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  1. F

    Wall chaser cutting width

    Hi all! Be gentle as this is my first post on here. I am looking to buy a wall chaser but the cutting width is only 30mm max. The 25mm PVC channel I am fitting is 50mm wide, so why is this and whats the solution? Why manufacture a 30mm cutter when the common channel is 50mm wide. A keen but...
  2. D


    Self Employed Electrician Insurance trying to start off, As you know my English isnt that great so LAWER talk and Insurance sadly i was in the hands of the insurance company. As when i tried to join a Governing body, i tried Napit and went with Napit Insurance, what has another name that is...
  3. T

    ebay ad!

    Has anybody else seen the ebay ad for a pram! The Q & A bit is fantastic and well worth a read if you want a laugh. Phil and teds green explorer double | eBay
  4. telectrix


    anyone within reach of stoke-on-trent, this might be of interest: Inspection & Testing Saturday Course Rebus Training Ltd ([email protected] Inspection & Testing Saturday Course!!! View this email in your browser Inspection and Testing...
  5. M

    volt drop query

    Hi all, Am wiring in some lights in a carpark.. The total distance is 150m there are 4 lighting posts rated as follows A-200w B-300W C-300W D200W (with A closest to CU) All loads are LED They are spread at distances of CU - A = 30m A-B = 40m B-C = 40m C-D = 40m Having done my volt drop calcs...
  6. B

    Accurately aging installations

    Hi all I use the following but does anyone have anything else for a quick and simple pocket guide for domestic aging. Wiring Ages Description Used up to Age at 2012 Info source Part P Rubber insulation 1960 52 page 39 PVC cables but no earth in lighting cables 1966 52...
  7. P

    polarity testing

    hi guys, when testing to confirm polarity of swa going from house to outbuilding. a. why is it necessary b. why is it carried out before the installation is energised
  8. W

    Xbox 3Wired Game Controller Pad Red , Live Headset Headphone

    Features Red Wired Controller Pad for xbox 360 Compact ergonomics for comfortable play Integrated headset port for Xbox LIVE Adjustable vibration feedback for a personalized gaming experience Works with most Windows Vista-based PCs Live Headset For Xbox360 Noise-cancelling...
  9. Jay Sparks

    Help!!!!! Brain freeze about risk assessment!!!!

    Hi guys & gals, Now I know this thread wont exactly test your noodle and most of you, like me will be having a few tinnies and will probably get half way through and press the back button but its done my head in for the last 3 days. I have just paid for my Elesca assessment and I'm waiting to...
  10. yellowvanman

    Small panels

    South facing roof with 3 dormers. Space between dormer ridges and main ridge is 1.75m. Can get more square meterage in if I can get some short panels along the top in portrait orientation. Sharp NU-185 (or 180) are only 1.318m tall, so they would work. Anyone aware of any other panel of this...
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