1. C


    Hello All, I came across the photo below on my Computer - I apologise if I got it from this Forum. Obviously the Alarm was NOT fitted by an Electrician ! I refer to the `Installed on` detail. I thought that this might amuse some Members ? Chris
  2. C

    Hey guys I’m new, obviously. Can you help?

    I stumbled across this forum when I was looking for advice on a couple of electrical jobs in my house. I’m not qualified in any sense and have no experience, but I’m a practical person and these jobs seem too minor to pay someone to do. The first one is to change an old brown dirty ceiling rose...
  3. Paul Dodds

    New multifunction tester

    Hi, I'm obviously new. I'm looking at buying a fluke 1663 but am concerned that when the new 18th edition comes in it will be obsolete. Would I be better off buying a used 1653b, + calibration, and then a new mf tester when the new regs come in? If this has been covered then please feel free to...
  4. F

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Napit

    Just a quick one what's the cost of approved contractor with napit and what's your thoughts experiences with them thanks in advance
  5. D

    Domestic Down lighters on photocell and PIR

    A friend has asked its possible to put 3 spots in a bulkhead outside his house so they're dim between dusk and dawn then turn on full when movement is detected through a PIR. I've searched for a dimmable photocell but haven't had any joy. The spots will obviously be IP65 and will be LED, again...
  6. S

    Napit unused forms - loads.

    *** OBVIOUSLY BEFORE I SELL THESE TO SOMONE, YOU'll NEED TO SHOW YOU ARE A MEMBER OF NAPIT! *** "NAPIT Periodic Report on an existing electrical installation" code NA/PIR/001 (V1) - runs from serial number 55657 to 55675 (19 sets left). Obviously not for use on a domestic but still useful to...
  7. O

    Ring Circuits

    Are you still using ring circuits in Britain I did an upgrade of an old switchboard from fuses to Arc Fault combo RCDs,thought the last guy had double tapped a few fuses but when my 9 yr old daughter who was helping me switched them on,KABOOM,took me a while to figure it out,she beat me to...
  8. D

    fused spur

    Morning chaps Im going to look at a job tonight on my way home where a guy says he has a garage fed from a 13 amp unswitched fused spur in his kitchen. { theres no rcd protection in this house } He tells me the spur is red hot to touch and also a few months back a socket melted in his garage...
  9. telectrix

    bentley-1000 new jobs.

    saw on news. bentley to build a new SUV at Crewe, creating 1000 new jobs. obviously some will be electrical related.
  10. P

    three phase sequence testing

    Hi guys, as the title suggests just trying to get my head round three phase sequence testing, if I understand it correctly this is confirm that the three phases are in sequence.....obviously :) Now as I understand it this is obviously a live test and a three test leads are connected to L1 L2 L3...
  11. J

    Domestic Pricing for periodics?

    Hi guys, back again with another pricing question. How much is reasonable to charge for a periodic inspection? Before going on my own I was subying to someone at £75 per install. So clearly higher as that spark had to be making something for himself. Would like some suggestions please. Thanks
  12. SJD

    CU with a problematic RCD

    Went to look at a consumer unit this evening, the owner is having trouble with the RCD not working, notice anything odd about the installation?
  13. M

    Adding spots. No RCD

    If I change a single pendant to spot lights and all cables are concealed in ceiling void there's no need for me to have to fit RCD to socket is there? There are cables concealed in wall obviously on circuit... Wall lights, switches etc. but as I'm not touching them is it my responsibility to add...
  14. K

    Use blue cable for live wire in radial circuit?

    Hi All I am not interested in carrying out any electrical work myself but have had some experience on a basic level and have discovered something that raised my eyebrows recently. I recently had somebody come and install lighting and power sockets in my garage, all cables are run through PVC...
  15. W

    Socket and FCU spurred from ring..

    Hi all I am changing a consumer unit and noticed that a FCU for the boiler and a double socket have been spurred from the same socket. As its was previously installed by someone else, do I record it as a recommendation? Not too keen on leaving it, although its been there years. Just more...
  16. C

    minor works cert

    just getting ready to go self employed, going to start advertising in the new year never had much involvement with cert's the full eic i have no problem with, looking at the minor works cert obviously its only for additions to a existing circuit and alterations but not for a new circuit so say...
  17. J

    new shower

    A friend of mine had a shower unit pack up,and had a spare shower unit from a previous house move.I went round to inspect the old unit which was a 10.5kw shower.I looked internally in unit to my surprise to see it fed by 4mm,i looked at the back wall of the shower wall to see how it was fed as...
  18. G

    spares from previous job !

    i have 5 hj 260w mono panels and a omnik 1.5kw inverter i have some other spares as well. looking for £1500 ono if interested please contact me on 07812951084
  19. B

    Max loop reading using RCD

    How about this for a ponder..... Lighting circuit wired in metal conduit buried in concrete, conduit used as the earth no seperate CPC Replaced board reconnected conduit to main earth but readings are 45ohms obviously the conduit has broked down My question is this, before RCD's on lighting...
  20. R

    AM2 help

    I have AM2 resit tomo. Failed the bloody fault rectification.Any tips would be appreciated. i have an example job card and the circuit identification says RYB3. Obviously its 3 phase. I reckonise cicuits to b identified by 1L1 1L2 1L3 2L1 2L2 2L3 Can any1 help me with this RYB3. Red...
  21. brs73

    PIR question

    i've just done a pir i noticed that before the meter there is two rewirable 80a fuses,one live and one on the neutral, am i right in thinking that double pole fusing is wrong i know that its before the meter and therefore not my responsibility but should i put a note the pir cheers ????
  22. A

    Finishing a job thats been taking years

    Hi, I have been asked to fit a cu at a small flat, no supply yet, but the wiring was done by someone else a few years ago and did a runner, but where does that leave me? Obviously i haven't designed / erected the installation, so what would i put in the certs or is it better for me to walk...
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