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Discuss Looking for an employer - West Yorkshire in the Electrical Work Up For Grabs area at ElectriciansForums.net

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Good morning guys,

I am new to the forum and a newbie to the industry. I’ve decided to undertake a career change. I’m starting a 3 year training course that I am funding myself. At the end I’ll be a full spectrum electrician, with Level 3 City and Guilds and 18th edition plus much more. I have a green Labourers CSCS card (as of next week) but really just want a job where I can earn not only money, but valuable on the job experience whilst I learn. I’m happy to provide you with details of my training provider and show you what I will be working to achieve.

I’m happy to start off doing anything, even just watching. Not expecting a big wage either, just the liveable adult minimum.

I’m 25 years old, full driving licence, willing to travel, listen and learn.

I can offer any potential employer my driven and punctual work ethic, I am respectful, hardworking and very ambitious.

It takes huge bottle to leave one industry at this age and change your whole life, so I am now looking for someone who will take a chance on me.

Thank you for reading, please contact me if what you have read is of interest. Happy to undertake trial period.

Kind regards

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Not agreed to anything yet, would much prefer to go down the apprenticeship/Traineeship route.
Defo Go down another route If I was and look for Apprenticeship or working as a mate and enrol in a proper college.

Also dont be surprised if the company sends round a salesman holding a clipboard and folder as all he wants your sig and will tell you everything you will want to hear this should set off alarm bells.

That whole Electrican Full Scope you put in a previous post has BS written all over it
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That’s proving very difficult at the minute, I’ve written off to 20+ locals contractors via email, asking for a traineeship/apprenticeship.

Due to my age the college side is difficult without an employer. Naturally a proper apprenticeship would be the route I’d prefer to take.

The training provider mentioned is New Trades Career, have a look at their website. Yeah a guy with a clipboard came, i’m not so naive to sign anything before looking at all options. But it’s difficult. What makes you think it couldn’t work? Most electricians mate jobs require some quals or prior knowledge, which the clipboard bloke did say I’d have after 4-6 months of the course...?

Aside from that, I have been on a day course and passed relevant tests to get my green labourers CSCS card, so I can hopefully now get into some sites to work and earn, while I find a suitable employer willing to take a chance on me. Trades seems a lot to with networking


Because it wont work mate. These companies are like double glazing salesman promise you everything tell you how much you will earn until the penny drops once you've signed up and its too late.

What has age got to do with college or an employer? A local college to you will do P/T electrical course the 2365 level 2 and level 3 of which most of the people on the course will over the age of 30
Trust me fella swerve this, any company that sends round a salesman to sell you a course should be avoided at all costs. College is the recognized route.
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Yeah I respect your opinion and I’m inclined to agree, however I believe my age would put off any potential employer, as they would need to pay for my training, if they took on a school leaver they likely may not have to. I have spoken to colleges and they said without an employer there is no point enrolling. But can’t get in with anyone until I have some relevant quals. That’s why I believed a training course would give me what I need at first, until a point where I have completed certain modules and gained the relevant quals to be an Electricians Mate.

It’s very difficult knowing what to do for the best, but that’s why I am here, to hear other opinions


I work with a chap who paid for his own training. Are we discussing the different types of training?
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Reply to Looking for an employer - West Yorkshire in the Electrical Work Up For Grabs area at ElectriciansForums.net

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