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  1. M

    What are the first steps in becoming electricians mate?

    I am looking to become an electricians mate in the Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey area. I have experience doing small electrical jobs and City & Guilds Level 2 and 3 in Electro Technology. Any help or advice on how to progress would great.
  2. Leesparkykent

    Van racking inspiration

    I've just brought a LWB transit custom double cab van and going to get my wood butcher mate to rack the back out etc. Been thinking of putting in a false floor to slide steps under and shelving down one side. Would any one care to put photos up of the their setup so I can get a few ideas. I know...
  3. Dan

    Tiling steps advice, reviews and feedback

    Tiling steps advice reviews and feedback 2017 I have some steps I want to tiles any advice would be great . Are you a DIYer? find a free diy advice websitehere. Plumber in the making? find a plumbing advice website for the UK including plumbing pictures and more. Tilers about? tiling advice...
  4. D

    LED tape under edge of garden steps

    Evening all, What is the best way to discretely install LED tape under the front of stone slab steps like this: Is it best to run flexible conduit from the corner of the underside of the step (during installation) back to an area where the the transformer and connections can be housed and...
  5. NDG Elecs

    Stanley / Dewalt fiberglass steps

    Got a four tread pair approx 3 months ago and they are excellent. The Stanley and Dewalt are identical bar slightly different trays on the top and a £60 price difference. Hence I got the Stanley ones!! The top platform is massive to stand on and is at the right height to change lights on 3...
  6. S

    RCD Ramp test

    Hi all could someone explain what a ramp test is and how they are carried out, ive heard the term but not really sure what it is, Thanks a lot Chris
  7. P

    Domestic Assessment: insulated steps

    Are insulated steps/ladder expected to be used during an assessment?
  8. R

    It's official - I can now prove that I know how to read a book

    that's one more step in the master plan completed :D
  9. P

    2330 level 3 house rewire block diagram

    I am currently doing the 2330 level 3 at newcastle college. Homework for this week is to produce a scale drawing of a room with all fittings marked on it, then do a block diagram showing the steps required to do the rewire and time estimates for each part of the job. I am a bit unsure of the...
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