1. D

    Trainee Just Passed! Next Qualification ???

    Just Passed! Next Qualification ??? So last month i passed my Achievement Measurement 2 (AM2) with N.E.T I work in a commercial / industrial background mainly maintenance but some installation now i'm wondering what to do next, I really want to go down the high voltage / substations route...
  2. 7029 dave

    40 years in this game, wow time has passed me by.

    As above, it has gone very quickly. Would you say I was old school.? lol
  3. R

    Just passed

    Posted first msg ,just passed 18th at rebus ,10 years since I picked the Reg book up lol a good course reminded how much my brain could hurt :tonguewink:
  4. B

    16th edition electrian doing a re-wire but need to get it passed off would anyone do this?

    We have a friend who is a 16th edition qualified electrician who will rewire a house for us but need to get it passed off - can anyone help?

    Nice early Christmas present, 2391_52 passed today

    Nice early Christmas present, passed my 2391-52 today :)  Then it's the 18th next after the New year. Anyone know of any good trading providers in the North West? Cheers H
  6. James bishop

    Passed Lvl 3 2365, Wat next? where to look for nvq?

    Hi, I recently passed my Lvl 3 Electrical installation 2365. I'm guessing the next route to go for is getting an Nvq and my 18th edition. ( will do 18th edition later on in the year) Does anyone know anywhere I could find an Nvq I searched around but it seems like they dont provide an employer...
  7. S

    Passed Part P assesment

    So yesterday had my stroma assesment and happy to say I passed. Would like to thank everyone who helped me in the last few weeks. The fun begins
  8. D

    Passed EAL level 3 electrical installation, now what?

    Basically the title but a few things to add to that. I've been struggling to find an apprenticeship. There are almost no apprenticeships in my area (Birmingham). Am I looking in the wrong places? I tried JTL, job sites and a bunch of electrical training sites and I can't seem to find anything...
  9. M


    Hi all, I have been a member for a while now but have been rude and never introduced myself. (I now know to read those PMs;)) Now aged 30, I had passed my city and guilds 2357 electrical course in summer 2014 including NVQ level 3. Also passed my AM2 same summer. Initially found it very hard to...
  10. gatuka

    2394 multiple choice passed

    passed 2394 multiple choice anyone done the typed 2394/5 need more info as I have another exam on Monday
  11. M

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum so i thought i'd introduce myself. Hoping to learn off those that are more experienced and wiser than myself! I've been in the trade nearly 3 years now. I've just recently passed my 2394/95 theory exams first time so I'm pleased with that. I just have my...
  12. M

    Hello, ALL

    Hi Everyone. My name is Martin. I am happy that I found this forum. I finished school in 2005 and has never worked in the profession Electrician Technician (NVQ 3 equivalent). This year, I passed several exams: 17 Editions, PAT 2377-22 and 32. I would like to be Maintenance, in my current work...
  13. M

    Passed my 2394/2395! what o.o

    im 20 and have just passed my 2394/2395! what should i do now?? tips what schemes and a
  14. N

    2394 Results

    I'm well chuffed, I passed my 2394 exam today. Anybody else get their results today.
  15. Simon-0116

    city and guilds 2360

    Hi passed city and guilds 2360 level 3 back in 2004. 2 yr course. When left college i did the 2391 course, but failed it due to lack of knowledge experience. College put us on it to earn money. 2 passed out of 12, some very experienced. Any way just been told im not a qualified electrician...
  16. T

    Am2 pass / fail

    Hi I completed my am2 this morning and just wanted some opinions on wether I passed of failed the mistakes i no I made are listed below i removed the earth probe before the neutral on one part of my safeisolation i did a wrong calculation on my regs form for zs all others I measured correctly...
  17. S

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Joining the jib/Ecs/grading Advice needed.

    Hello there, Im trying to re-join the jib so I can get graded with my qualifications I was in the jib as a labourer from 2002 - 2008 until I got made redundant Then I started collage and now have 2330 level 1 & 2, 17th edition, ecs, cscs.(I don't yet have my ecs card just my assessment...
  18. R

    Do I need to take my AM2 to become Registered for an ECS Card ?

    Hello I have taken and passed my 236 Pts one and two in Electrical Installations (17th edition) I have also taken my 2391 in Electrical Inspection and Testing (passed) I have also taken my Level 3 Certificate for the 16th Edition of the IEE wiring regulations for Electrical Installations (238...
  19. A

    Commercial Multi CU's off 3 phase DB cable size

    Hi I'm new to the electrical trade. Re-wired a few domestic property's and done odd few fault finding jobs. Today I came across a job, converting a 6 bed house into multiple flats (passed it on to a more qualified/experienced electrician). Just out of curiosity now, If I was to supply single...
  20. R

    2394 Resut

    Result came through this morning from the December exam. Passed. Get in :hurray:
  21. M

    City & Guilds 2394 PASSED

    City & Guilds 2394 PASSED made up.
  22. H

    32a RCBO Failing 5x with >50v showing

    Hi Circuit Info 32a B RCBO Feeding a Combi Boiler through a FCU in the airing cupboard of the bathroom. Tested at 1/2 Passed tested at 1 > passed reading Oo 20.5 and 180o at 21.3 When testing at x5 the RCBO is tripping but my meter (kewtech KT63) is showing fail >50v Im assuming that this...
  23. T

    Wanted Seward 100 or similar

    Hi. I have just passed my Pat testing exam, and I am after a pat tester, I will be doing things like Kettles, PC Leads, Printers, Photocopiers, etc. I have been advised to get a Seward 100 so I am on the look out for a second hand one, if anybody has one, or something similar, doesn't matter if...
  24. H

    Got the phone call last night, anyone else?

    Took the July 2391 exam and got the phone call last night, PASSED! Anyone else get the call? Also the results came in 2 weeks early!
  25. R

    301 level 3 city and guilds

    Hi i am due to take the 301 level 3 city and guilds exam in a few weeks time any pointer from those who have recently taken the exam. Thanks Rudeboy500:28:
  26. Jay Sparks

    ELECSA Certification Scheme When will I get my elecsa stuff???????

    Hi all I passed my elecsa assessment 2 weeks ago now and I was wondering how long it took to recieve all the info through the post so I can start to notify jobs? I passed the assessment with just 1 non conform. So as soon as he left, I went back to the job and sorted it out. I took a picture...
  27. G

    got MCS what next?

    HI all, Well a big thank you to all here basically getting me though my MCS honestly i couldn't have done it without you lot you know who you are. NAPIT have signed off my NC and sent to MCS on friday, she told me i should have it for tuesday and be on there register. So what next. I've...
  28. R

    Help on AM2 Papers

    Hi guys, i passed my am2 in september 2009, and with the current state of work, ive put off putting my papers in and getting my electricians card. basically i passed at a bad time which the company i work for was laying people off, and tbh were still really quiet so just havnt put them in. now...
  29. J

    RCD test

    Did an RCD test on a new consumer unit, but got a fail on 1 times, but passed on 1/2times & 5 times. Thought it may just be the rcd so i checked my instrument on the second rcd, but was perfect. So then i swapped the rcd over & tested again but same happend again failed on 1 times but passed on...
  30. N

    Looking for work

    Hi I am looking for electrician's mate job within the west midland (birmingham) area, I have gained hands on experience by working with a small maintenance company and i also have the following qualifications. i have my own van and basic tools. Look forward to hearing from you. Electrical...
  31. T

    Am2 on Monday!!!

    As above I have the big one on Monday, without tempting fate, i like to think I'm ready for it. But if anyone has any pointers, tips or reminders then that would be great. Cheers guys.
  32. F

    Trade Test in Scotland

    Hi guys. Just joined the forum. I'm sitting my FICA (trade test) in the next couple of months. Anyone on here done theirs recetly?
  33. J

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB grading problems.....PLEASE HELP

    HI, Basically i passed my AM2, all log books passed off and received all certification. With that i had a copy of the JIB grading form. I am employed by a JIB company and have been since i started 6 years ago. My employer keeps fobbing me off with poor excuses as to why he wont sign it, me...
  34. S

    elesa assessment

    hi guys im pretty new to this site. just a general question about elecsa assessment if anyone is registered with them i have my assess booked and the assesor is paul dudley does this name ring a bell to any one. i live in somerset so that must be his general area
  35. S

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa Pass

    I would like to thank Jason and all the regulars on the forum for the help amd advice I have had from this everyone over the last few months. I had my Elecsa assessment today and passed with an A! Now its Beer 'o' clock :D:D:D:D Thank you all and good luck to those that have theres coming up...
  36. M

    Periodic inspection

    Hi guys quick question, i'm on the niceic domestic installer scheme but does'nt cover me for periodic inspections, i called the nic but they say i should join there seperate scheme for periodics for another £400, can i do the inspection and tests off me own back and produce the certs?
  37. M

    Elecsa Registration

    Hey folks, just to let you know i have just this instant applied to be assessed by Elecsa. Are any of you registered with Elecsa and if so how did your assessments go? what kind of thing were they checking up on? many thanks.
  38. W

    course feedback from trans euro in towcester northants

    Some course feed back I recently sat my 17th edition and 2392 10 fundamental I&T and passed with Trans euro engineering in towcester northampton and found them exelent everything was explained and demonstrated so well i would recomend them to anyone looking for electrical courses ive just...
  39. C

    LABC and NIC First Assessment

    I've got two jobs for my initial assessment lined up. What are your thoughts on me doing the work then self-certifying via NIC once I (assume) I've passed? Is this seriously frowned upon or is this acceptable practise? I don't want to go to the expense of getting LABC involved if I'll be able...
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