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  1. T

    Led panels in false ceilings

    Hi can any one tell me if led panels or led recessed lights in a false ceiling need fire hoods? Massive void above false ceiling to ro the roof School premises manager
  2. stidge

    MF ceilings and fire containment

    Hi all , just quoting for some flat/apartments which will all be concrete ceilings with a 150mm MF ceiling , plaster boarded and skimmed . I’ve not done any for a few years so want to know what the minimum is now for fire containment? Is it acceptable to tie to MF rods with metal tyraps ? (...
  3. Morris19911

    Led strip lights on ceilings

    Looking for info on led strip lighting on ceilings with the coving profiles. How would you hide the driver and the cable to the strip light. Would you have the driver above ceiling and just chase the cable from driver to led strip into the wall so it comes out of the wall above the coving. I'm...
  4. O

    Vaulted ceilings and downlights .............

    The room is approx 5.3 meters long, about 3 meters wide and along the centre of the pitched ceiling (which is flat) is about 3.5 meters The client wants downlights .... in the centre of the flat section of the pitched ceiling. Concerned about the spread of light ..... Looking for...
  5. Gavin John Hyde

    Different types of plaster in ceilings

    Been installing downlights today in a kitchen and dining room. nothing fancy electrically speaking but a pain in backside as one part is new the other old. The new is bog standard plaster board. the old is lath and plaster. Using charcoal in the plaster so its like concrete. makes repairing the...
  6. B

    1st flats with concrete ceilings

    Looking at a job first fixing flats with concrete ceillings, to be lined with mf ceilling system. How do you guys support cables in this scenario? Just clip up to concrete, or some more elaborate solution? Tray seems kind of ott, but would be a good solution. Cheers
  7. T

    Re suspended ceilings thread and the mess in it, before and after

    Just a little update as @marconi expressed it may be interesting to see before and after on sargasso sea of cables above ceiling.
  8. P

    I hate lath and plaster ceilings!

    I balls up this week because amongst other jobs I quoted to move a ceiling light for a customer, and having done lots of work in houses nearby with standard platerboard ceilings I assumed this was the same (big mistake). What a nightmare it was filling in the holes as there was no access from...
  9. Gavin John Hyde

    Whats your method for holes in ceilings

    Been fitting some new lights today in a Georgian townhouse that has been converted to apartments. Finding the unexpected in these old buildings around Bath is nothing new. Took the old light down and the hole in ceiling is 4 inches across at its widest part, good point was I could get my arm up...
  10. P

    eicr advice

    Hi guys, i did an eicr today in a house, theres a few things needing attention but the main one is that whoever fitted the majority of the lights has not connected the earths and has cut it back too far to allow connection, what do i mark this down as c1, c2 or c3. I dare say the client is not...
  11. M

    Softboard ceilings

    I've just had a look at pricing a rewire, house is probably over 100 years old and has rubber coated wiring in use from whenever it was modernised. The ceilings are boarded with a soft, cardboardy board that has a bumpy surface and the joins are taped (none of it skimmed) full room lengths in a...
  12. S

    EICR Check Sheet Question

    Hi guys, was just wondering if anyone could tell me what this actually means: 7.6 Cable entry holes in ceiling above luminaires, sized or sealed so as to restrict the spread of fire. List number and location of luminaires inspected. (Separate page) Is it only relevant to designated fire...
  13. F

    Inspection Camera

    Looking for a small inspection camera that I can place inside walls/ceilings to find out if I've got any chance of passing cable/conduit through. The camera would need to have its own light and be on about 3-4M of cable. Found various "spy" cameras (Would not last in harsh enviroment) and...
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