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  1. S

    "Readily Accessible" IP2X / 4X

    What is classed as 'readily accessible' when it comes to IP ratings?? Ive always taken it as a rule of thumb for everything??
  2. P

    Patio lighting accessible joint

    I am have just finished my 3rd year at college and currently waiting to do my AM2. I am currently waiting to do a job and even tho trying to convince the customer away from the patio lights as they can be a pain to maintain due to water damage she is keen to have them. My question is the...
  3. M

    What would you do - inaccessible JB

    Doing a kitchen refurb, adding new RFC etc. After stripping out all the old stuff, I'm left with a JB which will be inaccessible, which had been used to feed a spur form the existing house RFC. The spur leg has been removed, but still leaves the JB. Whoever did the JB, didn't cut the conductors...
  4. Les Macaulay

    Accessible or inaccessible?

    Is a joint box below a wooden floor with a fitted carpet classed as accessible or inaccessible?
  5. A

    Moving Consumer unit

    I have to move a Consumer unit approximately 6 mts. Had suggestion buy NAPIT technical to fit enclosure with terminal rail and terminals and then extend cables to new consumer unit. As the enclosure will not be readily available the terminal method would not be Maintenance Free. (If there was a...
  6. Noods

    Joining twin and Earth the pro way pls

    Hi All Could you advise me I wish to join some twin and Earth cable together eh household socket cable. What is the pro way of doing this pls.. I've considered soldering with 40/60 0.8mm flux in core solder and fitting a shrink covering over the joint.. Is this best or can you reccomend a better...
  7. Pete999

    MF and Crimps

    Just a quick question, I should be aware of the answer, but I'm not sure. Are inline crimps classed as Maintenance free joints?
  8. N

    Redundant 6mm Cooker circuit to 4mm radial?

    Hi there. Just a discussion with a colleague. Is it acceptable to use a redundant 30A cooker circuit wired in 6mm, and downsize to 4mm via JB for a kitchen radial? For example, if there is one ring supplying a house and you would like to reduce the risk of overloading with all the...
  9. rustynails

    Accessibility of a low voltage transformer

    Have come across a low voltage transformer which has been placed in the ceiling above a shower not accessible at all which means the customer cannot change the time period on the overrun. I can't find anything in the regs that says the transformer needs to be accessible. Anyone have any thoughts...
  10. H

    EICR Code

    Would a C3 be adequate for a main protective bonding conductor connection to water not readily accessible? Connection is present (along with tag) but is under floor boards. Took me ages to trace it back. Also I can not verify the location of the gas bonding connection. What code?
  11. R

    Domestic Cooker circuit

    Changing a CU plus many other jobs for a customer. Testing the circuits before the CU change and found the oven connected to the cooker circuit in a JB behind a base unit, the JB screwed to the wall and only accessible by removing the base unit as there is no access from inside the base unit...
  12. La Poste

    Accessible main fuse

    I have a guy who wants the main supply cable boxed in and hidden. This will leave a problem with accessibility of the main fuse in case of emergency. I was thinking of boxing the whole lot in but leaving a small square of wood over the area of the main fuse that can be opened easily. Maybe by...
  13. 1

    lighting circuit advice

    some advice needed please. if u have been asked to change a light fitting to one of those fancy lights which can only take one cable and i have 4 cables in a celling rose how do you go about it? After searching throuht so many forums i have noticed many sparks cant agree on whats accessible as...
  14. kingeri

    Concealed bonding conductors

    Morning all. I'm about to set off to a cellar conversion. The gas, water and electric incomers are all in opposite corners of the cellar. In the next few days it's all going to be plasterboarded, which will conceal the bonding conductors permanently, although the actual earth clamps (i.e. the...
  15. S

    Location of inverter side AC safety cut-off switch

    What are the 'rules' regarding where this switch has to be located? eg Can it be eg. in the attic with the inverter or must it be 'next to' the main consumer unit? If it were close to the consumer unit but the other side of the wall eg in the hall instead of the kitchen (where consumer unit...
  16. J

    accessible cooker switch?

    Is it ok to have a cooker switch for an induction hob accessible inside a cupboard? I know there have been similar posts/discussions for appliance sockets and I've never thought of doing this before but would be easier for me.
  17. D

    Domestic Junction boxes under floorboards

    Just a quick one guys. Just wanted to clarify something which I've heard many opinions on... Is it acceptable to have a junction box under floorboards? Just doing a lighting rewire and several lights are of the kind without the loop-in/out/switch terminals, just the line, neutral, earth...
  18. R

    Joints in ring circuit

    I came accross a ring circuit that was split into two ring circuits up and down stairs. All connections are under floor boards and accessible because floor board above each connector is not nailed down, each joint is mentioned in red pen on the floor board. There are joints with screw...
  19. C

    Redundant Sockets On Ring

    Kitchen ring - metal back boxes with 20mm circular PVC conduit running between them horizontally. The conduit extends into each back box by a few mm. Existing wiring is 2.5mm T&E which I'm removing and replacing with singles. Some of the back boxes will become redundant and have white plastic...
  20. P

    Updated PV Guide out for Consultation

    Hi all Please see the following link to download the DRAFT updated guide for comments http://microgenerationcertification.org/consultations Happy reading
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