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  1. H

    Wiring a table lamp direct to a mains light switch?

    Hi all, was wondering if is possible to wire a 3 amp table lamb directly to a mains light switch? The light switch is used for an outside light has two brown wires going to the switch and two blue wires in a chocy block going nowhere? Thanks. Steve.
  2. Z

    Direct online forwarding and reverse.

    Hi I little confused now , I learn electrical installation Level 3 , but I never did before very difficult, some people working on trade is very easy. I little be Sad because I not like leaving on course. Someone have options I be happy working volunteer just keep experiencing. Probably after...
  3. Richard Burns

    Lewden Control Gear Direct no longer manufactured?

    I have just heard that Lewden / Control Gear Direct have stopped producing their circuit protective devices as of 13th May, is this anything anyone else has heard of or can confirm? I have used a fair number of their consumer units and RCBOs and will be nonplussed if I now have to tell customers...
  4. Dan

    Superlec Direct Sponsor Electricians Forums! :)

    Superlec Direct is one of the UK's leading online electrical product distributors with over 35 years in the industry. Apart from our vast range of installation accessories we offer the UK's largest stock of cables, in particular all SWA cables. We also offer top quality branded electrical...
  5. Adam_92

    Setting the overload on a direct online starter

    Hi I’m sitting my AM2 next month and have found out that you need to set an overload on a direct online starter motor circuit. I have tried asking my supervisor and assessor,tutor at college not one of them have given my a straight answer.. Is this the formula? Its 3 phase so formula is...
  6. G

    Pedestal Fan - bypass speed control unit - Direct connection

    Hi, The speed controller on my pedestal fan is broken and I thought of bypassing it by connecting the power supply directly to the fan motor. When I opened casing, I found two wires (Blue and Brown) coming in from the plugs end and four wires (Red, Black, Blue and White) coming from the motor...
  7. O

    Measuring Direct Current with Fluke Multimeter?

    I've been told I need to wire the multimeter in series with the LED I'm trying to measure. I tried doing that and now the COB won't power on. I made a diagram for the wiring when I initially successfully wired up the LED so I'll post a picture of that below along with pictures of my wiring...
  8. T

    data cable buried direct in concrete

    I've been asked to look at a job (total shambles) they've given the other sparky the boot because of his poor workmanship. I've honestly never seen work so bad. one of the main issues is a load of floor boxes have been chased in, the data cabling has been buried direct in concrete, is there any...
  9. B

    Home CCTV Suggestions

    Can anyone suggest a good 4 to 6 camera system, a couple of the camera could do with being extra wide angle. Thanks.
  10. G

    Warm white and cool white lamp, where from

    hi all, At a house the other day and dining and office lights had a lamp in that when you switch off and on quickly it swapped temp from warm white to cool white as and when you switched it, anyone know where I can get some on these . Looked really cool and gave you that choice if needed ...
  11. E

    Cooker / Hob connection

    Just had a new kitchen installed. The new cooker and hob didn't come with any cable. The hob is rated at 6Kw and the single oven at 2.2Kw. The circuit is a 32A mcb, 6mm t&e to a ccu and then 6mm down to the connection unit. MI says to use H05V2V2-F T min 90C. Is this Butyl? I was going to...
  12. S

    Multicore Fp 200 Gold or LSX

    Hi guys So many moons ago when fp 200 was but a glimmers in whoever's eye We had ...MIMS or pyro as we all knew it . It came in many guises and with many cores .Idea for running a ring circuit with just one cable . So my question is this . How easy can you get it seems a 7 core 2.5 mm2 reel of...
  13. Leesparkykent

    Delay start timer bathroom extractor fan

    Age old problem of the customer wants to have the bathroom extractor to come on with the bathroom lights but doesn't want the fan to run if just going for a number 1 in the middle of the night o_O Having a look about I've pretty much decided on an Air flow icon 15 fan with delay start timer...
  14. Spike1947

    Domestic Supply to a 63A RCB

    Hi I need to put a 63A RCB 6 way weatherproof consumer unit ( Garage unit ) with 2x6A , 2x20A , 1x32A MCB's, in my workshop at my farm , now the supply to it, comes from the Main 83A 3 phase fuse box on the other side of the wall where I want to mount this unit , the length of cable would be...
  15. N

    Clipping cable/conduit on a fence?

    Years ago this issue was a bit vague whether swa or conduit could be clipped along a fence rather than running it underground which is often a pain to do with certain garden layouts, as well as more hassle and expense people don't want. So would clipping swa or conduit along a fence be...
  16. R

    Dusk to dawn lamp

    Fitted a new outside light for customer and dusk to dawn lamp, the lamp keeps flashing off and on every 20 seconds. Found the fault to be the reflection from the clear plastic housing is lighting up the photocell and causing the lamp to switch off, then in darkness the lamp switches on again...
  17. G

    LED Problem, help please!!!

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help with the below and excuse my novices!!!! I have 8 Parathom LED spot 111 50 advanced lamps wired in series, they are each 8.5w and are replacing existing halogens. I am struggling to find a driver that is able to run them all and have spoken to Osram who were no...
  18. G

    CCP of 6mm t&e in trunking.

    Hi all how can I work out the current carrying capacity of a 6mm t&e in surface metallic trunking. I can only find clipped direct and enclosed in insulated wall using table guides
  19. R

    Rcd protection on adding 1 light

    Just a quick one. I have added an LED floodlight off an existing light on an outside wall and the circuit is not rcd protected. Do I need to fit an rcbo on the circuit or not. The cable is clipped direct through a loft space.
  20. L

    Lighting PIR's

    Can anyone recommend any decent quality, external stand alone lighting PIR's to Switch LED floods, ive used a Hispec one and it's pretty awful, about a 2 metre range at best. Cheers
  21. E

    Metal plasterboard back boxes...

    Does anyone know if metal plasterboard back boxes are available anywhere and if so where, ...link please?? I've done a bit of searching on UK based wholesalers but haven't found anything as yet, they all seem to be based around plastic with cable only entries. I need around a couple of dozen 2...
  22. jengo22

    Control gear direct rcbo

    My suppliers are pushing there rcbo £14.00 anybody used them are they ok
  23. V

    Nice tidy job

  24. W

    Cheeky builder tapping up my staff

    one of the building companies i work with reasonably regularly has just been taken over by the son, i got on with the dad like clockwork and was a pleasure working for him, but his son is now trying to screw me down on prices for the big jobs hes pricing and on smaller jobs he has been calling...
  25. R

    B type rcd's do you fit them ?

    I haven't come across many type b rcd's are they widely used yet ? Getting a new megger 1720 or 1730 the more expensive one (1730) States it tests them but the other does not Is it worth the extra cash ? I know the 1730 has Bluetooth and the earth electrode kit but I won't use them so it would...
  26. B

    New boiler installation

    Evening everyone this is my first post on the forum, would just like your opinions and any experience you've had with this situation, I was called by a friend of mine this evening who has just had a boiler installed on one of the new schemes that seem to be everywhere at the moment, he told me...
  27. T

    working abroad

    Got heads up on work in Finland going next year. 18 days on 12 hr shifts, flights digs and 20 a day food included. £180 a day mates, £260 sparks tax free. Project is five years long and running now but winding down for Xmas. Not been myself but two lads on site just came back and loved it. Bit...
  28. O

    Flexi Drills

    Hi guys, Trying to lay my hands on some flexi drills in the UK and having little or no luck. However I was speaking with a friend over the pond, who gave me the name of a manufacturer over there. Long story short they are looking for someone to distribute their products over here (and the rest...
  29. M

    Voltage drop calculator

    Need advanced voltage drop calculator
  30. j s i

    Spur direct from CU with another circuit

    Domestic Scenario There is an existing 32A ring circuit protected by BS60898 MCB. The wiring is flush <50mm deep. Upgrading a storage heater I need to add a FCU for the boost funtion on the storage heater. The wiring is surface for the FCU. A colleague says it is ok to come directly from the...
  31. O

    Domestic Unable to to get a direct measurement reading for shower Zs

    Hi guys, Would be greatful if i could pick a few brains. Scaniro. You get a call re shower not working so pop over.....take pull coard down and can see that the supply netural has overheated and started to melt the PVC! On the pull coard terminal for the netural supply you can clearly...
  32. E

    Cables and trunking

    I was always led to believe throughout my time as a spark that when installing T+E cables in airing cupboards and cupboards under the stairs etc that are generally fairly inaccessible, you have to put the cables in PVC trunking (or similar) for extra mechanical protection, you can't just clip...
  33. T

    ELECSA Certification Scheme elecsa direct debit?

    just received my pack from elecsa and it states they will not issue certification unless i set up a direct debit, a bit peed off as this has cost me enough as it is. also how am i supposed to know if i want to trade next year or continue being with them. is this normal? it seems like not only...
  34. yellowvanman

    6mm T&E on a 32A Cooker circuit

    Struck me recently as to why we use 6mm T&E for a 32A cooker circuit, when generally 4mm (clipped direct) would be sufficient. Is this a historical thing with BS3036 fuses?
  35. E

    9.5kw shower on a 6mm

    This has probably been done to death, but... What is the best thing to do if you find 9.5kw shower on a 6mm cable and 40 amp breaker?? I told the customer cabling needs upgrading
  36. S

    DNO direct contact numbers

    Hi has anybody got a list of direct DNO numbers for notification for solar ? I keep getting passed around and never end up with a direct email or number??HELP!!!!
  37. E

    Makita 14.4 Li-ion BDF 343 bare drill driver

    I have just got a makita combi set (DK343) and I have no need for 2 drills so i'm selling one of them. it's brand new, never been used. heres the spec on it from Makita Makita Direct would be a useful addition if you already use 14.4 LXT gear as it's small, light and powerful. note this is...
  38. O

    "sunken" Fusebox

    Being lazy! Came across a sunken BS3036 fusebox today and the customer would like it updated. The install is about 30 years old. Are such products sold now? Sunken I mean, not BS 3036 Thanks
  39. R

    Cable ratings when in plastic conduit

    Hi Guys Trying to find the correct table in the OSG that relates to T&E in plastic conduit. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Cheers Rich
  40. J

    Wiring of Burglar Alarms

    Hi, Should a burglar alarm be wired directly onto the consumer unit or is it acceptable to hard wire it onto an existing socket? Thanks, Jon
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