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  1. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Now that's how to drill a hole in concrete

  2. Pete999

    Pete's Videos That's the way to do it, isn't it

    Nice cable entry
  3. Pete999

    Liquid plastic (interested that's all)

    As a project I am interested in getting some Liquid plastic, the sort you could possibly recover or repair insulated tools with, I realise it won't be up to VDE standards, but would like to give it a try anyway, anyone got any ideas as to where I can get some? tried The Shed, Wickes etc.
  4. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Now that's a Neon tester (American)

    Well would you do this?
  5. S

    Eicr code

    hi all, done a eicr recently and found the following and would like thoughts on the codes? Thinking code 2 but bit harsh to fail the installation on these points esp as its been like it for 30 ish years and no problems or atleast that's what the owner will say!! Cpc used as live on landing 2way...
  6. J

    switch heights!!!

    started a new job today full refurb+extension builder wants the switches 920 ffl to middle of box -I did say blimey thats low!- he said architect wants them all inline with door handles :s know this aint too much of an issue as isn't a new build- but any of you guys been asked to do it that...
  7. holeydub


    Thought id say hello and maybe get some advise, been away from the industry for a good eight or so years and have decided that it's time I came back (miss it really)... stupidly I didn't finish the 2360 years ago and now it's been replaced I'm having to retake the new 2395 so I can finally get...
  8. SparkyChick

    NAPIT Certification Scheme NAPIT Trade Association Meeting - 8th March 2017 - Neath

    Out of interest is anyone else on the boards going to this tonight?
  9. B


  10. Ib≤In≤Iz

    Angry Drivers

    This one is great :laughing:
  11. B

    Hope 2017 is bringing everyone good things...

    Hey All... just a quick and friendly HELLO... make a good impression and show how polite I am before I blow those two myths out the water! But for now that's what I am and I do hope 2017 is playing by the rules and being good to everyone... Benji. X
  12. P

    Changing from gas!

    Hi guys. Came across this forum and I thought it might be a good place to share ideas and feedback, and even give advice, but I don't think I will be doing much of the advice giving at the moment. I am a plumber/gassafe guy looking to upskill into electrician boots. I am getting on a bit, 50 now...
  13. telectrix

    Christmas spirit

    just drove past the local pub. ambulance outside, stretchering a bloke out of the pub. reliable sources at the bar confirm that he's been drinking john smiths smoothflow extra cold. obviuosly there's no hope for some.
  14. L

    Website build and email address

    Could anyone advise me or recommend somewhere that can build me a website and somewhere I can sort out my own email address please. I'd like to be able to send emails to people with a letterhead of the company on it. I haven't a clue how to sort any of the above out!! Cheers in advance.
  15. S

    Meter Tails hanging loose.

    Been to a job to see this. I'm guessing that when the old CU was replaced the sparks didn't bother to remove the old meter tails - they were live and just had a couple of wraps of insulation tape round them.
  16. N

    Do I need to be registered with a governing body?

    I'm pretty sure I've checked this a while back with the NICEIC but I'd like to double check. I'm carrying out EICR work on a few properties , and am currently in a debate with a lady who says I should be registered with a governing body to carry out the testing. I said she's talking rubbish. As...
  17. L

    Small power

    I have been given the preliminary design of the small power system for an industrial complex. The design states that a switched fused connection unit should be on its own circuit , would this not normally be part of the ring main? Has anybody seen this before ?
  18. D

    Arm twisted

    Hi I was quite happy just being nosey but I've been prised out of hiding so HELLO ALL from Cornwall.
  19. B

    How many dots can you see

    I see 3 but they keep moving
  20. Dan

    The top knot - to ban or not to ban

    Following on from the burka thread where many expressed their annoyance with people wearing a burka in public, I thought I'd express my annoyance of wear the [email protected] aka top knot or man bun, anywhere let alone in public. Whilst they themselves might not pose a risk in public places, other...
  21. David M

    Freaky golf accident

    So after a hard day at work today I decided to go to the local golf practice range, to whack a few balls and work on my golf swing. After purchasing a hundred balls and filling the hopper ( yes it's a posh range with automatic tee's ). I sat down on the bench behind the bay I'd chosen to swap...
  22. M

    Gaps In Old Cus/fuseboxes Etc, Fire-retardant Silicone?

    This is fresh off the top of my head, but what do you guys think about having some fire-retardant silicone to seal gaps in old CUs to contain a potential fire within the CU (at least for longer)? A good idea, or just going to leave fingers pointing my way if there ever is a problem with it...
  23. Dan

    Aurora - Ever Been Lucky Enough To See It?

    This is on my list. Still haven't seen it yet it's been on my list for years. Anybody been lucky enough to see one of them, if so where and how? I've seen a couple of cruises where they say if you don't see it after a couple of weeks you get your money back.
  24. telectrix

    Tidy Work Bench... Not.

    just feeling lazy, can't be arsed at the mo.
  25. J

    Cooker Switches

    Hi. Not in the electrical trade so please bare with me. I need a cooker switch replacing in my kitchen, it has a socket incorporated with it and is an old looking MK one. My fuse board has half of it RCD protected, all the 32A circuits but not the lighting or the cooker circuit. When I get an...
  26. uksparks

    Wireless switching module

    Hi, ive got a load of garden lights I'm putting in at the moment that's going to be on various configurations. Anyway, I want to link a couple of PIRs together and also link it to trigger some other lights too on another circuit. enays the best way to do this? I need some kind of wirelessly...
  27. Z

    The problem with learning by wrote and working without calculation

    Firstly I just want to say that working from tables and on site guides can be great for convenience, and this is good. But so often the very presence of these easy and convenient rules of thumb to comply with regulation may prevent a person from developing a deep technical understanding of why...
  28. Z

    Question Regarding Adding Wiring To Lighting Circuit / Going Down A Cable Size

    I've got a lighting circuit wired in 1.5mm T&E on a 6 amp MCB. There are some lights that I'd like to add on to this circuit, controlled by an existing switch. Due to the position of these lights, the most aesthetically pleasing way to install these lights would be to run cable to the new lights...
  29. Leesparkykent

    Amendment 3 escape routes and building control.

    So yesterday I was wiring the communal areas in a block of flats that im doing and the building control officer pops his head in with the site agent. Concrete ceilings that's having a MF suspended ceiling underneath so we are using bang in cable tie bases.......Building control officer pipes up...
  30. E

    Intruder alarm wired in cat5e?

    Only had cat5e on my van, I know it is dearer etc than alarm cable, just needed to get it done there and then. 4 twisted pair. Wired 3x pirs, 1x door contact, 1x sounder. Will it work ok? I know it is twisted & solid, not stranded & untwisted. In this instance, will I be ok?
  31. G

    2394/2395 college courses.

    Does anyone know of a college offering these courses in the north west, I've emailed a few just waiting for replays. I've seen independent training providers charging around 2k for these, I would have thought colleges are cheaper..? Cheers.
  32. 7029 dave


    Nice bodge going on.
  33. C

    Working away rates

    Been offered 2 trips to the continent with a firm I subby to installing and commissioning some plant that's been shipped over from a local factory that's closing, all the travel, food and digs are been covered by the client and I've been told to name my price for going over, I've got an idea of...
  34. P

    Domestic Cooker installation woes

    Probably in the wrong forum but I cant seem to post elsewhere. I'm installing a new high-end Siemens cookers in my kitchen - a regular oven and a combination one. I've got separate spurs for each back to the fuse box via isolation switches. The oven comes with a mains cable that plugs into...
  35. S

    Wanted GN3

    Anybody looking to sell a copy of guidance note 3 at all cheers
  36. B

    Positive pressure fan installation

    Evening everyone, I have just received a job through to install a positive pressure fan in a council owned tenanted property, I would be interested to see what sort of prices people are charging, only that the price I quoted was accepted but with the usual comments from the Q.S. "A little...
  37. H

    Help with EICR code!

    Hi, just wondered what your thoughts are on this, 3 bed town house Whole house ring final, mixture of 2.5 / 1.0 & 2.5 / 1.5 twin and earth cables, End to ends = 0.78, 0.78, 1.6. R1r2 = 0.61 (spur). ZS = 0.66! BS7671 recommends a max of 100 square meters which using 2.5/1.5 = an r1r2 of...
  38. ses

    Accountant chiswick

    Anybody know a good accountant around the chiswick area for a ltd small company Im still using my one from the midlands at present paying £1200 plus vat a year is this the going rate
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