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circuit breakers

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    Maximum Service voltage of ACBs(air circuit breakers) .

    Can we use a ACB rated for insulation level of 1000v, and 690 volt serivce voltage at, 800volt. For example ABB sace E1.2N , Can it be used at 800volt AC?
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    Over rated Circuit Breakers

    Can any one advise the regulations concerning Over rated protection devices, I am well aware that a circuit breaker must be adequate for its application, but what are the regulations regarding a circuit breaker that is over rated for the load, I.E. a 10A load with a 32A circuit breaker, what is...
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    What type of circuit breakers can I add to my panel?

    Hi everyone - I appreciate your time/opinion on this: I'm lucky enough to have a 200 amp electrical panel with a lot of open spots for new circuits/circuit breakers. I have an unfinished area in the basement that I'm wanting to make into my shop and it currently doesn't have any outlets. I...
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