1. N

    Door shutter rcd!

    Hello I have an oportunity to take one big commercial job! there would be 4 -3 phase door shutter!i think 16 amps socket! should i put rcd on each shutter or one enought for 4 shutter? should i protect the ciruitS by rcd? the cable will run on very high level on the cable tray ! if yes ,where...
  2. S

    Roller Shutter issue

    I hope this is the correct place to post I have a external electric roller shutter. it was working fin until last week my son accidentally gently reversed in to the shutter whilst it was opening. no visible damage ie bent slats etc Now it does not fully open stops 2 ft from fully opened. iv...
  3. E

    Leaving a window shutter switch pressed after it ran its course

    Hello everyone, I have an electric window shutter in my aparment and it has these switches: When i press one of them I have to keep doing it until the shutter has closed/opened. Lately I started to stick a toothpick in the switch and let the shutter run its course by itself, and save those...
  4. keniff

    roller shutter switch

    hi guys, i have been asked to swap over a key switch as its damaged, when i opened up the switch its not your typical common with 2 no contacts, it has one NO contact and one NC contact, can anyone explain how it works? im just swapping like for like but just don't understand how it works with...
  5. T

    Roller Shutter stuck in the half way position

    Hello All, just posted the same in the introductions forum but thought you more experienced guys may give me some assistance. Appreciating this may not be electrical specific, last evening my roller shutter (patio door type) stuck in the halfway position. The switches are buzzing when operated...
  6. T

    Roller shutter stuck in halfway position

    Hello, new to the forum and thank you in advance for any assistance. I have a large roller shutter on my patio doors, which last evening stuck halfway. There is a buzzing sound from the control buttons. I appreciate it may not be electrical specific but can anyone advise how the shutter is...
  7. HJC

    Changing Roller Shutter Switch

    Hi everyone, Need advice on replacing roller shutter key switch with a regular up/down switch Client doesn’t want the key switch and prefers a rocker. Would this be a straightforward swap? Or should I leave to the roller shutter crew. Thanks
  8. S

    Domestic Wanted: Bathroom extractor with shutter & pullcord

    Hi folks I need a 75 - 100m3 extractor fan that can be ceiling mounted and has a pullcord and backdraft shutter. A timer is not necessary. The only one I've found so far is the Manrose QF100P but the reviews are terrible, mainly because the pullcord switch breaks so easily. Anyone know of a...
  9. M

    Industrial roller shutter door help

    Hi guys iv got a indutrial roller shutter door at work which will only go up about 2 meters and stops in the same position everytime when you push the up but it will not go any higher but can be lowered n re hightened to the same position and cuts out. Does anybody have an idea what this could...
  10. I

    Roller Shutter Limit Switches

    Hi, Does anyone have a wiring diagram of a typical roller shutter limit switch config. My shutter is working but I would like to see what the switches are actually telling the board. I could get a ladder out and measure the voltage on the screws but a nice diagram would be better ;-)
  11. C

    Domestic 12V Volt Drop

    Hello, I seem to be getting a bit confused here and wonder if anyone out there could give me a bit of help. I am wiring a new build in North London. The Architect is also the client and he is putting some pretty funky and complex kit in the build. The house has large shutter over the windows...
  12. La Poste

    Quick relay question.

    Greetings. My cousin has an electric garage door, it's a roller shutter that is operated by remote control. He was asking if it is possible to wire the garage lights to this shutter so that when the door opens the garage lights come on. The garage has three 6ft fluorescent lights each with two...
  13. I

    roller shutter door key switch

    hello there guys iv been tryin to wire a key switch to operate roller shutter doors, but it proovin hard work, the switch tht iv got is a telemecanique with 4 contacts indicating 3 and 4 on the green side 1 and 2 on the red side contact 1 say NC which indicates neutrel connection, and no 3...
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