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  1. M

    My Panels Not performing as well as neighbour

    Hi I have a system fitted 18 months ago SMA 4000 inverter and 16 Sharp 250 panels. My neighbor has Sanyo panels - they are smaller but he gets more KW's than i do and we have identical roofs and face the same way My question is can I change the existing panels for Sanyo - I was told this would...
  2. M

    Ultima solar PV hybrid 3.84kW predicted 5333kWhpa output

    Hi, Has anyone come across the Ultima solar hybrid panels? I have just come across a quote stating that a 3.84kW system will likely have an annual output of 5,333kWh per annum. This seems a bit optimistic, but I am not familiar with the technology and wondered if anyone here is? cheers Matt
  3. P

    Confused about 3.6KW limit

    Hi all, great forum been looking for something on Solar Pv for days now. Been reading here and saw mentioned a couple of times that inverters are capped at 3.6KW feed in? My question is if I have been quoted for a 4KW (a touch under 4KW actually) system but wouldn't the difference be wasted...
  4. S

    Panasonic HIT 250 in roof panels. Anyone used them?

    Has anyone used these panels? a customer has asked us to quote for 12 on a garage that is being built. Can you suggest a supplier of these or are they new and yet to be MCS accredited cos i can't find them advertised on line anywhere. Thanks
  5. F

    How many kW have you installed in Feb?

    Well... Jan was really a slow start, but ever since the announcement on 9th Feb, it has gone a little crazy. How many kW's have you guys managed to install or get booked in before the 3rd of March?
  6. MarkRibbands

    PV Panel War: Sanyo v. Hengji. The ultimate side-by-side long-term, real-world test.

    Having been confused and irritated by the conflicting stories I heard about the relative merits of ‘expensive’ versus ‘cheap’ PV panels, I decided to find out the truth for myself. I have just fitted an 8kW installation on my shed roof, comprising one 4kW array of 16 x £177 Hengji Solar...
  7. MarkRibbands

    Panel efficiency: Why does it matter?

    I’ve been comparing various makes and models of PV panels for an 8kW project. Sales people keep on and on at me about this or that panel being ‘more efficient’ than some other, so is obviously worth the extra cost. My understanding is that the efficiency of a panel is the rate at which it...
  8. P

    ALL black panels

    Lads whats the best all black panels you have installed! value/quality/look!
  9. S

    Fixing Sanyo N240 panels in landscape

    I read somewhere that when mounting in a landscape format, most panel manufacturers do not recommend that their panels are clamped on the short side. Is this case with the Sanyo N240 model and if so do Sanyo recommend using vertical rails? John
  10. F

    16 x Sanyo 250w panels - Choice of SMA3300 or Diehl 3801TL inverter?

    Hi there - I'm a complete novice and hope very much that you might be able to help me? After an intense search, I have found 16x 250w HIT Sanyo panels due to be installed at the end of November to meet the FIT deadline. I have been offered a choice of 2 inverters: SMA 3300 or a 3801TL...
  11. P

    Sanyo 235w/240w 16 panel kit?

    Ok i no u will all be looking thinking yes please!!!!!!!!!!! But i want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!anyone got a full kit? Scaffold up today!!!! Supplier said (they cant get it) havnt told client yet!!!!!!!!! £500 down all ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any ideas???????????????
  12. S

    what brand of pv panel to install?

    what panel would be best foe my 6.5m x4m garage roof? it is sw facing 40 deg pitch. have been quoted Ying li, sanyo hit 250 and schott pannels hope to get 12 panels on. Which ones would give best return? what kind of price should i be looking at? thanks
  13. A

    PV SOL users – help! as my knowledge is limited!

    Put Sunny Design in the hands of a novice and this comes out: Based on 4kW systems + SMA 4000TL-20 LG LG250S1C 857 kWh/kWp Suntech STP250S 20/WD 853 kWh/kWp Samsung LPC250SM 851 kWh/kWp Hyundai HiS S250MG 848 kWh/kWp Sanyo...
  14. T

    Small PV panels (physical dimensions)

    Hi All Due to space issues, i need small panels on my roof to maximise kWP. The Sanyo N235 and N240 are obvious candidates due to their relatively small sizings but reasonable peak output. Are there any other similarly sized panels out there? Most of the installers I have seen use panels of c...
  15. SolarCity

    Linuo panels - anyone used them?

    Has anyone had any experience of Linuo panels? They were brought to my attention a couple of months ago and they look superb. Haven't seen the build quality yet but the stats look great and the figures on PV Sol Expert are amazing. Apparently they have outperformed Sanyo in tests in Germany...
  16. S

    Is this solar PV lark worth it?

    I am considering having a system installed at home, but am a little confused by it all. I have had a couple of quotes, but feel a bit out of my dept, could anyone give me a bit of free and impartial advice with regards to PV? Due to size constaints I appear to be limited to a 2KwP system, using...
  17. G

    Looking for a good cost effective 250w panel

    Has anybody used a Hyundai HiS-S250MG 250w panel? I was looking towards Sanyo but the Hyundai panels are much cheaper so I have to consider them. Any idea of the differences between two 4kW systems, one with the Sanyo 250W panels and one with the above Hyundai panels? Thanks.
  18. G

    Which panels and inverter would you recommend?

    Is there a particular panel you would always recommend over any other manufacturer? I'm currently looking for information to cover my roof which is approximately 8m x 3.5m and get as close to the 4kW as possible. Also, same question regarding inverter manufacturer and model? Thanks in advance.
  19. P

    Sanyo HIt Hybrid panels

    Hi Today I went to complete a survey for a customer. During our conversation I asked about any thoughts on the make of panel you may want. The reply was anything but a sanyo HIT panel. I was rather suprised by this and asked why. During the customers research they had seen that the thin film...
  20. 1

    How to fix Sanyo panels

    Hi, about to fit 16 x 250Watt Sanyo panels on my roof, can someone explain the best roofing fixings for these panels, as no suppliers are very helpful, i am going to use schoco fittings, but do these need to go horizontal or vertical ? As any body got any photos they could email me, with past...
  21. S

    HELP PLEASE!! Bisol or Sanyo panels??

    Hi, here goes my first post! We have had about 4 quotes now for 4.00/3.9 kw system inc LG and Phonosolar panels. But we have got it down to one installer but cant decide on which panels to go for 1) £11000 for 16 x 245w Bisol black panels OR 2) £13500 for 16 Sanyo panels...
  22. LightGEN

    IN Roof mounting solution for Sanyo HIT panels?

    So, I'd like to quote for a couple of IN Roof systems based around Sanyo HIT panels, however, it appears that neither of our 'usual' mounting system suppliers, Schletter and Schuco, have a solution which will work with these panels; I'm told the Sanyo panel is too thin to work with the Schuco...
  23. G

    is there much difference between these panels

    Hi all, is there much difference between these two panels , thing is segen dont have the N series in stock but have the other Sanyo HIT 240W HDE (HIT-240) Sanyo HIT N series 235W (HIT-235SE10) thanks Grand
  24. T

    Sanyo HIT Panels: anyone have practical experience?

    I am being offered Sanyo HIT panels at a fair hike in cost, but supposedly they are much more efficient (and also happen to fit my awkward roof quite well). Has anyone used these, and how much better is generation vs monocrystalline?
  25. L

    another perspective on comparing different brands of panels

    So having had a bit of time to play with a loaned laptop running PV Sol I decided to analyse some 4 kWp systems using differrent panels all using an SMA SB 4000TL inverter. Here's a summary table. qty panel watt kWp PV Sol size area theoretical PV Sol % efficiency efficiency 16...
  26. S

    PV panel choice

    Hi I'd be grateful for any advice on which PV array to go with. I have narrowed down the multitude of choices to two Sanyo HIT and Sunlink PV 1. 16 x Sanyo 250w panels HIT 240N with a SSMA Sunny Boy inverter and Sunny Beam monitor Cost £13500 2. 16 x Sunlink PV 245w panels with a...
  27. S

    Sanyo Panels - worth the additional cost?

    The output of my Philadelphia mono cells falls off by circa 10% in continuous sunlight with little wind as the cell temperature rises. Not many days like that according to my logs. Sanyo HIT cells use a combination of monocrystalline and thin film and their power output increases slightly...
  28. P

    Help BP verses Sanyo which would you recomend to your customers?

    Hi all, your help and expertise appreciated ( not to techie please as Im no sparky) I have been quoted 2 differing systems, both 2 array one SE and one SW with a sb 4000tl-20 inverter. One quote 3.75Kw with 15 Sanyo Hit 250w hybrid panels estimated Yield 2895KWh One quote 3.96Kw with 22 BP...
  29. Z

    Which panels and inverter to choose?

    Hi, This is my first post, and I'll come clean at the outset; I'm not an electrician nor a solar installer. BUT I am in the process of getting an install, and would like some help in choosing the best option. I have found an installer whom I like, and whom I trust (I was recommended to him by...
  30. O

    yield data from Sma sunny design software

    Hey dudes I m new to posting but have been reading a long time we are doing our first job next week then been checked for mcs but what i'm really wondering is why everyone is so crazy about a few PV manufacturers when according to Sma design software non of them stack up against Philadelphia...
  31. SolarCity

    Prices of Sanyo HIT-H250 panels at Segen

    Since the Japanese tsunami and the results Sanyo panels shortages, we've been having a nightmare trying to source Sanyo panels, particularly the HIT-250w. The only company that we can find that has any is Segen and they've raised their prices quite significantly. We have been designing a lot...
  32. SolarCity

    Sanyo panels - 10 year guarantee

    Apparently, Sanyo are extending the guarantee on the HIT panels to 10 years. This is after having only 50 panels returned to them out of 2,000,000 panels produced. An impressive figure and yet another plus point for Sanyo panels.
  33. SolarCity

    Solar Array performance data

    Seeing as we have so many installers on this forum, an idea struck me about the performance of solar arrays. Seeing as between us all we must have hundreds of installs under our belts, wouldn't it be handy to collect all the data from these installs and save them on a seperate website...
  34. P

    p v panels

    Can anyone tell me which they prefer to install and why - Romag or REC?
  35. S

    Average Annual Power Output per pound spent vs Panel Efficiency

    I am in the process of getting quotes for a PV system of up to 4kW for a house located 35 miles SW of London, and have been looking at various manufacturer's claims w.r.t. performance. The primary data that I seeing presented are: maximum panel output panel efficiency, albeit no satisfactory...
  36. A

    Community Group considereing PV Solar

    We are a Community Group at the moment getting quotations for a 9.9Kwp installation. We have a 3 phase electrical supply; does this create any more challenges than single phase installations? and if so should we be checking on the overall electrical competency of the companies tendering...
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