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  1. Murdoch

    Anyone give an approx age for this cu?

    seen today ... No rcd's ...
  2. G

    Domestic Split Phase or 3 Phase

    Hi, i am rewiring a triple garage with 1st floor into a holiday cottage. The existing property already has 2x 8.5kw showers and cottage to also have 8.5kw min shower. Also oncludes 3 cookers approx 4kw so with lights n skts approx 40 KW MAX. (over estimating it ) As this exceeds the main single...
  3. T

    Insulation testing results

    Hi, Very new to this forum so excuse any faux pas's. Was wondering if anyone has come across this situation: Was doing some insulation testing as part of our planned maintenance and came across a motor that gave an odd result. Capstan Motor 440V/60Hz, 24kW, Star/Delta configuration. Removed...
  4. W

    cooker isolation switch

    Hi Guys just look for some advise, getting new kitchen fitted in a couple of weeks. new oven is a 3.5kw 16amp, cable installed in wall is 6mm, should this be ok or do i have to change it to 10mm. The isolation switch is in a 2 gang drywall box but takes 2 1 gang switches, one is a fused stur...
  5. C

    London Pay rates for Sub-Contractors

    Hey Everyone I run a company with around 4 sub-contractors (all self employed individually) that do alot of work for us. We provide a van, fuel, parking, the majority of the plant and all materials. So basically they provide the labour. Most of our work is in London and the surrounding areas...
  6. J

    cost of bills/leds

    Will LEDS save you that much? mum always complain how much the elec bill is (like £400/month-5bed house,5.5kw shower,hot tub,HW always left on from boiler, things never turned off at the sockets) we have quite a few down lights throughout the house, would changing all of these to LED change...
  7. D

    For sale tools and materials huddersfield can ship

    I have given up working for myself and am working for a contractors now, I am having a clear out, sensible offers please All can be collected from Huddersfield but I can ship as my company have a UPS account, I cant split it dont have the time all tools are less than 2 years old and in very good...
  8. W

    Job Quotation..

    Hi all Just gone self employed, Been asked to quote a job In a Small industrial unit ( 50ft by 48 ft) Fuse board is in bottom right hand corner job is as follows supply for burglar alarm at front of building ( Approx 18m Run in 20mm PVC conduit to Metal clad spur) 2 x metal clad twin socket...
  9. P

    AC volt drop on pv system

    I am currently designing a 29kW system for installation on an agricultural barn. The PV system will feed into a 3ph db in the barn. The exisitng db is fed from a 63A fuse switch, approx 50m away with a 16mm cable. The fuse switch is in turn fed from the DNO cabinet approx 100m away with a 35mm...
  10. T

    Testing motor of vacuum cleaner

    My brother has given me his faulty vac withe old "here you are, your a leccy fix this" Anyway now have it in bits in front of me IR tested the mains wire once disconnected from motor and its ok, tested between the terminals on the motor with some steinels and its belling out, does this mean the...
  11. J

    P.I.R Pricing

    Hello all, sorry for going on a bit. I am pricing to do a PIR on a hotel, I called in today to have a quick look and there is a main islolator feeding 2 x 3 phase boards, each with approx 25 (single phase) circuits, 4 of which are sub-mains feeding other DBs around the hotel, these DBs has...
  12. S

    More on stables with shower

    Following on from other posts relating to wiring in a new stable block. Customer is wanting a shower for washing off horses in one room. Room is approx 10 feet by 6 feet. The shower will be in one corner and they also want a socket at the opposite end for clipping equipment when clipping horses...
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