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Could my meter be wired up wrong?

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Hello everyone

In September 2023 I rented a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment, with all electric supply, no gas powered appliances.
I noted down the initial meter reading which was 81677. This was on the 23rd of September.
On the EPC rating certificate I was given by the lettings agency, the estimated energy cost was stated as £3,405 per 3 years.

I had already supplied the readings to my energy supplier (Octopus). I was shocked to see that with each passing day, my consumption of electricity in kWh was disproportionately high. For example, from 21st October to 11th November , I have "used" 1753kWh for which the energy company billed me £448. This was just 20 days.

My usage is only 4 hours of heating per day, washing machine and dryer twice on weekends, hardly or no ironing. Cooking on electric stove OR oven 30 minutes per day max.

I read that an average house in the UK consumes 3000kWh annually, I am baffled that my consumption shows so high, I have no explanation for it and I an extremely worried.
I have now switched off all heating completely even though the kids are freezing and it is mid November, yet I see the meter clocking at least 15kWh for 24 hours. Right now my meter reads 84654.

I am on E7 meter so I should be billed differently at night. I do have 2 meters in the property, but the second one doesn't work at all. Octopus says my day rate is 26p/kWh and the night rate is 7p/kWh but the numbers just don't add up!

I have performed all sorts of load and creep tests but in my layman language... the numbers just go up too fast!

I have contacted my agency who contacted the landlord and they said everything is wired up fine. I have asked Octopus to check as well, which they've said they will but after 10 days. And they'll also install a smart meter, I have the old fashioned spinning disc ones right now but I'm unsure if the'll spot the actual problem. Once they install a smart meter without diagnosing the actual problem I'm afraid I'll still be billed very high and they wont return to check again.

What could the problem be? Is it possible my meters might be wired up wrong? At this rate I'm looking to pay upwards of £650 a month in just electricity bills which I absolutely cannot afford. Please advise. I am attaching photos of my central heating unit (the long thin "Potterton" brand), my meters (the one on 91444 is stuck) and the EPC rating.


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