Aico 3000 Range
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    NICEIC Certification Scheme Consumer Unit Installation Up to Scratch??? NICEIC approved Installer.

    Hi. I'm newly qualified as a domestic installer so well aware I've got a lot to learn about the real world but... I looked over a friends consumer unit today. It was recently installed by a NICEIC approved spark. I noticed lots that didn't seem right to me, and I'd appreciate some feedback on...
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    Second supply line to relay

    Hi, Have a general question here that's not in any way a loaded one, more out of curiosity as I always like to learn how things work. Such a thing would actually be impossible now because the switchboards are locked by the electrical company as well. The builder of the house we live in now, in...
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    RCBO adapters BS number

    Advise on the following please? when using the clip in RCBO adapters (to convert MCBs) what should the BS number be recorded as on the cert? My guess is 61009 but as I haven't actually got rid of the 60898 should it still be recorded as that? cheers
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    Wylex main switch

    Hi , could someone help me please , I did an eicr yesterday. Few questions now the ccu is the old Wylex board with push in type mcb's 3871 type , what is the main switch bs en number ? Can I say its a limitation as it's not evident ? the Ze I recorded is 0.63 ohms it's a tncs , is this a c2 or...
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    Meggar MFT1502 For sale

    As above for sale, it has a brand new calibration certification and comes complete with the original carry case and all leads, the tester is in good condtion and is for sale at £250.00 which includes first class recorded next day delivery, PM me for further details, no negotiation on price for...
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    IET Code of Practice

    A chance to find out about the implications of the IET Code at FREE 4th Edition Code of Practice Seminars from Seaward
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    hi can anyone tell me if i need to take a zs from each circuit i install or will one be just fine at furthest point.
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    addition of new circuit

    When a new circuit has been added to an installation. Is that one circuit the only one to be recorded on a new test sheet or do the other circuits need to be recorded on the same sheet?
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    2 x Brand New Di-Log Voltage & Continuity Testers

    Hi guys, I recently borrowed a few testers to do a review which I will be posting on here soon. However I couldn't get hold of either of the new Di-Log testers on loan so I went and purchased 2 today. They have only been out of the box for 5 minutes to do a quick review in my garage and are...
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    Under floor heating tests?

    Anybody seen these for the guarentee? Was unsure how to test. did a resistance test (R1)......instructions gave a predicted resistace per matt, added these together and recorded on guarentee...........this was spot on a confirmed continuity of matts used.......was a lil stuck for ir test...
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