1. G

    can anyone tell me what this crimp connector is as I need to get new ones for this stranded wire to enable both cables to fit in a caravan battery con

    can anyone tell me what the four crimp connectors are called, (the lower wire in the picture) as I need to get new ones for upper - just need to know what to search for, they are for a approx 10mm cblestranded wire to enable both cables to fit in a caravan battery connector-as you can see they...
  2. James

    Crimp Connections

    How do people make of insulated crimp connections? Just wondering because I have come across many different methods in the field. some good, some not so good.
  3. S

    Strange crimp connector for BT phone power

    I have an adapter which plugs into the mains and on the other end has what looks like an RJ11 crimp connector, but the clip is oriented to the left rather than the middle. I want to shorten the cable as it is far too long and had anticipated simply cutting the appropriate amount of the lead and...
  4. D

    For sale Solar Crimp Tool

    Solar Crimping Tool: £15.00 (Paypal only please) Brand new never used. • One crimp tool complete with two interchangeable die heads • Die heads can be easily switched by hand • Die head MC3 & MC4 both suitable for 2.5, 4.0, 6.0mm2 connectors • Ratchet to prevent tool accidentally opening •...
  5. 0003djc

    Meter Sealing Crimp Tool

    Hiya, looking for a set of meter crimps, no malicious intent. They are to be used specifically for re-sealing after a fuse pull so the DNO keep calm ;) If anyone has a set that they could offer me to sell, I'd be very grateful as the eBay tools are just not the true ratcheting type the DNO use...
  6. R

    To crimp or not to crimp......

    I'm going to be wiring up a smart home panel in a couple of weeks using mainly 0.5mm tri-rated cable and wondered what the view is on using crimped ferrules on the ends of the cables to fit into the screw terminals of the various components. Seems like a good way to avoid poor connections with...
  7. D

    SWA RP625 crimp tool

    I bought an RP625 crimp tool from TLC recently and tried it out and I have been very unimpressed with the way it crimps on the lug. Although it won't pull off, when the lug is crimped on there seems to be a gap on either side of the conductor. I have only tested it on 16mm lugs so far so I can't...
  8. S

    To Crimp or not to Crimp???

    Hi. I'm just starting out on my own and really appreciate the advice given here. I'm installing my C/U (eventually to be used for my NICEIC assessment) and I need to extend all cables 30cms max. I've done lots or research and decided to crimp them and locate within an adaptable box. I don't...
  9. B

    bury cable joints in masonry wall?

    are we allowed to? what do the regs say in regards to this? maintenance free joint (so crimp or even a wago?) and would the joint then have to be in an ip box? or can we just slap half a roll of tape round it? all of this before the plaster bonding is applied?
  10. D

    Crimping Tool & Ferrel Kit

    Evening all, Ive got a 16way board to change next week and ill be fitting a new CU with all circuits on RCBO protection. Im expecting it to get very busy in there so I want to shorten the flying neutrals rather than leaving them bunched up. Do you guys have any recommendations on a crimping...
  11. Wilko

    bootlace ferrule crimper New Toy Today

    Another quiet day today so a bit of retail therapy was in order - this time on a bootlace ferrule crimper. Here he is with his first 6mm crimp. I'm hoping he'll settle into the toolbox in the next few days 'cause he seems a bit stroppy tonight. Maybe it's just me ...
  12. E

    adding extra v12 socket in a car

    Hi there, Ibought this 12V socket plug to install extra for my phone charger, is there any connectors which I can use to add for current plug wire, so I don't need to take apart the current wire? picture how it looks -$_57.JPG I have...
  13. W

    RCBO neutral & earth tails

    Can anyone tell me what the CSA of the small earth tail and neutral are one an Single module RCBOs, the ones in question I'm looking at are the new Schneider Acti 9s but seems to be of same size on most RCBOs. Just wondered as i haven't got any on hand currently. This is so i can buy the right...
  14. M

    Domestic CU Replacement - extending circuit tails

    Hi all, I have a new 17th edition spec CU to install, replacing a BS3036 fused box. As there is no floor up or re-wiring allowed (unless there is a horror story from the PIR (being performed first), I may have to use the existing circuit conductors. My question is on the extension of these...
  15. F

    Cheap RCD's - will a crimp tool help

    Hi All I come across a number of cheap RCD's where you can pull the feed wires out (10mm or 16mm - H07VR). Put the wires back in, tighten the screws so that the heads start to break up, wait a few minutes and you can then wiggle the wires out again. I think that the problem is that the cable...
  16. S

    Network Cabling

    hello guys, any of you have dealings with cat6 terminations(RJ-45) and what sort of labelling do you/ have you used? is the cat5 plug ok to use or do you need the cat6 modular units? does it make that much difference?? regards
  17. M

    extending socket and lighting cables

    Hi all just joined this forum after having a little read about :smiley2: My question is simply we are looking to extend our existing sockets to a more suitable height 450mm off the finished floor, also a few pendants centralised in the bedrooms as a rewire had taken place 5 years ago and all...
  18. S

    Extending cables for assessment.

    Hi all. got my first elecsa assessment in a few weeks. doing a cu change for it, but was wondering what the best way to extend some of the cable going into the board would be, I was going to thru crimp inside the cu, would that be ok for the assessment. thanks
  19. S

    Domestic Snapped Live Wire when changing sockets

    Hi All, when changing a socket front, the red live wire snapped (old twin 2.5mm and earth)looks like there was a nick in the insulation so I have lost about 30mm of the end of the wire and now the live wont stretch to the live terminal on the socket front. Is there a way of extending the red...
  20. L

    Extending Circuits????.....

    Hi all, I have 2 customers who need there boards extended which is fine when it comes to the tails as 3mtre tails are easy to get but when it comes to the circuits themselves is it ok to extend circuits with crimp connectors?or other means?Dont really like using crimp connectors as it looks...
  21. W

    Choc boxes in the back of sockets

    Got called to a job yesterday to check 8 double sockets in a bedroom that had been installed by a bloke he knows a couple of months ago. As the room is going to be used for work and is going to have a couple of people working in there he wanted to make sure its safe. To cut a long story short...
  22. A

    Domestic extending circuits to new c/u location

    hi all, when you need to move a consumer unit what methods do you find best/easy, just done one using din rail connectors in an enclosure. do any of you butt crimp circuits or are their any other methods out there?
  23. 1

    Trimming RCD neutral lead.

    Hi chaps, I've just got a small 6way unit and 5 rcbo's for my tiny terrace house.It dawned on me that I’m going to need to trim down the neutral leads on them to do a tidy job. My question is if I cut-off the crimped end on the lead do I need to crimp another terminal on the end? - Will...
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