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  1. L

    Commercial Amtech modelling question

    We have 2 MCCBs feeding a busbar chamber. There is then three separate supplies taken out of the chamber to feed other equipment. Does anyone know how to model this scenario on Amtech? Thanks
  2. H


    Hi, I have an odd question to ask. I don't want to do it, I'm just trying to find out if it has been done... Can an Electrical Installation Condition Report be back dated with the Amtech software? Thanks....
  3. L

    Amtech question bus coupler

    Hi Does anyone know how to model a bus coupler in Amtech. We have essential and non essential sides of the board separated by a bus coupler. Can this be done by using a bus bar section and an ACB for protection? Thanks
  4. L

    Amtech Question about bus couplers

    Hi, I have a question about how to model, bus couplers on Amtech. Would I just insert a bus bar from on section of the switch board to the other ensuring it has the same rating as the main board and then add the ACB under the protection tab ? Thanks
  5. N

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Certifiactes and Amtech

    Hi all, I have recently just because an NICEIC registered contractor, I’ve been using the amtech (or Trimble fast test, as it’s now know ) for about a year now and I quite like it. Anyways could any of you street me in the direction on how to generate NICEIC certificates from it, all mine...
  6. L

    Amtech question on modelling

    Hi, Does anyone know if you can model a 125A 4 pole bus bar chamber feeding fused switches on Amtech as a distribution board ? Thanks
  7. L

    Amtech tutorial or examples

    Hi Does anybody know of any literature and or websites for Amtech tutorials/ examples? Thanks
  8. L

    Amtech usage question

    Good morning We have a main lv switchboard that feeds a sub main board ( and other equipment) the sub main board then feeds a panel( and other equipment and panels) which controls various motors. We are interested in the following main lv section that feeds sub main section and sub main...
  9. T


    Has anyone got Amtech fastest and have you had any problems installing it ,also how did you get on with their tech. support line.
  10. A

    Best testing software

    Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me out with recommending the best testing software to buy. I have been using the NICEIC's online certification for EICR, EIC, EM lighting test etc. I think it's good but am considering buying a software package. I have read reviews for both Tysoft...
  11. J

    Industrial 16th Edition Amtech Single Cable Software

    Has anyone got a copy in any format (disk/floppy/usb/iso) of the 16th edition single cable? I have an enormous number of old data files that will have useful info such as load, cable length that I could do with reviewing and re-creating in prodesign. (I have a properly licenced copy of this)...
  12. widdler

    I'm back on the tools. What the hell is wrong with these testing companies?

    Well I'm am out of the training game for a bit.. I've got a couple of work offers but I am basically whoring myself out to whatever is paying for the foreseeable.. So I've done a full test of a primary school this week, I was handed Amtech Fastest loaded on a laptop which had all the cert data...
  13. B

    Continuous problems with Amtech Fast Test on a server based network

    Dear fellow certification software users, We have two laptops that we use on site for Amtech Fast Test. We also have a server in the office that holds the database of certificates, so when the laptops are connected to the office network they are meant to automatically sync with the server etc...
  14. R

    Amtech 3 phase tx load

    Just trying to work out a cable and fuse size for a 3kva 415/240v transformer with a 2kW load on it, using Amtech single cable, there are no settings for showing a transformer on the load side, is it possible to calc a transformer load on Amtech. If I use a motor as the load it chooses fuses...
  15. spud1

    Can anyone recommend a good certification software?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good certification software? I have used Amtech for Donkeys years but am getting hacked off with paying the pricey monthly tech support/update premium. Mainly because I know the software (And all its glitches) pretty well inside out so don't really need tech very...
  16. B

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIConline certification

    Hello all. Having now tried out the new niceic online certification over the past two weeks, I feel as though we are being used as ginnipigs to trial the system as there seems to be a lot of glitches that we are coming across that the helpline don't have answers for. We have spent a...
  17. lurch

    what testing package?

    Hi All I am looking at various testing certificate packages - PIRform, Castlime, Amtech and iCertifi. I am beginning to err iCertifi but would appreciate any feedback on any of the packages pro's and cons. Thx in advance. Ton
  18. i=p/u

    Am tech software

    Hello, is am tech software difficult to grasp, ?? I've seen a job advertised and mentions this. Would you pick it up easy enough first day??? anything about il listen . Ty.
  19. B

    Anyone know of any council or Housing Association etc using Amtech or other software

    Hi all I'm trying to gather evidence of good practice by large social housing providers in using the likes of Amtech etc for recording either void tests or EICRs . So if anyone knows of examples where councils, Housing associations etc are insisting on certain software or have developed their...
  20. W

    Amtech 2013 software, poor update !

    I've loaded the new 2013 Amtech software this week and have found that it's quite poor on the new software they have added an extra program to the desktop, a new EICR certificate, unfortunatley though several of the time saving short cuts and extras are missing, i.e, there is no "fill all...
  21. P

    code 1 on EICR

    my amtech flags up a code 1 when max zs is reached on a protective device when tested and the results entered ELECSA guidance notes quote it as a cde 2 anybody suggest which to follow as it can create problems on site
  22. B

    What software can sort this ????

    Location: Shop........ Incoming supply : 2 Phase (yes realy 2 phase)....... DB : 8 way 3 phase..... Problem = Software only shows 1L1, 1L2, 1L3. Should show : 1L1, 1L1, 1L3 etc... Amtech does not understand !!
  23. T

    Amtech software

    has anyone bought Amtech for their certification...? I have struggled with the process and not found their helpline not (helpful). they recommend training, which is more money for them.
  24. D

    Best certificate software

    Hi, I'm looking into buying a certificate software, as im not a massive company and it wont be producing 50 certs a week im looking for a cheap one. i would like some advice/recommendations on what to go for. i have been looking at the castline or amtech both basic ones are £199 which i can...
  25. J

    4mm 4 core SWA feeding 32amp 5 pin TPN socket

    Hi, Just carried out a job today and it's been playing on my mind ever since. Basically I installed a 5 pin TPN socket to supply a compressor. The compressor load is 7.5kw, star delta starter. I decided to go for plug and socket arrangement because the board is close to full capacity and they...
  26. D

    Amtech software question

    Hi all I have just installed fast test and would like to know if it's possible to print a blank EIC so I can input the data on site then complete a new cert when I get into the office. I have tried clicking on the new cert tab but it just brings up the last certificate I completed yesterday. Any...
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