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Hi everyone,

First post and also want to make an offer to this forum!
I understand that this forum only allows me to offer products to other members providing I make a contribution to this server and thus wish to:

I make low cost basic PCB's (Double sided, single sided, FR2 and FR4) without soldermasks, silkscreens or through hole plating. You might think what is the point of this but the cost in comparison to other manufactures is that my boards cost less than £15 (that includes drilling and labour) unless its a really advanced board! (in which case, no more than £20). Packages allowed include TQFP100 and the majority of SOIC.

Minimum trace clearance is 10mil (0.254mm)
Minimum trace width is 7mil (0.17mm)
Minimum drill size is 0.55mm
Maximum board size: 160mm x 100mm

What I want to offer is that every board sold through this forum, the forum will get 10%. So, I make £100 in a month, this forum gets £10. Considering that the labour cost is next to nothing I consider this a very good deal. I allready have sold a number of boards with fantastic feedback (they where from all about circuits)

If this is not a valid post then I apologise for waisting time but do please consider this offer!

Delivery to the UK is £1 (shipped from the Isle Of Wight)
Outside the UK is £10

Many thanks,
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