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  1. T


    Hi. New to the forum. Just wondering where you guys (and gals!) buy your electrical labels from, specifically for a CCU and also personalised ones? Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks.
  2. S

    Jebuuuuuuus, labels.............

    Bought an Osram fitting for the outside of the house couldn't believe the bumf supplied.
  3. D

    PAT Labels

    The current v4 CoP has been around since 2012, yet most 'pass' labels still bear a "retest due" box, despite 8.4 stating "the date for re-testing should not be marked on the label". I have a v1 (1994) CoP which stated (8.3), "the date on which re-testing is due or the last test date and re-test...
  4. D

    I reckon we got off lightly

    Thank &%$£ the 18th hasn't introduced a load of new stickers for us to squeeze onto our DB's. Probably will be in the amendment next year....But for now I can content myself with only forgetting the mixed colours sticker, and the RCD sticker....Oh and the Safety Earth Connection label on the...
  5. O

    "decent" generic Fuse Board circuit labels

    I can be a bit OCD when it comes to labeling up changes and/or replacement fuseboards - and the labels supplied never seem to have what I need Can anyone suggest suppliers of labels? Thanks
  6. Jack McKenna

    Warning Labels inside consumer unit lid

    I've just replaced a CU and about to sticker it up with the relevant notices but wondering if I can put them on the inside of the cover so that the unit looks neat and clean from the outside (it's above a TV in a living room). BS7671 states phrases like "in a prominent position at or near the...
  7. GMES

    Personalised pat labels

    Any reccomendations for online pat test labels, I only usually do regular customers as part of the overall service but my Biggest customer as asked me to start doing their stuff. I am looking at approx 3000 items every year and some twice a year so obviously I want to buy in bulk at the right...
  8. Leesparkykent

    Circuit detail label/sticker

    100 x Swift CD1510P Personalised Circuit Details Label - Does anyone have an idea how I would be able to write these up on a computer and print them off? Would look rough hand written IMO. Cheers
  9. O

    Dual colour warning labels

    So do you stick them on CU? Are they necessary? Are they a waste of time and materials. Cards on the table - I think we should boycott them completely!
  10. Pat H

    Labeling solution.

    What are people using for labeling on jobs? I've used simple thermal dymo labellers before which have been ok.
  11. infinity

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC personalised stickers

    HI Ive seen on some installs NICEIC next inspection Date stickers with the contractors name and logo etc on, anyone know where you can order these from?
  12. L

    Commercial Labelling

    Hi Regarding labeling of DB's. I have been informed that stickers are not to be used on DB units and that plastic/ traffolyte labels are to be screwed on. Are these regulations or just a preferred method. This was whilst working at a train station. Thanks in advance
  13. L

    Engraving MK sockets

    Evening all, bit of a pointer needed if you please! I'm looking at buying an engraver for traffolyte to make basic labels, but wondered if anyone has any experience in engraving MK accessories? I've spoke to a few people on the phone at different companies and it seems the capability to do it is...
  14. E

    Where do you get your personalised stickers for fuse box?

    Good day all ive been looking on line trying to find decent stickers to put in on fuse boxes with my company name and tel number. For those that use them which do you recommend?
  15. M

    QS nic assessment

    Dont know if I am using the right team of QS but basicly I am the chief inspection test electrician at the company I work for. I help and train two other electricians in the testing side of our work and I alone sort out the EICRs. Anyway running slightly off topic. Niciec assessment is coming...
  16. L

    Distribution Board Lables

    Do many of you come across new install distribution boards which don't have any RCD testing labels, last test and next test labels that come with every board you buy, or circuit labels? I've come across loads lately and it bugs me like mad.
  17. Marvo

    Labelling Machines

    We often have engraved labels made up for control panels. The labeling is the engraved black lettering on white strip type. In the old days these label strips were riveted on the panels but nowadays it comes with 3M double sided adhesive tape which in all fairness usually holds fine. We're at...
  18. S

    Labelling Earth Connections

    To what extent are you supposed to label earth connections? I usually only put safety electrical connection labels on the points where the earthing is bonded, i.e. on pipes, metal work, etc. At places like joints between tape and cable and at test points for instance I don't put labels. I...
  19. C

    2391 Practical Visual Inspection

    Hi Guys, Getting a bit concerned now about these 12 faults you HAVE to find for the visual inspection on the 2391 are they in your face faults or have you really got to look out for them???? Worried that I may fail for missing one of them. :eek:
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