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  1. P

    Monitoring by app

    A customer has asked for a panic alarm for his swimming pool so that he can receive alarm signals to his mobile via an app or text. I suppose it's a bit like a ring doorbell but with a big red button instead of a doorbell. Does anyone know of a monitoring system suitable for this, found plenty...
  2. Doomed

    WiFi camera for monitoring a room

    My mother has been slowly slipping down the inevitable road to the long sleep, as well as work I have been caring for her in the mornings and my sisters doing afternoons and evenings. She is now virtually bedridden, however she still takes herself to the toilet, but in the last week I have twice...
  3. naylorpd

    OWL Intuition - worth the bother?

    I have a three phase supply in my house in Azerbaijan. The incoming cable from the meter is 4x35mm SWA with a 120A DNO breaker, CU is a Schneider Acti 9 and I have earth rods buried in the garden. I did all the electrical work myself apart from first fix cables in the house, in about 2014...
  4. Basiluk

    Current monitoring display

    I am after a LCD/LED display that can be wired into a circuit (240v < 15a) and display the wattage/amperage being drawn on that current. I am not after a meter, but a continual real time display of the load on that circuit - This is for permanent installation. I cannot find anything that meets...
  5. dazkgoodwin

    Auto electrics - Halfords not accepting blame for tyre pressure monitoring fault

    This year I had 2 front tyres replaced, front discs and pads replaced (24 Aug), and I was quite pleased with the price and service, however since going in for this work the tyre pressure monitoring on my Vauxhall Corsa (2015 Limited Edition) is showing the pressures for the 2 front pressures the...
  6. TonyJohnson

    Isolation transformer and insulation monitoring device in horse box/bar

    The regs state 717.413 a Isolation transformer and insulation monitoring device should be used. Are there any guidance notes on type or makes i should be looking for. I see you can get 230V primary 230V secondary boxes but i'm also not sure on which to get in terms of load.. I'm inspecting this...
  7. Rocboni

    Closed loop Sensor monitoring

    Hello, How are closed loop sensors like the below and monitored integrated into a control system, isolation switches/switch amplifiers? These are typically used on explosion panels where when they blow off it snaps the cable or ceramic plate causing an open circuit. (I’m Prepared for the...
  8. Worcester

    SolarEdge replacement

    We have one site causing us serious grief It has a solar edge system on 8 panels: 4 east 4 west @ 15° (2kWp) It has over 2 years 'blown' the fuse on 4 inverters, as it a non replaceable item, each time needs a replacement inverter. We've monitored the AC supply over an 8 week period and both...
  9. C

    DoL with pilz relay

    Hey all, fairly new to this so bare with me, i have an interview this week and Iam expecting a skills test does anyone have any idea what I could be facing? Or what you have experienced, the job is in a food processing factory. ive heard rumours of having the wire a dol with pilz relay? not...
  10. D

    Solar Edge Help Please

    Hi all, I have a Solar Edge E/W facing system with Siliken panels, I have noticed the past couple of days that when the wattage of the panels increase the one panel drops off, I do not know if this is a Solar Edge problem or a panel problem, if it is a panel problem does anyone know how I...
  11. R

    Solar Fox Monitoring

    Has anyone had experiance with solar fox monitoring, or any other kind, i am using a sunny webox and a solar fox display, but im struggling to link the webbox to the solar fox, any ideas.
  12. P

    Solar PV Monitors

    Hi all I’m currently installing PV and would like to know if any of you guys and girls could recommend any PV monitoring systems that I could offer to my customers as an add on or after sale extra? All ideas welcome as there a few to choose from. :D
  13. methley

    SolarEdge monitoring portal update

    Has anyone else noticed the SolarEdge monitoring portal has been updated today? There's a new admin section which allows quite a lot of self-configuration which could only previously be done via the support desk. However the site layout section appears to be broken :-( I've dropped them a...
  14. M

    On-site megger

    Hi I am looking for a solution for an on-site megger. The product should be connected permanent to a generator, when the generator is turned off, i would like to do the insulation measurements remotley from a computer. I have been searching the internet, but all i can find is handheld meggers...
  15. D

    SolarEdge reporting

    The SolarEdge website says 'data from the inverters is transmitted to the web using an Ethernet connection or a wireless link and can be accessed via the SolarEdge Monitoring Portal' so the data clearly has to pass through my broadband router. Is it possible to intercept it/log on to the...
  16. F

    Earth Fault Monitoring

    My project use Earth Fault Monitoring Anyway, I really want to know principle of it how it work I just know that within this machine, a measuring signal is generated :rolleyes: I just know that it is used for monitor insulation resistance :rolleyes: but the other things, I don't know how does...
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