1. C

    Strappers issue switching

    Afternoon people.. Could someone figure out if there is a way for me to connect this up applying to the regs so that I don’t need to pull another strapper over to the other switch. At one switch I have.. 1x feed from DB 1x Switch line to pendant 1x switch line to 5 amp sockets 1x 3 core +...
  2. B

    30 volts trans voltage

    some one please help. i have a 2 way lighting circuit, wired through a 6 term jb ins res is ok all other test show no faults 30v on strappers. only affects energy saving bulbs. could it be it requires power correction capacitor? answers on a postcard please
  3. E

    2way switching and intermediate conundrum

    Good evening all im in a bit of a pickle. I've wired 2way switching that controls 4 sets of lights from 4 different points. Basically 4g switch on each floor. ive some how really confused myself. I'm having to change some of the modules as intermediate works out in different location for one...
  4. dlt27

    Master/Slave dimmer wiring help!

    Hi hope somebody can help. I have currently just 1st fixed a very big house with over 200 led spots in it. Some rooms even have 4 gang switches 2 wayed. Also nearly every room has dimmable switches. Now on the original drawings the wiring shows conventional dimming. ie dimmer one end rocker the...
  5. A

    One to confuse you all!!

    Right then this has now happened to me twice.. and ive not a clue whats going on so if anyone has had the same issue it would be good to see what causing it. Anyways SO i have a 2G2W light switch upstairs and a 2G2W light switch downstairs.. I Wire them both correct.. Up have Brown from 3-core...
  6. R

    intermediate switch

    Hello there, been to a job today where the customer has a fault with an intermediate switch. Instead of being an inter switch it looks like it has been wired incorrectly with the intermediate switch acting as a two way for the other two switches. Also at the intermediate switch the feed for the...
  7. D

    Domestic Hamilton switches

    There so annoying they I seem to wire them upside down all the time anyway, can anyone tell me how to wire hamilton intermediate switch with the switch line there aswell L1 L2? Going back there to this wknd any suggestion would be great. Thank you in advance
  8. S

    How many switches?

    Is there any way you can have more than 3 switches ( intermediate lighting ) controlling a set of lights??
  9. K

    loop in at switch

    i need to 2 way existing circuit ,has been looped at switch .if i add strapper cable as norm does feed in go to l1 and feed out to l2 adding strappers as norm and link neutrals together on feed in/out
  10. K

    2 way switch

    hi all first time post.went to look at a job today original sparky not reg walked off job when owner asked about is wired at switchs not used this way before i understand on 1 way the live feed in & out goes to common neutrels & cpc are choc bloc seperately switch feed for light...
  11. M

    2 way switching

    Can anyone tell me what the difference is between 2 plate and 3 plate wiring for a 2 way lighting circuit.I was wiring a 2 way lighting circuit in single core cables.Looped in and out at the light,took switch line up to light,started to pull strappers in,and the bloke i was working with said you...
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