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Hi everyone im obviously new in here but im gash fi fife in scotland. I completed a four year apprenticeship in electrical maintinance at a big name petrochemical plant and worked for a further year after my apprenticeship in the maintenance squad, for the last year though ive been moved into process shift work where im getting absoloutly no electrical work, im gratefull for the fact i have a full time job with a good pension but im getting no job satisfaction! Sounds a bit silly i know but im not wanting to lose my trade i worked so hard for for 4 years. Does anyone think going self employed into the building trade would be to much of a gamble / minefield ?
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hi gash me a bit new here too but they all seem friendly.
you could probably do with a bit of experience in that field before going solo but it doesnt mean you wont suceed. it also depends on your circumstances , if you like me and have commitments you need regular wage which you cant guarentee if self employed.
all the best whatever you decide.


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have you done domestics before?
are they other companies or options within your present company?


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i have a mortgage and 2 kids im getting married in august so its a bit of a gamble if i go ahead with leaving, ive had a few agencies phone me up saying that work all year round is guaranteed but im not so sure im stuck beetween a rock and a hard place thanks for the replies lads.


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Hey Gash new also from Coatbridge near Glasgow I used to work for B.T did app also then after another 4 years I got bored. was told will have loads of opportunity for going into other dept and working I later left as no job satisfaction did a business degre at uni and could not get a job tried working as Financial adviser for over 1 yr now with ****power on 8k less than i was with bt.. and having to work much harder wish i never left and spoke to my manager about using my other skills.. talk to your manager or supervisor.. good luck..
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