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  1. S

    Help Needed Working Out Different Courses

    Hi all, I am very interested in a career change to becoming an electrician. As I have no prior knowledge, all the different courses offered via C&G have really confused me, and I was wondering if you guys could help me see through the mist. The NVQ Level 2 and 3 seem to be the most...
  2. infinity

    Works Contarcts

    I require a works contract for some jobs coming up where we will be carrying out electrical installs for a main contractor. I want to make sure i have covered my back and have some comeback when it comes to payment terms etc. Someone has mentioned JCT minor works but I'm not sure its relevant...
  3. danesol

    PV Storage System - "Grid Buddy" ( Battery backup & Grid failures )

    Just received a flyer from Renewable Solutions in a brown envelope; informing me about that unique storage systen for PV Systems - anybody have any experience of these guys ?? Home | Renewable Solutions UK Ltd. | Solar Panels | Wind Turbines | Biomass | Heat Pumps | Solar Heating
  4. gazzamikes

    Get rid of the customer?

    Evening everyone, I do work for a local bakery factory and their shops, not much but works work right? I invoice them end of the month (if I've done work for them) and my terms state 30days repayment, I usually end up 8 weeks + . I've had enough now I call and email them but still no response...
  5. M

    customer not willing to pay

    Hi everybody, I need some advice. I've done some rewiring work to a cafeteria, where I finished 10 days ago. After completion I send them an invoice - no reply. So after a week I send them few messages and an email asking about a date when they will pay. No replay. I send them another email...
  6. 1

    shower code ?

    what is the old shower IP code in terms of drip? went to a job recently and the show was really old it had a drip code of 1 drip, I beleive that this was in the old 16th edition. Can anyone tell me what the shower old codes mean in terms of drips e.g is one drip in complience for zone 0 under...
  7. La Poste

    Stroma, what do you think?

    I will be booking an initial assessment this month to become a member of the part P brigade. I work part time as an electrician in my holidays and weekends etc and often get asked to do jobs for friends or family. Stroma is half the price of the other schemes and this is what attracts me...
  8. C

    Administration for Sole Trader

    Evening All... Have been CIS for past 18Months so HMRC Registered and paying own NI. Looking to fill the gaps have decided to put myself about locally within my means. I have a Small Business Accountant for my Tax Return, so advice on book keeping is OK. I'm getting together some layouts for...
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