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  1. L

    risco config software

    hi i have a problem connecting to the risco cs software to agility panel im getting the connection error 20005 any idea why cant connect iv setup the option in the comms menu on the panel enable left remote code as it is left the engineer code default its direct to latop to the panel using is...
  2. NDG Elecs

    Crabtree Starbreaker config.

    Hi folks. Wanting to do some work on a lighting circuit. Need to change to 30mA protection, currently 100mA S type... I know the Starbreaker boards can be configured differently with their busbars, but how! See piccy. Is there anyway to introduce another 30mA rccb onto this board, maybe moving...
  3. T

    where are you working today?

    just wondering who has got the worste job location? today i am in my mothers bedroom and i aint got room to swing a cat!( not that i would). feel free to post pics and the winner can have the day off tommorow (if allowed).
  4. D

    Domestic Bypassed Meter and DNO

    handful of joyful pics....!! any way! went to change CU, Do earthing ETC and what do i find lurking in the Meter under a sealed lid (sealed by NEDL) yup a nice piece of twisted copper.... grub screws missing and heat damage to the meter enclosure...!! PAP!!! ive pulled the fuse and cut all...
  5. D

    New Style RCBO

    was hanging around the wrong side of a trade counter today and got involved in a very interesting conversation with the REP from GE any way lets quote what the REP on this.... The RCBO is the same size as a MCB and looks rather sweet! however price is bit pricy! (cost price to wholesaler is...
  6. I

    Help with our website.

    Good morning, Is there anybody out there that might be able to help me aquire some photo's for my website which is currently being developed? I wouldn't normally go down the plagiarism route but i've been given a deadline and don't have enough time to take any myself. I have photo's of our...
  7. D

    Domestic another where do i start jobs...!

    apparently this place was rewired 10 years ago!! my left bum cheek it was..!
  8. H

    Do fuses age?

    Just had a call to a gas boiler that had blown a fuse. A gas engineer had already diagnosed a faulty fan and quoted circa £400.00 to supply and fit or to supply and fit a new boiler for rather more. I was the second opinion along with a mate who knows gas but bugger all about electrics. The...
  9. K

    For Engineer54

    I’d give my eye teeth to get to work this stuff live.
  10. D

    More of DS PIR Pics!!

    just a few more pics from my travels!!
  11. D

    Couple of Pics from my recent PIR on a takeaway

    not much but fun!
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