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Hi Folks, this is a first for me but wondering if you could share some info.
A local builder uses me to wire a few extensions now and again and he has another for me in July and needs a price. Thing is...he needs to submit the whole cost before winning the job, usually he gets me in after hes finished building it, so this time...i need to price by only looking at HIS building drawings. There isnt an electrical spec or a spec of what the customer wants, he just wants a rough price. I appreciate this is a frigging minefield, but im just after some suggestions.

The extension consists of 1 living room and a bedroom inc en-suite, and also a detached garage. So a few things to consider. Im in South Wales area, so we are usually the cheaper end of the scale for pricing.

Any suggestions on what to price/say/do?



Make sure you have assumptions included and stated, and that you get as much info from the builder as possible. Point out the price is an estimate subject to detailed specification being provided.
Wall construction type, accessory finish, fans to be included, number of accessories etc are all considerations.

Don't spend too much time on it.


Have you got the timeframe to do it if it goes ahead? It's 11th June already, seems very last minute for a job like this in July to be at the quoting stage.


When I do these kind of jobs, quite often the consumer unit needs changing.
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Think I'm going to hit it with a very generic install quote with a waiver for work that I'm unable to determine whilst not being able to know exactly whats what. Yes this is all very last minute, not the type of builder to be doing it this way in fairness, more of an awkward customer. It will just have to be "At worst case secnario, its gonna cost £XXXX"
It will just have to be "At worst case secnario, its gonna cost £XXXX"
Not a good idea at all, as this will expose you to a committed maximum price beyond which you cannot go.

You should base your estimate upon the information provided, and the assumptions that you have made on that basis, and on the lack of a detailed specification.

Insofar as liabilities for additional costs are concerned you should limit your quotation as being based on the information received and you should state that any costs that arise from additional work, or from latent defects are specifically excluded and will be charged at cost.

Try to avoid using "quotation" as there is a legal definition not to your favour.

So for clarity you could impose assumptions and qualifications, along the lines below:

1 : This estimate is based on the assumption of x sockets, y metres of cable, and that access is freely available to complete the works in the stated timescale.

2 : It is assumed that there is free and unencumbered access to install all fittings and that there will be no necessity to expose, or make good any walls partitions, plasterboard overlay.

3 : It is assumed that no other parties are undertaking work that conflicts with or delays the works stated or delay the ability of the installers to complete the works in the timescale programme tendered.

4 : Liability will not be accepted for any delays caused by the acts or omissions of others, and any additional, rework or work necessary to made good previously installed work disturbed by others is specifically excluded.

5 : Any and all emerging costs arising from unforeseen conditions, and/or from changes to the tendered work specification and schedule are excluded from the estimated price and will become chargeable at cost. Additional materials will be charged at cost plus 15% to cover handling fees.

6 : Any downtime caused by others will be chargeable at our stated rates.

Finally specify what your normal hourly/daily rate will be, and where necessary state what the minimum period will be - for example our hourly rate will be £ccc or in the event of having to return to site will be based on a minimum of 4 hours, plus travel costs. Travel cost will be chargeable at £0.45 per mile.

Its up to you but beware of not protecting yourself and finding that you are committed to complete works that you have not priced. Any reasonable Company should have no issues with the above. If they do then you need to think why they would. Often it is to pass the risk onto the sub-contractor/self employed.

Finally make sure that there is no delay cost agreement, and if so that you are indemnified against it.


Have you done the same type of installation before?
Just keep your costa online with what you have previously done.
Find out how old the existing installation is and make your assumptions based on that.
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