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have been asked to quote to replace an element. ive done a few back a while back and i dont want to short change myself. probably fit an 11in screwfix 17 pounds odd. lower element with good access, drain tank maybe 20min or so. travel 30min there and 30min back. many thanks.

Paignton pete

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Get a plumber to do it. Much easier.

It costs an extra £100 a year for insurance for liability if doing plumbing. So I don’t do showers or immersions any more.
Without a plumber.
You Arrive.
Locate isolation valve for cylinder and shut off.

Locate drain valve for cylinder.
A; find there isn't one and the only way to drain it is to disconnect the hot at the top and syphon the water out.
B; find it's at the back and barely accessible.
C; find it was easilly accessible but you didn't replace the washer in it when the cylinder was empty and when the water was turned back on it dripped and you had to drain again.

Start draining the water and begin to think it's taking a long time.
It's then you realise the isolation valve isn't fully shutting off, so you tighten some more and it shears closed.

Now the cylinder is empty you start to undo the heater but it's stuck firm.
You pull on the spanner harder and the boss rips out the side of the cylinder.

It's at this point you realise you should have done what EVERY plumber would have done at the time of quoting and warn that;
Even though the cylinder looks new there's a risk the heater won't unscrew or the boss may rip out.
Or because the cylinder looks old, there's a risk the boss may rip out or the cylinder fail somewhere else.

You leave at the end of a very long day with your £90 having had to pay a plumber up £500 out your own pocket to come and fit a new cylinder and immersion heater and or new isolation valve.

At least you can get your £17 back from Screwfix for a low quality immersion heater.


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Now the cylinder is empty you start to undo the heater but it's stuck firm.
You pull on the spanner harder and the boss rips out the side of the cylinder.
This one at least is avoidable, you always crack the seal on the immersion before draining the cylinder, the water inside will hold the shape of the tank.

Des 56

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The nightmare scenario described by snowhead is the one to consider because its likely much much more possible than the element paradise I will describe below

Prefab houses
Open up the ply board that covers the hidden water tank (mother earth below)
Man No 1 removes the element,man No 2 catches the water in a bucket,that is until No 1 screws the new one in (10 minutes start to finish)

Believe me there will always a full bucket of water because man No1 will deliberately wait until the bucket is almost full before screwing the new one in:)
My brother just had a plumber out to change the top element on his dual element immersion tank.
£127+vat labour / £27+ vat for the element


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I don't get involved on changing immersion heaters, and I get asked at least once a month. Always reccomend getting a plumber as so kuch can go wrong

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