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  1. B

    Timer push button

    Hello guys, i 'm looking for a solution for a noisy heat pump in my garden. I would like to have a push button on my neighbours side that he and I can both push. That button push stops the electric current to the heat pump for a certain time. For instance 2 hours. So we can relax outside...
  2. C

    UK How do I wire an emergengy stop button to an extension cord?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to wire an emergency stop button onto a 1 gang extension wire. I have submitted some pictures of the button and the stripped extension wire. Could someone please give me some guidance on wiring this before I burn my house down? 🔥 🏠
  3. A

    DIY Overdrive button replacement for Kia Cerato 2006

    Good day all, I'm looking for some advice about changing my overdrive button in my car. A little backstory into the situation. I had to replace my slider indicator for my automatic shifter and to accomplish this I had to cut the 3 wires of the overdrive button to disassemble the shifter...
  4. E

    Dishwasher Siemens won't start, instead the on/off button beeps.

    Hi, I am totally desperate, looking for advice. With the Covid, nobody wants to come home to repair my dishwasher. It is a Siemens SN65E003EU/43. I had a problem with the draining pump which I remove and cleaned. Once I plugged it back in, nothing happen and the dishwasher won’t start...
  5. D

    Can’t click ‘complete certifcate’ button on NIC online certification and cant figure out why?????

    Can’t click ‘complete certifcate’ button on NIC online certification and cant figure out why????? its let me complete 3 others but wont let me do the last 1
  6. K

    Why I feel electric shock when I pressing a 24V control button?

    Hi there Normally we know people won't feel electric shock if they touch a live 24V cable. but when I was working in a factory, many operators including me feels got a short electric shock when pressing a 24V reset button. It has been like this for several weeks, operators start using pens to...
  7. D

    Like Button Sort Order

    @Dan would it be worth resorting the order of the buttons and grouping all the (rarely used) negative buttons (Not Cool, Angry, Dislike, Disagree) together to the right? When browsing on a small device with fat fingers, it is easy to hit Dislike or Disagree in error.
  8. Pete999

    like button gone

    Hi Dan Seems I have lost the like button Pete
  9. P

    wired switch to remote?

    hi all, i have a garage door wireless remote clipped on my motorbike. it's too large to attach anywhere near the handlebars so i'd like to add a small button on the handlebars that is wired in to said wireless unit to send that signal when pressed and in range of the receiver....does anyone know...
  10. J

    What’s this switch?

    Hi all! Random one, moving into a new house and have done the general walk around. The house is about 5 years old. Noticed in the master bedroom the attached switch/button fitment (image) Does anyone has any idea what it could possibly be for....? I’ve asked the wstate agent as the previous...
  11. Micah Margolis

    Emergency Stop Button for a 3 Phase 3HP Motor Help.

    Hi All, Long story short, I am building a plastic shredder with a 3 phase 3 HP motor. I am using this switch to control forward and backwards: https://goo.gl/k8zSxA (amazon). I need a switch or button that can cut power to the device. It does not need to stop immediately. I am not using a...
  12. Dillb

    Disagree button. hugh pugh barney mcgrew

    Could we make so that if the disagree button is pressed you have to make a comment backing your reasons why before it shows? Seen it used a lot yet people never seem to give a reason why.
  13. rolyberkin

    Steeple 32 amp RCBO small test button wanted

    Has anyone got one of these preferably 'new old stock' they want to sell?
  14. C

    Replacing push button with PIR

    Hello guys I need to replace some push buttons wired in parallel with wall mounted PIRs. Currently there is no neutral in place at the push buttons and I have been told the battery operated wall pirs are no good? Is this true and if not can someone recommend something? I normally take out the...
  15. T

    Now there is no ignore button, which does not work anyway.........

    So I can't even ignore the spam now /sigh As there is no ignore button even though it does not work anyway, I can't even have the psychological benefit of doing something about the yellow peril. Maybe this is the way Chinese get us to hate them before they come and invade. I expect the cretins...
  16. happyhippydad

    Why was the RCD test button not working?

    Evening all... I have just got back from a CU change. All was going very well and I was finishing early which was lovely for a friday evening, and then....... The RCD on the opposite side to the lights trips when the lights are switched on... arghh. I eventually found the problem, I had...
  17. B

    Vauxhall Corsa 'C' - wiring in push button start

    I want to replace the ignition switch with one of these switch and push button units:- I need to wire in the switch and push button in the image to the four cables from the back of the ignition switch This is a picture of the connector from the back of the ignition switch:- The cables...
  18. R

    Texecom Veritas 8 Stand alone keypad button replacement

    Hi, If anybody has already replaced the keypad buttons on a Texicom Veritas8 stand alone alarm, please would you tell me how to get the old buttons away from their housing. (See photo) I have the engineers code. Thanks in advance.
  19. T

    Mercedes Vito panel van button locks driving me insane

    I do not know the exact name for the type of locks I have. You have to use a small round metal object (magnetic) and place it on the (receiver???) then the van is supposed to unlock. However it may deign to do so or not according to how it feels that day. So mostly I have to climb through the...
  20. Doomed

    Xx Push to exit button xX

    Anyone come across a push to exit momentary button with a 2 to 3 second timer built in to it? Client wants the push to exit button NOT right next to the doors (replacing existing keypads) so it needs to latch for 2 or 3 seconds for the person to reach the door. This is to replace existing...
  21. G

    Anybody heard of PeakMeter branded testing kit?

    Has anybody heard of or used Peak meter testing kit? I have been offered a free socket tester with integrated rcd test function. Its in the post to me so only have the picture from online. I saw it online and emailed asking questions, for some reason the person in china was very helpful and...
  22. O

    Dash Cams

    Anyone got a dash cam and found them useful? Just wondering... Thanks
  23. M

    Videx 8k-1 please help

    Hi all I've just installed like for like videx door entry but when I press call button nothing happens? It's all been wired like for like.communication works both ways but nothing happens when button is pushed? Could the receiver be the problem? It's the only thing I haven't replaced.tia
  24. happyhippydad

    How to put a photo on the thread?

    Evening all.. I have just written out my thread and was about to post thinking that it would be easy to put a photo on (as it was in the old days), but I cannot. There used to be a very simple and easy button to press called 'browse' that let you go into your computer and choose an image that...
  25. A

    Fluke 1654B for sale

    Hi, ive recently started a new job where I'm off the tools now, and my tester is 1 tool I will probably never use again (fingers crossed) so im selling it, it's got all the basic leads, the test button lead, all 5 kew tech light mates, 2 and 5 amp socket adaptors, loads of little bits with it...
  26. E

    Drayton LP822 Once button results in permanent hot water

    Guys Encountered a problem using the above function, when the once button is selected for a boost on the CH the Immersion heater will not then switch off. I have to switch the programmer of for it to reset... any ideas?? The boiler is an Ideal ICOS and the Tank controls are Range
  27. mhar

    GE RCD query

    Went to a property yesterday to do some odds and sods, replace the cu and do some remedials following a condition report customer obtained prior to purchasing the property. The cu is made by GE and was installed in 1997, half the board rcd protected and half not. One of the observations on the...
  28. B

    following people

    Hi noticed we can follow people on the forum .So I am stalking Pete999 will I get notifications or what will I get if anything? Wont be getting a slap as verified this with pete999 Also should I be worried as I have a big hairy gorilla following me too ;)
  29. F

    Horstmann Radio Teleswitch

    Hi all, Just a question to see if anyone knows what the blue and orange button do on the radio teleswitch? Changed over storage heaters to new ones, like for like swap and they have failed to come on during the night. Connections fine, fuses fine. It leads me back to this radio teleswitch and...
  30. A

    Looking for two pole weatherproof push button

    Hi, This is for a boat with 12V electrics, so most parts are similar to auto electrics. For a new engine control panel I'm looking for two push buttons, both need to be two pole changeover. Does anyone have any suggested sources? FYI this is to replicate the design that some manufacturer's...
  31. Dan

    test new thread

    test new thread
  32. T

    Testing in schools

    Does anybody do any work in private schools? We do quite of lot of work, but SEB have a test and inspect contract in the school. Which we do any remedial work that is required after. They have said that they want RCD testing to be done every 4 months! Has anyone heard of this or do this?
  33. N

    Rcd not tripping and ramp test more than 30ma

    Hi I was doing a EICR today and went to do an RCD test will not trip when I set it to Auto come out more than 300Ms at 1 times. Did a ramp test came out 33MA what would I class this on the report any ideas would be grateful thank neil
  34. J

    Fluke 1652 how to silence it

    Does anyone know how to silence it so there's no bleeps as it does my head in, old tester you could choose?
  35. T

    Help With Ebay Police Siren Wiring

    Picked up an eBay police siren to replace my stock horn. It has 5 different tones but I only wanted the air horn sound so I glued that button down and hid the controller. I cut the stock horn wires and plugged them straight into the siren so when I hit the horn it powers the siren and since the...
  36. G

    12 volt timer

    Hi, I've just bought a small 12 volt digital timer to use as part of a lighting set up for some hen cabins. This particular one is a 16 amp YNAP model YP109A, there are lots for sale on the internet but most appear to be model CN101A which appears to be identical but only 10 amps I think. The...
  37. D

    Angel eye switch wiring question

    Hello, thank you for your time. I am currently doing a mod on my washer, I am installing and air pump. I do not want it to run all the time so i am using a switch to choose when I want it to run. The switch doesn't turn the pump on, it just closes a live supply to a relay which is switched by...
  38. a-z electrics

    Curve (Denmans) RCDs

    Anyone had problems with these rcds? Control Gear Direct, 30mA, 63A 2 pole.. I recently bought two 10-way dual rcd boards from denmans.. first one had an rcd which didnt trip on test button, even with load removed. Second rcd didnt trip under 300mS, but button worked. Swapped them for the...
  39. V

    Domestic RCD Test Button

    I got called to a domestic property today as the RCD 80amp 30ma kept tripping and wouldn't hold under load nor would the test button work. I removed the busbar to remove all circuits from the RCD and the test button works ok again, so it appeared the RCD was ok. Tracked down the offending...
  40. G

    Strange fluke 1653b question

    Hi all, Firstly hello and thanks for making this site so helpful, I'm trying to make a career change to be a domestic electrician and this site as been brilliant, so thanks. Now for my question, I have recently purchased a fluke 1653b off eBay and I got it calibrated straight away for...
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