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  1. E

    Android Auto Installation - Reversing camera

    Hi all, not normally my area but have just installed an Android 7" double din head unit in my L200 to replace the stock 2014 era Kenwood/garmin unit. The new unit is an amazon Chinese beastie that only cost slightly more than a gamin map update so thought i'd give it a go :) what could possibly...
  2. Charlie_

    I Phone or Android

    Which is best? Currently have an iPhone and thinking of jumping ship.. Who else has made the switch? Pros and cons, is it still possible to use the cloud and access all the data?
  3. D

    Android Android 8.1/9.1 car dvd for 3008/5008 with 9 inch Capacitive Screen/ GPS/Mirror Link/DVR/TPM

    Good day.....I am having the above android box firtted to my peugeot, presently there is a HUD already built in, however the Android box does not support HUD, question is ....Is the HUD be able to be wired up somehow so that it is still able to function. Many thanks. Dave
  4. I

    Short circuits calculator (IEC 60909) for Android

    Friends, I need help with my app testing. Can I put my app link (Google Play) here? Free, no ads. This application (fault currents and voltages calculator) can be used for the following calculations: - three-phase fault current (IEC 60909); - two-phase without earth connection fault current...
  5. rolyberkin

    New Phone Opinions

    My Iphone 5s is coming to the end of its life (I am bored with it) and I fancy a change to android, do I get. a) Cat Phone S60 with flir camera £499 b) Cubot Panther £149 c) Another iphone d) Something different Interested in peoples views, always had iphones, my mate has a cheap cubot and it...
  6. Dan

    iPhone 7 - Anybody got or getting it?

    iPhone 7 is out. Lots of controversy around the headphone jack (or lack of) - anybody got one or getting one?
  7. Dan

    Amazon Fire Tablet - 40 Quid!

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00Y3TM6CO/ref=mhero_tabl_ford_augtpr?pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_s=grid-1&pf_rd_r=EQG5VDC6C89J9WYA4X4Y&pf_rd_t=36701&pf_rd_p=56297c70-02d2-4686-adad-086fa5ae8b2c&pf_rd_i=mobile Anybody got one? And if so, Hage you found it lacks anything? Seems to have the...
  8. S

    Domestic Smart invoicing software for a small business

    Hi All, new member here. just wondering if any of the members have any experience of some business software that can make my life easier. ie invoicing from a smart phone and producing some simple reports each month. I have a android phone and windows laptop. many thanks in advance.
  9. NDG Elecs

    NAPIT Certification Scheme NAPIT certfill forms and saving them on tablets.

    Evening Folks, I use the above forms on laptop. Generally write roughly then type up at home. I did download the latest Adobe reader/viewer/thingymabob, but when you go to save the cert you cannot rename it or do 'save as'. It will only save as the original Adobe file name. I tried this...
  10. G

    Inspection camera.

    Got one of these last week: 6 LED 7mm Lens Android Endoscope Waterproof Inspection Borescope Tube Camera 1M Length Plugs into your phone, it's ip66 and has led's on. Proved itself recently for locating cables, saved me some time. A good addition to the tool box.
  11. telectrix

    which phone?

    currently have a samsung galaxy II. due for upgrade this month and wondering if anyone has recommendations.. what's good and which to steer clear of.
  12. S

    Steca TKRW2 - solar thermal monitor

    I am at a loss with the support from steca at the mo for a thermal job we are installing the monitoring on. The TK RW2 has been recommended as we need both online visability of the performance and also a display in the client's reception area. Has any one used this kit? if so, can you advise...
  13. S

    Solar PV Apps

    Hi does any one have any good Apps they use for Android or Ipad? Have tried a few free ones butnot much good. Thanks in advance Paul
  14. O

    PIRform News

    Just noticed this on the PIRform site: PIRform | Pirform certificates on your iPad, Android tablet and phone Itching to buy an Ipad now, but will wait until I can do certificates on it first!
  15. Dan

    Important: Please Vote - What type phone do you use?

    I'm giving thought to how the forums will be used in the future on mobile devices. And I could do with you guys just helping by voting on this.
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