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  1. S

    is my EICR satisfactory or not?

    Hi Guys I am doing my first EICR and looking for some advice, Installation is 15years is old and most of the final circuits are in good condition the only problem is the CU is old plastic one and does not comply with 18 edition. All the final circuits are protected by RCD, I am trying to find...
  2. R

    Confusing EICR, 'Satisfactory' assessment but C1 present

    As a newbie to this forum, I'm hoping that someone can help me understand a particular aspect of the EICR that was done on behalf of the previous owners of my current house. At the time (which I admit was some while ago) I was slightly confused by it but in all the chaos of buying the house, I...
  3. M

    8 flats that he rented out through an agent so as far as he was led to believe everything was done..

    hiya lads now be gentle as i would like some guidence one of my friends has 8 flats that he rented out through an agent so as far as he was led to believe everything was being done correctly. After a letter from one of his tenants through an organisation called frontine issues were brought to...
  4. S

    Could This Be A Fused Neutral?

    Hi, came across this today, double width cutout, never seen it before. Not sure if it could be fused on the neutral or whether I am worrying with no need. Any advice appreciated. (Haven't pulled the cutout obviously, even though it isn't sealed - I have a feeling it might be too stiff to pull...
  5. S

    EICR, question regarding tails and fan isolator

    Good afternoon Guys, I am writing up the certs for 3 flats I recently tested for an EICR and wanted to get some opinions on my views. Back ground info; they were wired in 2000. Certificates present altho a bit incomplete. Test results there, just missing dates, cert number things like that...
  6. telectrix

    EICR Codes

    Done a report yesterday. customer is about to complete sale of house, so obviously wants a satisfactory report. i gave the following codes for some non-compliances: no cpc on lights with metal switches ,,, C3 no RCD protection on bathroom circuits and no supp. bonding.... C3 large holes in...
  7. S

    Number of C3,s on a EICR

    Been asked to do remedials on a condition report.Its a large tile warehouse with several 36way boards and was given an unsatisfactory result.There were no C1,s,but and about 6 C2,s,which I have rectified(wrong size mcb,s,holes in enclosures,no cpc to light switch).There remain about 9...
  8. R

    Condition report for the old installations

    I have to do a Condition Report for an old installation. Everything is ok but the installation doesn't have RCD's, even for those circuits required by the 17th Edition. Can I write that the installation is "satisfactory" without RCD's ?
  9. ste mac

    EICR retification.

    What do you guys do after rectification of defects listed on an EICR. Reinspect the installation and issue a new EICR? Do you charge for the inspection again? Issue a new EICR? Fill out a MW or EIC for the rectifications and provide with the 1st EICR?
  10. P

    Which test applies? Fail "condition report" code3 or Pass PIR code4?

    Just trying to understand if a 15yr old first floor flat, should be refused certificate because no RCD present. Has PIR code4 been scrapped? Is 'Condition Report' a new beast, if so when does it apply. The ESC 'Best Practice Guide issue 3', on classification codes for condition reporting...
  11. C

    EICR- Lack of access!

    Hi I would like to know peoples thoughts! Went to perform a EICR last week at a apartment in town! Full access was given to the apartment itself but I wasn't able to gain access to the distribution position itself! I am going back Monday to do some operational fault remedial works & change's of...
  12. N

    pir after remedials

    after completing the required remedial work (suggested onthe unsatisfactory pir the day before) on an installation, does a full pir need to be conducted again to show that it is up to scratch? thanks
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