apprentice, electrician and job hours in a book. As work is getting pretty manic i'm in the process of taking on another electrician and a electricians mate and so was...
  7. B

    Quote, invoicing software

    Do any of you self employed lads use quote / invoicing software If so can you recommend through experience
  8. J

    best way to keep track od small jobs

    Whats the best way to keep track of small jobs? Alot of small jobs are hard to keep a track of to weather you've been paid or not. Especially if you are doing 4 or 5 jobs a day! Any ideas for making it easier? Thanks, Jason
  9. T

    advice on invoicing software

    Hi all, Just wanted some advice on invoicing software, Which one do you use?? How do you rate them? Have been using invoice2go but find it a bit flaky and it is too easy to trash all of your invoices in about 4 clicks, backups arnt perfect hence need a new program All thoughts and advice...
  10. D

    Invoicing Software,

    not sure if any of you chaps use any type of software but i come across a very very very good piece other day.. Invoice Software | Invoicing Software | Billing Software worth a try, its 30 day full free trial and then 25 quid after!! bargain! it also does my bookkeeping for sales...
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