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    Hi all, i have a question. I have 2 small strip lights (not sure on the actual size maybe T4 or T5?) and I want to wire them to a plug socket so I can move them and I also want them both to be wired off the same switch. I have done a quick drawing of how I plan to wire them but I am not an...
  2. J

    Petrol Generator to power my boiler?

    Hello, Trying to use a 2.8kva generator to power my home boiler in event of power cut. Generator will power the fridge, freezer, mobile phone charger but the boiler doesn't seem to work. It will "Power On" but the error light flashes on the boiler to show error with fan / flume so won't...
  3. B

    Domestic voltage rise and fall?

    Hi, I've a customer who has a problem with his light fitting? I haven't been around to look at it but he has explained a few details over the phone so gonna point them out and see if you can help/advise me? Basically he's changed over a standard pendant for a 4-way LED strip light, says...
  4. L

    Need some help, knowledgable people needed

    Hi All Im in training to become an electrician, but this is seriously confusing me (and my qualified friend for that matter) i live in uk (230v supply) but want to buy two lights from America (120v) after searching on google and asking my mate for help, I'm still none the wiser. So far I've...
  5. G

    led snubber

    Hi all, just changed all the gu10 halogen bulbs for smd leds for my father in law, all rooms ok except for bathroom and hall where were getting the slight glow, at times the bathroom seems to keep charging and they get quite bright, can anyone recommend a good snubber i can put in series? not...
  6. La Poste

    Di-Log DL6507 faulty design??

    Ok I am one of the people who bought this product and as yet have not had any trouble but then I haven't used it much. I have read two posts complaining about the Dilog being faulty, one from "Taffy Duck" and one from "D80", both are members here. So has anyone else bought this meter, have you...
  7. C

    looking everywhere for a volt meter

    Hi I have been looking for a tool that will plug into a mains socket and display the voltage. If it was also then possible to plug an appliance into this device and have it display things like power and current that would be amazing I have seen these devices in use but cannot find one...
  8. B

    Extending Bluetooth over Mains Power

    I have installed a SB 4000TL (with its built-in Bluetooth) in a workshop about 100 yards from the main farmhouse. The Bluetooth works fine with my laptop, but won't extend to the house ... which also has walls 2-3 feet thick. The domestic incoming supply and isolator is in the workshop. Is it...
  9. W

    Finding a switch

    Hi, First off, apologies if I am posting this in the wrong forum. I'm looking to replace a switch in a light I've bought and hence am seeking a place to find a replacement. If anyone could help me locate a replacement/a place to start looking I'd be incredibly grateful! Picture...
  10. D

    The Evolution of the Socket Outlet - New Biz Opportunity?

    Hi Guys, Just read an interesting article from the GSM group, it says all the big mobile phone players have all opted for a standard usb connection for all their phones by 2012. My electrika update CD arrived in the post today and one of the new products highlighted in the mag was a single...
  11. S

    fuse 1.25a 500v

    Anyone know where i can get a f 1.25a 500v fuse for a Fluke 1652? I'm trying to get one asap as trying to practice on my test rig, for my practical exam this weekend! Cheers Tyrone
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