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  1. Vortigern

    Oh noes! Garage broken into decided to have a moan. Could not post in off topic, second post that will not get published.

    Had my garage broken into a couple of nights ago. Took a lot of cable maybe £500 worth. Drum of SWA and offcuts, T&E reels and singles in all sizes and colours. Strange thing is nothing else taken! Tools were left and mower, jet wash and so on so I suppose that is good. Door wrecked with jemmy...
  2. Dillb

    Decided to spend a lot of money

    on a new tool box :grinning:
  3. M

    I have decided I want a career change

    Hello people, Basically I am 24 years old and currently a financial adviser, I've thought about it long and hard if it's something that I want to do in the long run and it's not, I find the office jobs very boring. Rolling on, my father is a property developer, and introduced me to electrics...
  4. S

    Well some f!!ckwit decided to trash the front of my car.......

    Front wheel drive Vectra must have over compensated when he lost the front to be able to throw out the rear end on a FWD car, me 4WD and on winter tyres.......... Now the joys of dealing with the insurance......... Oh and he's private hire he'll be screwed at renewal time........
  5. S

    Decided to buy a load lugger

    as I have a renovation project for next year but still wanted something with a bit of poke and a sleeper. 2003 Jap import Spec B Twinscroll Turbo auto only 260 BHP but it'll do,
  6. M

    Electricians Mate Trainee Electrician/Electricians Mate Looking For Work. Wolverhampton.

    Hey there, my name is Robert and i'm looking for experience and beginners work in the electrician field. I've completed 2 years and a bit in college. I didn't complete my level 3 due to family issues. I have no experience in the working field and really want to get started. I'm more than able...
  7. Hellmooth

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma

    Decided to look into going with Stroma, had a look online and decided to fill out the application, I thought it would just be basic details to allow someone to call me and have a chat etc.........I filled it out and all I got was an invoice asking me to pay £288 before anything could proceed! Is...
  8. A

    Underfloor Heating Controllers

    I have some Thermonet UF heating controllers I found in my garage. Bought for an incredibly picky customer and she decided she didn't want them. I never got round to returning them so have decided to try and sell them. I have them on ebay but if anyone here wants them will do a better deal. 3 x...
  9. T

    SDS drill options

    As some will know just starting out and building up tool collection. Looking at SDS for chopping out , domestic. Decided on corded for now based on prices. I have noticed there are different kg ratings. While I realise higher value will make job easier, would a 2kg for example do an adequate...
  10. R

    oval conduit

    Decided to add a high socket and aerial point for a wall mounted tv in my spare bedroom today and was not looking forward to chasing a cable to spur for my socket. Decided to chase my dual box out first and half way through there he was, oval conduit. So i move my box over, perform surgery on...
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