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  1. davesparks

    Self employed income support scheme

    I don't think anyone has posted this yet, there is now an online gov.uk site to check your eligibility for the self employment support scheme. You need your UTR and NI number then it will tell you if you are eligible, if you are then you go through a form to prove your identity using driving...
  2. N

    Hi All, looking fo some support/ guidance with my solar PV causing my main CU RCD to trip randomly.

    First post on any kind of forum so please be gentle with me!! I moved into this house a couple of months ago and the vendor had a solar PV installed 5 years ago now. Recently I have had random tripping of my main RCD for what I believe to be a result of the Solar PV. I’ve attached a couple of...
  3. P

    Domestic LED strip light support clip

    My aluminium LED strip light has fallen down. The plastic support that it clipped into has cracked apart. Does anyone know what these support clips are called so that I can buy a new one? If you know of a better type of clip to use please let me know, these ones are really flimsy. The...
  4. M

    Help from Forum support staff

    hi I am not sure how to contact you direct so I have posted this way, I’m not sure why you can’t access the survey as several members have been successful in completing the survey without any required signing in, like I previously said all I can think is that the members who cannot access are...
  5. Dan

    Forum Support System

    We've created a support system: Support : Exthetikos - https://ekthetikos.freshdesk.com If you ever have a problem and need me or @Lou to help, this is usually the best place to find us. It alerts all our devices and assigns a queue to the query so we work though them all in a fair order etc...
  6. darkwood

    New cable support regulation 521.10.202 (18th)

    Regarding the above regulation, it is now a requirement that in the event of a fire ALL wiring systems now need to be designed and installed to ensure they do not prematurely collapse thus put lives at risk be it of the general public or that of the emergency services. I want to just open a...
  7. Gakure

    EICR for support request and advice

    Good evening forumist. Apology in advance, the post is a bit lengthy and please don't cane me too much, am in learning process. I did an EICR for a 4 bedroom bunglow, as part of learning curve I came across the attached CU 1. which doesn't have a busbar, MCB are link with 2.5mm2 wire from live...
  8. S

    Texecom Tech support charges

    I think Texecom alarm systems are hard to beat. When installing an elite 24 some weeks ago, I had a small technical query. After some 26 minutes of waiting for technical to answer and listening to the carp music, it cost me £12.86 for the privilege, and still never got my query answered.
  9. T


    Has anyone got Amtech fastest and have you had any problems installing it ,also how did you get on with their tech. support line.
  10. A

    Best testing software

    Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me out with recommending the best testing software to buy. I have been using the NICEIC's online certification for EICR, EIC, EM lighting test etc. I think it's good but am considering buying a software package. I have read reviews for both Tysoft...
  11. Pat H

    Using a cavity wall gap for cables

    Looking at a job that needs cables running up to a loft space. Had originally planned a cable route from CCU through wall into garage (part of side extension) along top of garage inside wall then up through the bedroom above into the loft space. All surface mount clipped direct. A good few...
  12. Midwest

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa Technical Support

    I'm registered with Elecsa, and quite often use their Technical Support facility. Recently I emailed Elecsa with a couple of questions for their tech support, using the main email address. As I hadn't received a within the week, I emailed again on Monday, no response. Today, I rang customer...
  13. mhar


    Did a re install of operating system over weekend and have just tried to access pirform website using both firefox and ie and get stopped with warnings that the website is unsafe. Just tried to send an email to [email protected] and have had this returned with the message that the ip address...
  14. D Skelton

    Save our trade!

    Sick of 5WWs? Sick of scam schemes? Sick of laughable training providers? We as fully qualified electricians deserve better. The public deserve better. Get on here, start hitting the like button, share share share and spead the word guys!!! We are boycotting the schemes, they can shove their...
  15. W

    Amtech 2013 software, poor update !

    I've loaded the new 2013 Amtech software this week and have found that it's quite poor on the new software they have added an extra program to the desktop, a new EICR certificate, unfortunatley though several of the time saving short cuts and extras are missing, i.e, there is no "fill all...
  16. yellowvanman


    Just giving credit where its due. I've been using PIRform for over a year now and can fully recommend it to others, not only beause of the software itself but also the software support. Installed new updates early last week, then on Friday had a problem, emailed PIRform, got an email Friday...
  17. H

    SWA or conduit on cage room

    Need to run either SWA or steel conduit in an industrial environment by the room is going to be made from a mesh cage. 8 sockets and 4 wall mounted tube lights. Which would be best to fix to the mesh and what can I use to fix. I am assuming the cage would need to be bonded??
  18. D

    Conduit Support

    Looking for some advice if anyone can help. I've been asked to install sockets in a new build business unit. The company deals with software imaging - lots of computing power but no machinery, tools, etc. The place is pretty much a standard build with a number of heavyweight vertical RSJ's...
  19. J

    Lutron Grafik Eye and LEDs

    Afternoon. i have an LED replacement project where I will be using Lutron control. I cant remember the rule of thumb to apply to LED loads e.g 800W per zone for SELV, but this figure is reduced for LED. Can anyone remind me what that might be. Havent got the stomach to trawl their giudes or...
  20. B

    BE very carefull PIRform update

    Just a word of warning to any of you that use PIRforrm. They have an update online to change it in to a EICR but the update didn't work and then they had a load of warnings about losing my reports. Then there is a complicated process which you can't find online but which they will send you after...
  21. methley

    SolarEdge monitoring portal update

    Has anyone else noticed the SolarEdge monitoring portal has been updated today? There's a new admin section which allows quite a lot of self-configuration which could only previously be done via the support desk. However the site layout section appears to be broken :-( I've dropped them a...
  22. D

    3 phase overhead power supply

    Hi folks I need some guidence on this. There's a 3phase overhead power supply feeding exterior accommadation at a hotel. What it seems they've done is taken the cable out at the chimney area at either end and then split the phases like you see on an electricity pole (wish I'd taken a pic). The...
  23. C

    Industrial Roof Fixing strategy

    We have not had any commercial projects yet but I have been asked by a family member about the fixing strategy to a modern commercial roof because they are considering it. The key thing is it is a big roof and the steels are 6m apart, what is the method for coping with this?
  24. P


    seems cheap enough. going to download the trial and give it a go cert software
  25. A

    Megger powersuite problem?

    hi does anyone know how to adjust the margins for printing certificates in this program onto a4 landscape paper. basically when im printing say a nic test cert there seems to be a centimetre of missing info on the right of the page, eg the rcd test x5 column has been chopped off the end...
  26. N

    Supply to an outbuilding

    A customer has asked me to price a job for them so here is the scenario. Old milking shed with a 10mm 3 core SWA supply that is to be converted to office/annex. Client requires 2 x 16 amp socket circuits, 1 x immersion circuit and 1 x 6 amp lighting circuit. SWA cable run is 15 M...
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