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  1. D

    Caution warning

    To anyone in the Fife area. Went to view a job yesterday for a renovation of a takeaway in Buckhaven. Place is a nightmare. Bare T&E hanging. Smashed grid switches. Bare cores showing on grills and fryers. Open patt boxes. Wanted quotes. I offered an EICR first as visual had already...
  2. Flanders

    UK X-Ray warning Light

    Good Afternoon I have a customer (a vets) that currently has a red light that turns on outside the room when the x -ray machine is in use . They are looking to replace this for an LED "X-ray on sign" , I have found various images of them from good old google but can't find who sells them, I...
  3. S

    UK Polarity voltage warning ⚠️

    Hello, Can anyone tell me what would cause a polarity voltage warning to occur on my kewtech KT63 tester whilst testing doing an earth loop impedance test? How’s it fixed if so? Thanks
  4. D

    Apple Update Warning.......

    I have just discovered my iPhone’s mobile data usage has more than trebled, since the last update. All the Apps which I had set to not use mobile data have switched themselves back to using mobile data. Last two weeks, my phone used 2.5gb, when my monthly average is normally 1.5gb. Not a happy...
  5. David77

    Warning: Absolute Beginner Alert!!

    Greetings all, I've been looking at the forums for a while now and learnt a lot from them but decided to bite the bullet and join in proper. I've studied a lot of previous newbie questions but you'll have to forgive me if I repeat one or two every so often. I'm looking to get into the trade as...
  6. Pete999

    Warning !! Tool porn Warning

    My Lad just sent me this.
  7. Doomed

    e-mail warning - possible new scam

    Watch out for a new dodgy e-mail scam, twice now I have received an enquirey about electrical work - very basic, my availability and that the work is domestic. We reply asking for more details, including contact details. We get an answer along the lines of thanks for getting back, I will send...
  8. A

    Mini cooper r56 warning light irritation

    Hi I have a 2013 R56 and the warning light for an exterior bulb comes on each time I start the car (goes off after a few seconds usually) .When it first came on I found that a number plate bulb was out so replaced that but the warning kept coming on. I looked on the internet and found how to...
  9. Andy-1960

    Fluke 1652 MFT - Warning to everyone.

    Just a quick word of warning to everyone, we have just had one of our Fluke MFT's had to go the repairers with an ERR1 fault. Initial thought was that user had blown it, but this was not the case. Apparently they are susceptible to having their memory wiped by mobile phones or WIFI devices! The...
  10. darkwood

    VR - Warning! - Adult content ahead

    Has anyone had the opportunity to view x-rated content on a headset, PS4 now has compatibility with its Littlstar media app' and you can sideload off a USB stick, the big Porn industry leaders are using extremely high quality equipment to give a shockingly realistic experience My immediate...
  11. Jack McKenna

    Warning Labels inside consumer unit lid

    I've just replaced a CU and about to sticker it up with the relevant notices but wondering if I can put them on the inside of the cover so that the unit looks neat and clean from the outside (it's above a TV in a living room). BS7671 states phrases like "in a prominent position at or near the...
  12. B


    In the flats where I live, we have an electrical cupboard. It is where the main supplies enter the building. We have a 415 Volt 3 phase supply plus all the usual fuse terminations etc. All the electric meters are here as well. It is just a large cupboard, with a door that can be locked. Should...
  13. H

    Correct warning signs for high voltage (potential belt off 2 phases) please help!!!

    Anyone with experience of this or an idea please help. I have 2 phases going going into a cab, each one 230v. However there is a real chance someone could touch the two and get a belt from each phase at the same time. What would be the correct type of warning sign to use? Also out of...
  14. P

    Foreign Aid funds solar farm

    Poverty warning as UK foreign aid funds solar farm in Morocco > International News > News | Click Green So our govt. is giving £385m for FOREIGN green investment. Nothing more need be said.....
  15. T

    lighting circuit pre 1966 warning labels

    Can anyone help me on this? I have just replaced a consumer unit on a property that has no cpc on the lighting circuit (pre 1966). All class 2 equipment is fitted and NICEIC technical have been consulted along the way for my peace of mind. I need to apply the black on yellow warning sticker...
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