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  1. S

    Shaver sockets 2 voltages

    why do bathroom shaver sockets have 110 and 240 volts?
  2. A

    Multicore cable voltages

    Wiring RF thermostat receivers to valiant boilers... We have been using standard 0.75mm 5 Core flex, from the receiver to the boiler (reference method B). Obviously the flex is carrying L-N-E at 230v and also two switch wires ‘boiler on’ ‘boiler off’ at 24v. However someone has made a comment...
  3. D

    Unexpected voltages?

    Hello from Spain! I am after some help and advice. Whilst checking my supply ( which is TT and the whole installation is protected by a 30ma RCD) I have found the following With the earth connected to the rod L to N 240v L to E 345v N to E 148v If I disconnect the earth rod, at the consumer...
  4. GBDamo

    Sensitivity to high voltages

    The electronics within our machines are manufactured to be tolerant of 220V +/-10%. many components have a max 250V allowance. Now we all know that although our domestic supplies are supposed to be 230V they can vary widely, I personally have measured 257V on one supply. What in your opinion...
  5. Lee Gold

    Star and delta phase voltages

    I came across a question today in my paper asking me to draw out star connection and a delta connection and draw out phase voltages on star from phase to phase and write in the voltage and I don't understand it at all can somebody help please. Star carrying 240/400v delta 400v Sorry I'm not...
  6. M

    Led snubber

    Having read the forums about these, there appears to be several answers as to what and where. Is there a definative answer as to what these are, where you put them and where to purchases them ?? I dont want to go into a store and be looked at like i am speaking in tounges ! :6:
  7. A

    Wiring 120Vac and 480Vac 3 phase

    I am wiring a actuator that has 480V power and 120v control wiring. I was wondering if I could wire them through the same conduit.
  8. madseb

    Industrial 3 phase welder 2 phase supply?

    hi all I have been asked by a friend with a small workshop to swap the plug on an ali welder he has just purchased. upon inspection the welder has an old style bakrlight plug. and also is stated on the machine as 400v single phase 50-60hz when the old plug as removed there was only three 6mm...
  9. S

    Voltage Levels

    New to the forum..... finally getting with the times and going electronic! I wondered if anyone knows what the typical voltage levels are in domestic properties in Germany? I know they have an alleged similar infrastructure similar to ours at 230volts/50hz! But we all know with the supply...
  10. D

    Earthing and voltage issues

    Hi all Having a strange problem with some testing . Did an installation for somebody and upon testing discovered high Ze . ( 640 ohm ) Not happy with result ( after testing all other earthing conductors to infinite ohm or higher than 640, bonding no doubt), i discovered the earthing...
  11. C

    phase displacement of voltages

    hi guys, can someone shed some light on how to sketch phase displacement on voltages please as this is the question and its baffling me 'with the aid of a small diagram show the phase displacement of voltages for a 415/240 and neutral for a small unit.' many thanks
  12. R

    transformer design using relay and contactors

    ok,lets say the transformer getting input voltages 380-400-440-480-660-690 V and out put is 230-440 v,the tappings provided for the incoming voltages but the incoming will be the same connection either it can be of any voltages,how can it be done by the use of relay and contactors for different...
  13. B

    Star/Delta Line/Phase Voltage/Currents

    Hello, Really struggling to get my head round the above can anybody please explain (in easy terms if possible) the difference between line and phase voltage? Star connections with Balanced load relationship to each other IL=IP Delta Ul=UP? My head is mince............... Thanks
  14. S

    240v and 24v in multicore cble

    Can anyone tell me if you can run 240v and 24v in a multicore swa i think i am right in saying if the cable rating of the 24v and 240v are the same then you can,maybe best to clearly label thecable voltages on the cores ?
  15. S

    calculating phase to phase voltage

    For example, one phase is having 90v & other is having 70v, what will be phase to phase voltage & how we will calculate it manually?
  16. P

    Single & 3-Phase Voltage in The UK

    Hi all, Just a quick question on single phase and 3-phase voltage. Do The UK use 240V Single Phase and 415V 3-Phase?
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