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Meggar Mf1730 anyone got one?

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Fire alarms
got the chance to buy a really good second hand Megger mf1730.
Can anyone tell me if it’s got more or less features than the 1721 ?.
Any help advice gratefully accepted.

Would this be a good unit for students to use?


The Innkeeper
Staff member
Not sure on the features of the 1721 but I do use the 1730 and would recommend it especially if you are getting a good deal on it.


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If it is in good order,and you like it,go for it.
Love it,use it,sleep with it...this is my mft...there are many like it,but this one is mine...;)


Electrician's Arms
My biggest worry is that if I die my misses will sell all my meters for what I told her they cost
Excellent piece of kit Diver. I have the 1731 so I guess it's not too different. I feel very confident with the results I get from it, unlike my old metrel.


Scouser and Proud of It
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and once it arrives,you'll see how to spell "Megger" :D:D:D:D.


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You'll be right.... just take the time to have a good play with it,as there are some handy features,which a lot of lads who run them,never use,or don't realise are there.
Calibrated,and with everything working,they are a cracking bit of kit,and can solve a lot of puzzles,and,i hope,make you rich and famous :)


Electrician's Arms
The best. I chose it over the 1720 and I think it was the Bluetooth and earth stake test that made the difference. The Bluetooth doesn't work and even Megger admitted that off-the-record. Suggest you download the correct PDF manual, print it and add your own notes. A set of lightmates is useful and the remote trigger unless you have the third hand fitted.

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