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  1. Jamchiv01

    My Christmas Present

    Evening all, I got asked what I want for Christmas this year by my mum, so I thought long and hard about what I wanted, and it's got to be a new tester ;) I got a quote from my local supplier for a new Kewtech KT65DL and it was £670 INC VAT so I will put a load of money towards it. Has anyone...
  2. mhar

    Stroma Certification Scheme Defeated By Stroma Online Certification

    Never been the most intuitive piece of software to use. I am trying to certify / notify a new build but the address isn't in their database as it hasn't been signed off yet. It hasn't been signed off yet because I haven't certified and notified. I am unable to certify or notify because the...
  3. R

    Outbuilding Flat Conversion

    Hi there, I've searched the internet for a while now but haven't been able to find a similar scenario to my own. I am currently converting an outbuilding into a self-contained flat which will be powered solely from electricity and will have no gas supply. The outbuilding is about 20/30m away...
  4. J

    solar edge monitoring portal connection problems

    Hello all Can I ask some advice please. Since the solar edge was installed, my system has absolutely outperformed itself, and done far more in terms of generation that I ever thought possible. However, the wireless monitoring kit does not seem to get along with my Sky router. The wi fi worked...
  5. R

    Facebook Connect

    Hi guys, I previously created an account via my Facebook connect but the button does not seem to be working. I've now created an account with my e-mail address as the old e-mail address with Facebook Connect it would not let me change my password saying the one the forums e-mailed over before I...
  6. F

    easyCert not working today.

    My easy cert system is not working today and when I try and call them it says this number is no longer in use. Anybody else having problems today?
  7. N


    Any feedback on my website would be much appreciated? Any improvements people recommend? Www.ndhelectricalsolutions.com
  8. GMES

    Drill Repairs

    Hi Guys Hope I am in the right section. As the title suggests I have a dewalt 24v cordless sds, which as stopped working on the hammer function, just wondered if any body knows of a shop that could repair it( if it is cost affective) I have had it about 4 years and given it some hammer ( no pun...
  9. Kamikaze

    Over training the staff

    Went to the big orange shed this afternoon for some PVCU corrugated sheets and some lengths of wood. Got to the checkout and was asked for my post code. Told her I didn’t know it. She then asked me for the address. Told her I didn’t have one as I lived in the woods. That’s why I needed the...
  10. SolarCity

    Setting up SolarEdge monitoring Netgear WNCE2001/Homeplugs

    I'd really appreciate some help with setting up monitoring on a SolarEdge system. Computers aren't my strongest field so I think I'm confusing myself. I've tried setting up with the Netgear WNCE2001 WiFi adaptor but I'm not getting anywhere. What setting should I be using on the SolarEdge...
  11. A

    Solar teams standing by, need install

    We are a Solar firm, MCS accredited. We have been let down and have Teams standing by to install but nothing to install. Please email at the address below if you are in need of teams to help out in the run up to end of the 43p tariff. Email address: [email protected]
  12. A

    Solar teams standing by, Need installs

    We are a Solar firm, MCS accredited. We have been let down and have Teams standing by to install but nothing to install. Please email at the address below if you are in need of teams to help out in the run up to end of the 43p tariff. Email address: [email protected]
  13. S

    personalised embroided workwear

    I am looking to get some polo shirts made up for work. i would like my companies logo embroided, and possibly my web address on the back. Can any one recommend a good web site to get it done. Thanks very much
  14. W

    Need some website help....

    Alright lads, Hope were all having a good afternoon! Basically, i have a website and a domain name etc, just about managed with my limited knowledge of such things, to scrape through all the forms, internet jargon and confusing drop down menus, and managed to put together a very basic, fairly...
  15. S

    Mistake on cutomers MCS Certificate. Anyone know how to edit them?

    Like A Prat..... Iv accidently put the wrong infomation in when i was issueing an MCS certificate. I miss clicked on "Standalone system" Instead of "non Stand alone system". Customer recieved the cert, sent off to eon and theyve returned with the obvious mistake. Does anyone know how to edit an...
  16. P

    Individual PV installations vs. one large installation

    I have a question regarding the Feed-in tariff: We have looked at a potential project in an industrial estate on a total of five roofs with an overall capacity of 124 kWp. If the project is treated as one installation, the FiT would be 29.3 p. If each roof gets its own meter, is it possible...
  17. A

    Telephone Call System for Waiting Room

    Not sure which forum category to put this in ...... What do you call a telephone system where a number (in this case, ten) of phones all connect straight to one unit (amplifier+speaker) to make an announcement, you've guessed it an a doctor's waiting room? How would you google that? I've tried...
  18. BigSi

    Part P Website

    Was browsing on a Domain name search website (GetDotted.com), and wondered what Part P websites were left (to design and link to from my own). Almost all the ‘partp’ names, variants, and address (.co.uk/.com/.info), are either owned by the NICEIC, or the ECA! Spooky...
  19. R

    Associating email to free GBBO website

    I have a free website through GBBO and am investigating how to get associated email addresses. Following the instructions in the link How can I set-up email for my .co.uk address? - Getting British Business Online for the free 'standard edition' takes you through a 'I agree to the terms and...
  20. sythai

    Thorsman Cablestik - Additional Bar : FOR SALE

    Thorsman Cablestik - Additional Bar Brand new in box, never opened £20 (includes delivery)
  21. A

    Customer contracts

    Hi guys Anyone got a customer contract i can use to build up my own or advise me of points to put in a contract as there are so many issues to cover and i dont want toleave myself liable much appreciated andy007:)
  22. K

    building control bless em !

    Hi all Decided to do some domestics in spare time while its a bit quiate so as you do took quals to building control and application for garage CU for assessment and they very kindly tidied my wallet but stole £137.00 bless em anyway the nice guy said to go ahead and now after 3days recieved a...
  23. J

    nic website

    when you use nic website for 1st time to log a part p job, do you not have to give test results for the job?!where is that part on the site?
  24. P

    Megger MFT1552 help

    HI all, this is my first post, any help appreciated. I recently bought a Megger 1552, off e-bay but new. However, I can't get the buzzer function to sound. I've set the rotary selector to Buzzer (one position anti-clockwise from the ohms setting, the symbol with sound waves extending from it)...
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