1. P

    Sorry to mention stables again but...

    Some of you may remember a discussion I had on this forum some time ago regarding my wiring of a stable. The general opinion was that they would burn down, soon after the horses and anyone within a 10 mile radius was electrocuted. Now so far none of this has happened. Now my point was that as...
  2. spud1

    Amend.3 compliance with commercial consumer unit

    Hey, I think I'm right in saying that the fire rating requirements of consumer units laid out in Amend.3 of BS7671 do not apply to commercial installations. Can you confirm? If so would anyone still mention the absence of this fire rating on a commercial consumer unit during an EICR in the...
  3. S


    what is maximum amount of spur sockets taken from a main , the main amperage can be changed easily the wiring is 2.5 and a ring main is not possible without a lot of work as this is a large old house which has been wired this way , there will only be one large consumer a water heater .
  4. E

    38A mcb?!

    Anyone else come across one of these? 38 amp MCB. It's an old proteus centaur. Looks very similar to old crab tree breakers. But I've never seen or heard of that rating before.
  5. Midwest

    Ford Connect Double Locking Fault

    My Ford Connect double locking has stopped working (intermittent fault). Manual says it won't double lock if one of the doors is open. Well I've shut all the doors properly, but I guess one of the door switches is telling the system I haven't. I know the side door has got one of those three...
  6. abbeyhouse

    Domestic PIR problem

    A block of flats has a set of outdoor security lights each switched on by a separate PIR sensor switch. The lights are 500w incandescent and the PIRs rated at 1000w or more. Different makes of PIR have been tried but after a few months they mostly fail by remaining turned on. Any thoughts on...

    ellison breaker

    just got my hands on an ellison breaker.. pics to come shortly...well, after i`v had my tea..
  8. A


    Hi I am in the process of doing a EICR on a small industrial unit and have hit a problem. There is no emergency lighting in place and no fire alarm system. It is a small warehouse with offices and although this is going to be listed in a letter with a few other things would you leave this off...
  9. C

    Solar/PV, is it worth it?

    Evening all, just a quick question. Those of you who have trained to install solar panels, was it worthwhile? Have you seen the benefits? And has anyone gone through all the training and regretted it as a waste of money? I'm curious to see what you all think before I make a decision to train...
  10. P

    Replacing a Socket the 4 Homes way

    No mention of any safe isolation, no mention of a volt meter never mind an approved voltage indicator if you want its full title anywhere in the tool list, Socket back box and faceplate Cold chisel Plaster filler Hammer Hammer drill and masonry bit (12-18mm) Electrical screwdriver Pliers Wire...
  11. G

    Problem RCD warning

    Hi all,sorry if this has been posted before but just thought I,d bring it up anyway as it seems kind of important.I have just recently read an item in a magazine and it mentioned that a few people had had RCD,s blow up when they pressed the test button,didn,t mention any specific make of RCD but...
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