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  1. Lister1987

    Philips ToughBook - Anyone have one?

    Looking at a laptop for studying and when the time comes; work. ToughBooks tend to have a good rep but anyone gpt/use one? I know a tablet might be better - Any recommendations?
  2. C

    Domestic Lighting for Cinema Room - Philips Hue

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and I am currently working on a home cinema room. I intend to use Philips Hue for the room, with 8 adjustable downlights, 4 wall lights and 2 RGB LED strips up to 10m (max with Hue. I have pulled the ceiling down, so there is access to all cables and I will run a...
  3. H

    How to open a Philips Lily Hue led garden light??

    I have a Philips Lily Hue garden light that has failed due to moisture in it. Does anyone know if it is possible to open these up to change the led bulb?
  4. Colin McLauchlin

    Philips Coreline LED Downlight 22w 3000k Excess Stock Sale

    I have 16 brand new Philips Coreline LED Downlights 22w 3000k (EOC 85224800) which are in a 4oook labelled box. An error from the supplier but hats off to them as they let me keep them at a discounted price. These are excess stock for me so happy to let them go for £25 each plus VAT and Carriage...
  5. S

    Philips Hue wireless smart lighting

    Only recently become aware of Philips Hue lighting (don't do much domestic nowadays), after it was mentioned in another post on this forum. It appears to be a decent basic, easy to retro-fit at a reasonable price. I presume it wouldn't be as adaptable or robust as other fully wired smart...
  6. Y

    Advice on Philips my leaving ceiling light

    I've got a couple of ceiling lights from Philips to replace the downlights in the kitchen, looked straight forward as it only needed to connect the wires in, well it just won't work, and guess what?! If I install the downlights back again, they work, advice please.
  7. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Oh my

    Barnaby @ Home: Trim Work | Klein Tradesman Club - 2nd fix has a new name Trim work
  8. E

    New insulated set of philips screwdrivers

    I want a set of philips screwdrivers that are heavy duty for screws that need many torque to unlock. For example screws on connection box of a motor. There is no need for insulation for this use, but i would to have it in case of a need. What would you suggest? I could buy them from amazon or ebay.
  9. londonfire

    Philips hue

    Currently on a re-wire and the customer keeps bending my ear about the above mentioned system. From what i can see its very plug and play with a starter pack at £180 then bulbs at about £50 a go. Does anybody have experience of these or have found a decent alternative to the philips system...
  10. P

    Philips T5 Fittings

    I am selling these ones off cheap at the moment, they are Philips branded and retail at 40 quid each, selling them off 10.75 each which is a bargain. I have a few boxes left and the price includes the t5 lamp and hard wiring adapter
  11. C

    Philips M100 intercom system. Help?

    Hi Folks,Any of you good people had any dealings with one of these systems? It's an old system in a large office type building. I know these are outdated now but been asked to have a look. Working fine until very recently. We have very little information on the system. Can't say sorry we're not...
  12. D

    Philips dimmable gu10 7w lamp retaining clips

    Hi all. As above really. Called out to a job today where the philips lamps had been nicked from the holders. Trouble now is securing the new lamps in as whoever took the lamps also took the retaining clips! Have looked online and ebay etc but havnt found any to buy as yet. The lamps are the...
  13. R

    Philips sgr001 ballast, help wiring plug

    Hi. I ve purchased two of these ballast, reflector lamp kits. Internally they are already wired, but i need to wire the socket and extend the cable. As you can see in the photos there are two cables coming into the ballast. The only reasonable explanation to it is that they were connected in...
  14. C

    Philips/Dynalite DTK 406 lighting panel

    A long shot I know, but is anyone familiar with this lighting system? It's an installation that is 12 years old and listed as 'obsolete' on the Philips website. I just need to set a new scene with one light (Chandalier over table) switched on. It is already on its own circuit, but comes on...
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