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  1. D

    Photocells used as gate status indicators for gsm...is this an option?

    Got my Videx GSM4KCR up and running but i need to be having voltage with gates open or voltage when closed for my gsm to read the different status. Would a pair of photocells that are obscured by the gate when the gate is open back to the wall and connected when closed provide this and power...
  2. M

    UK Homeowner - advice on my electrician's status, with regards to Part P regulations

    We have had a rear extension built on our home, and our builder arranged the electrician for the electric work required. I have established that the Electrician and his helper (apprentice/junior) are from a country to the east of Europe and are not currently registered as UK electricians and do...
  3. Lucien Nunes

    DIY access status badge

    Just a quick thought... I don't especially like that professionals who have access to the section to give advice, get a badge that just says 'DIY'. We understand what it means, but the casual reader or Googler might get the wrong impression if they don't work out its significance. The 'Trainee...
  4. darkwood

    Change your custom status to your favourite lyrics line

    Just a bit of fun, if you go into your profile details and put something in your custom status it will show under your Avatar.. You have 50 characters including punctuality and spaces to pop your favourite line from a song and see if without googling it we can get it.
  5. UKMeterman

    Lightning V 11Kv transformer

    Hi, Lighting V 11Kv transformer, you might like to turn the sound up loud! Luke McKenna on Twitter - https://twitter.com/McKenna_McFc/status/775769365451010053
  6. D

    Win some new CK Tools snips here

    C.K tools - Journal | Facebook - https://www.------------/cktoolsuk/photos/a.324737187541841.98358.276208699061357/1450200661662149/?type=3 Also on Twitter C.K tools on Twitter - https://twitter.com/CK_tools/status/771628961419792384
  7. N

    2394 Do i need it ?

    Hi everyone ,was after some advice regarding the 2394 (initial verification) and wether or not i need to do it? ive completed the following: 17th edition level 2&3 C&G 2365 diploma AM2 i covered intial verification in unit 303 of my level 3 diploma and again in my am2 so ive done it for...
  8. 8

    Cost/Requirements to complete my training??

    Hi this is my first post as this looks like a great forum - I have a few questions. I semi completed my training a few years ago but lack of funds and personnel circumstances meant it had to be shelved and landed in work in random field sevice roles - mainly pa testing. I completed my...
  9. S

    NICEIC shocker!

    Hi All, Have just come off the phone to NICEIC, inquiring about requirements for fully approved status. Their advice was assessment involves any 5 jobs no matter how small, even 5 socket changes they reliably informed me. It was all very vague and unhelpful, which I found odd but they seemed...
  10. G

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Approved jib registration.......

    Hello fellow sparks, New to this forum and this is my first question... sorry if im in wrong category.. Anyways this my story . Ive got my C&G levels 1,2,3. 17th edition , Inspection & Testing 2391. 2399 Solar. Ive been registered with NAPIT for over three years and I have been inspected 3...
  11. B

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Jib status

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if anybody could tell me what status I would get when applying for my first jib card. My experience is just a little over seven years doing installation on commercial and industrial sites with a little experience on domestics. I was going to do the usual route of an adult...
  12. Joe S

    Landlord Tickets and General works ? ?

    Hi, I have been getting a few phone calls lately from letting agents about various works on some of their properties. I am a Domestic Installer with the NIC and was wondering how far I should go with regards work? I mean general fitting changes and general maintenance I would imagine are fine...
  13. D

    Facebook Style Status Display

    Just a thought? Facebook style status display, it would a status under your name in posts & on profile page etc. Found this one vBStatus - Facebook Style Status Display vBStatus - Facebook Style Status Display (v4) - vBulletin.org Forum I haven't checked out the integrity or security...
  14. M

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB - Is it me or am I really graded as this?

    Phoned the JIB today to get my card as most places now seem to be asking for it. Told them I was self employed and had 2330 2 & 3 under my belt. My grade....Labourer :eek: !??!!? Reason......Im not employed! :D Once I explained I was self employed, worked for myself rattled off a few jobs she...
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