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  1. Dan

    Has the password you commonly use ended up on a database somewhere via a breach?

    https://haveibeenpwned.com/Passwords Enter your password you use in various places (note, you should always use a different password for each login you have) into the website above and you will see if it has been included in breaches. So like when Yahoo got hacked, eBay got hacked, Adobe got...
  2. B

    Continuous problems with Amtech Fast Test on a server based network

    Dear fellow certification software users, We have two laptops that we use on site for Amtech Fast Test. We also have a server in the office that holds the database of certificates, so when the laptops are connected to the office network they are meant to automatically sync with the server etc...
  3. O

    Solar Generation Data

    Is there an online database where householders can upload their annual generation data, giving their home area?
  4. A

    selling pv sol software

    hi there is anyone selling copy of pv sol or pv syst software. if so can you please let me know thanks
  5. C

    MCS012 Accreditation for PV Mounting

    Is anyone else getting bother by the fact that in two weeks time (from 1st April) we need to be installing mounting systems that comply with MCS012 and yet there are only a handful of systems that are currently listed as being accredited on the MCS database? Is there a backlog of stuff waiting...
  6. V

    Remove Email From MCS Database / Stopping Spam

    Hi Guys, I am getting fed up of all the bloody Trade Price list coming through on my email, and having to filter through them to all the time. Any idea how to stop this?? or how to remove my email from the MCS Database? I always respond asking to be removed from the mailing list, but it never...
  7. G

    Mounting kit for yingli panels

    HI all i can source some yingli 240w panels and they have to go landscape, any one know the best mounting system to use , i think they are 50mm depth?. Cheers Grand
  8. S

    Keeping track of Customers

    Hi guys starting to get a few small jobs in know problem is keeping track of invoices, names,etc. Just was wondering if any of you have found any good software program to keep all this info in? so you can find it easy, IE some kind of database, thats already setup for our kind of work...
  9. M

    computerising your acoounts and customers

    Does anybody use a software package for jobs and customers etc to keep track of invoices and next testing date and similar sort of thing? matt
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