1. S

    Aftermarket van locks

    Hi all, has anyone had any experience with an aftermarket van lock fitting service in the Midlands? Any recommendations? Thanks
  2. Rupert Young

    DIY van racking using Tamstrut slotted channel

    sick of arriving on site only to realize I hadn't foreseen the need for something I hadn't packed the night before, after looking around at products like Bott Smartvan decided to do my own using unistrut, fatmax pro organisers, vanvault slider, euroboxes and Milwaukee Packout, added some LED...
  3. S

    Alarm not activating door locks 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    I am installing a Compustar CS6900 in my 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee and am having trouble hooking up the keyless entry part of the system. I tested the alarm and it sends out a negative 12v pulse in both wires coming from the alarm brain. My driver side and passenger side door switches both work on...
  4. G

    Van locks for a Vauxhall vivaro

    Hi guys, can anyone recommend me somebody to fit locks to my Vauxhall vivaro ? I know I could google but prefer recommendations. Hampshire area. Thanks
  5. T

    Mercedes Vito panel van button locks driving me insane

    I do not know the exact name for the type of locks I have. You have to use a small round metal object (magnetic) and place it on the (receiver???) then the van is supposed to unlock. However it may deign to do so or not according to how it feels that day. So mostly I have to climb through the...
  6. E

    Recommended installer of Dead locks for my van please

    Good afternoon everyone. I am hopping you can recommend a firm for fitting dead locks to my small van. I have a Citroen Berlingo. I am in south London. Thank you for any help
  7. Gazthesparky

    Van security

    I have a new van or should I say a new to me transit I'm needing to kit it out roof rack and internal stuff which is fine but I'm looking at fitting extra locks to increase security so just looking for some opinions suggestions from people So what have people gone for I'm thinking just dead...
  8. C

    Van security

    So, my van got broken into and my Van Vault was lifted. Thankfully, most of my tools and cable were on the job (it was done in broad daylight) so they got away with "only" about £2k worth :-( Not a good end to last week! I have a Nissan Navara crew cab with a hard top canopy. Calling around...
  9. paddyc3112

    van security.

    I had my van broken into over the weekend. Just wondering what others do to stop this happening.
  10. S

    van security

    Anyone reccomend any good van security products. A couple of guys i know have had their vans done over in the last few weeks and they took everything. Im laying in bed at night sometimes thinking i can hear my alarm lol. I have a renault trafic it has a standard deadlock alarm but i have heard...
  11. Amp David

    Alarm system for the van

    Can anyone advise on a van alarm. Do others have them or just rely on fitting uprated locks and guards?
  12. brs73

    van security, which is best

    hello there my van got broken into the other day and it seems like it was far far too easy for them to get in. one whack of of a wellplaced screwdriver and they were in. the back door didn't open before they damaged the lock so they done the side door too my van is leased so i didn't add any...
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